Top 7 best bars in Hanoi

Best bars in Hanoi – Referring to Hanoi, people often think of a political center of the country and a nostalgia city with traces of history. But Hanoi also has no shortage of attractive entertainment destinations like Saigon. Top 8 best bars in Hanoi below are ideal places for young people as well as tourists to immerse yourself in the melody of music and wipe away the mess of life.

1900 Le Theatre

Located in the center of the youth’s entertainment street, 1990 Le Theatre on Ta Hien Street is one of the best bars in Hanoi that is loved by young people. In the past 1900 Le Theater was a folk dance theatre. Until now it still retains the same beauty but has more pictures related to Hanoi culture. Despite such ancient times, it is not old and always young and vibrant like many other bars in the city.

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The 1900 is quite spacious, designed to add a mezzanine floor. The main counter is in the middle and the decor is very eye-catching and impressive. Beside developing beverage services and music investment to satisfy the passion of young people, 1900 always tries to create a civilized and modern environment, not only a bar but also a place to spread interesting experience about Hanoi culture.

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In particular, you can meet a lot of famous singers from mainstream to indie music in 1900. This is considered as a performance base of singers right after the release of new songs. 1900 Le theatre also has a youtube channel to release quality music after singlers’ impressive performances.

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Camelia Lounge

Camelia Lounge is truly the most luxurious bar in Ha Thanh because of the architectural style bearing the Western breath. You will be overwhelmed by the subtlety of furniture, the delicate combination of splendid chandeliers and the warm plaques of wood.

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Deserving to be one of the best bars in Hanoi, it brings a truly international-class lounge music style with the most trendy music trends in Hanoi. From Electronic Lounge, Deep Vocal House, Latin Grooves to Vintage, Funky House and Global Soul, Camelia’s DJs regularly appear together with international DJs.

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Located on the 3rd floor of Melia Hotel and surrounded by glass panels, you can contemplate the entire bustling streets of the capital’s heart. In addition to the impression of architecture, you can also enjoy bottles of wine, drinks and premium dishes from talented bartenders.

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The Opera Nightclub

Despite just being launched in Hanoi for a short time, The Opera Club has attracted many young people who love EDM music to come to explore this new place full of quality. Located at 18 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Hoan Kiem, The Opera is the new party venue in Ha Noi that bar club fans should definitely not miss this year.

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The feature that anyone who comes to one of the best bars in Hanoi must also surprise is the X-Stage stage. Besides, the spacious space and high ceilings also make you overwhelmed. The speaker systems are arranged reasonably around making the music always more exciting than ever. Energy-rich music like Progressive House, Bigroom, Psytrance,…

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One of the most special things about The Opera Nightclub is the wonderful combination of a classy space, unique lighting and passionate music. Not just the top destination for domestic audiences, but also foreign tourists. Coming to The Opera, it is regardless of nationality, sex age. All have the same passion with music.

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IP Club

Located in the heart of the capital. But this Hanoi bar owns a surprisingly large area with a campus of 1000m2. The IP club also has an open outdoor space with the most mysterious beauty at night. 

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One of the best bars in Hanoi owns luxurious and modern architectural design. There are two different spaces. The large main space is suitable for those who like to dance to music and immerse themselves in the energetic crowd. On the other hand, if you just want to be assured to enjoy the night with some of the best imported cocktails or beers, you should choose the second space.

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IP Club always has the most trendy music among other nightclubs in Hanoi. It offers a wide range of the most popular DJs in Vietnam, not to mention many international DJ superstars like deadmau5, Bryan Kearney, Aly & Fila, Giusseppe Ottaviani,… To support great music, it is equipped with professional Funktion-One speakers – the most professional and reliable sound system in the world.

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Taboo Lounge & Bar

Located on the water surface of West Lake in the middle of Hanoi capital. The different feature of Taboo Lounge & Bar is located on the bank of West Lake overlooking Thanh Nien Street, Hanoi. The unique feature of the bar is the appearance of a luxury yacht.

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Known as one of the best bars in Hanoi, Taboo Lounge & Bar is famous for its special cocktails made from Cîroc with subtle flavors made from French grapes of the Cognac and Gaillac regions to satisfy the taste of the most demanding guests. Sipping a delicious cocktail, watching the charming West Lake and immersing in the lively sound by a professional DJ, you will have wonderful unforgettable nights.

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Polite & Co

Inspired by the classy gentlemen’s nightclubs in the 1920s, the interior of Polite & Co is elegant and cozy. Here, the cocktail menu is changed every six months, bringing together 25 types of cocktails from around the world as well as concoctions that evoke the flavors of Hanoi.

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One of the best bars also creates five cocktails, using local ingredients, each with no specific flavor but meticulously presented. One of them is “The Street Vendor” cocktail which shows layers of fruit and floral aromas.

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Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar

Established in September 2018, Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar has become one of the best bars in Hanoi for well-priced cocktails and vibrant music scene. Jigger Cocktail & Wine Bar occupies a space with two floors. With modern mixology techniques, the Jigger bartenders use high-quality spirits and fresh local ingredients to create typical cocktails.

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Inside this beautiful decorated building is a speakeasy bar with a unique contemporary design. The space of Jigger Cocktail & Wine bar is carefully selected from lighting, seating to wall cladding details creating a sophisticated and cozy bar and completely separating from the bustle of the capital.

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With the top 7 best bars in Hanoi, hope that you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and dispel all your fatigue after a long day.

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