Top 9 best bars in Hoi An you can not miss

Best bars in Hoi An – Hoi An is an ancient land with the cultural and historical values ​​of the Vietnamese people. Beside the ancient and old place, Hoi An also has no shortage of entertainment venues such as restaurants, cafes or bars. Let’s explore this tourist destination with the top 9 best bars in Hoi An right here.

Q Bar

Referring to the best bars in Hoi An, you can not miss Q Bar. With nostalgic design bold old town and with design lines of East Asia, but this place still possesses extremely luxurious and elegant beauty. The space at Q Bar is already very beautiful and impressive combining with EDM light and electronic music to bring visitors moments of complete relaxation.

best bars in Hoi An

Q Bar in Hoi An gives you a full range of services for the best bars. Coming to this beautiful bar, you like to take off the old daily things to step into paradise unique drinks, especially wine and cocktails. Q Bar is a favorite destination of domestic and foreign tourists every time they have the opportunity to come to Hoi An.

best bars in Hoi An

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Hoi An Sports Bar

Just hearing the name makes you know what is the most famous bar in Hoi An with the main style. Hoi An Sports Bar is the ideal meeting place for sports enthusiasts. It is decorated with a sports style shaping bar serving those who have the same passion to connect, exchange and entertain. At Hoi An Sports Bar you can enjoy live sporting events.

best bars in Hoi An

In addition, the upstairs lounge of the bar is also equipped with attractive entertainment games such as foosball, Xbox, LaRue, PlayStation or darts, Wii,… At one of the best bars in Hoi An, you can discuss sports stories with people who share similar interests. Also, you can sip delicious imported beverages like Stella, Corona, Asah, LaRue, Coopers Stout or attractive local beers.

best bars in Hoi An

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Moyo Beach Club

Moyo Beach Club is located along the An Bang beach, a beautiful location because An Bang is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Moyo Beach Club is a complex entertainment area blending the nostalgia of Hoi An but youthfulness and elegance with a unique design. Every angle overlooking the sea, you can immerse yourself in the frame with a great view here.

At night, Moyo Beach Club transforms into a vibrant, youthful, classy bar space. There are seats downstairs and a stage for live music. Upstairs is an impressive area with a small swimming pool and DJ. Especially on every Thursday and Friday, live music will be held for diners who love music to enjoy at one of the best bars in Hoi An.

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Guitar Hawaii Hội An Live Music Bar

Hawaii Guitar Hoi An Live Music Bar is a special bar located in the heart of the old town. This bar is special because it regularly has music programs every night with all kinds of music such as acoustic or country. Coming to the Hawaii Guitar Hoi An Live Music Bar, you will be able to live in the classical music atmosphere as well as be able to express your favorite songs right here.

Hawaii Guitar Hoi An Live Music Bar is one of the best bars in Hoi An where you can enjoy delicious drinks and food. Hawaiian Guitar Hoi An Live Music Bar is a convergence of music from all over the world that you cannot ignore.

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Before And Now Bar

This is the most famous bar in Hoi An with a good location and extremely impressive view. From here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beauty of the old town at night. The bar space is decorated with many colorful lanterns and ornamental plants. The most impressive thing is the terrace space of the bar.

This is one of the best bars in Hoi An that attracts visitors because of the extremely attractive promotion. If you want to choose an ideal seat to see Hoi An at night, don’t forget to drop by Before and Now Bar early. A sparkling and magical nightlife old town is waiting for you to see here. Friendly staff, delicious drinks and food are advantages of this most beautiful bar in Hoi An.

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White Marble Wine Bar

White Marble Wine Bar is located in the heart of the old town with a view of the bustling street and the romantic Hoai River. This is one of the best bars in Hoi An with a luxury space to create one of the most “top” design complexes in the old town. Especially at White Marble Wine Bar, people only serve 14 types of wines, all of which are high-class drinks such as Chile Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Red Bordeaux,…

The dishes here are served with diverse styles from traditional Hoi An dishes to French or Italian cuisine. You don’t miss the chance to try some dishes such as cheese, chicken satay or Banh Xeo.

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Dive Bar

The Diva Bar is famous for its friendly design. There is a full billiards table, garden, internet cafe, and living room sofa. The bar has an outstanding activity that will hold live music nights on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Therefore, the space of one of the best bars in Hoi An on evenings has very vibrant live music.

Dive Bar’s drinks are varied including strong cocktails, premium wines of Vietnam and the world, imported beers,… The price of drinks at the Dive Bar is quite cheap. A joyful, friendly and energetic live music space at Dive Bar will bring you wonderful moments of relaxation.

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Zero Seamile – Hội An Beach Club

Zero Seamile – Hoi An Beach Club is an extremely modern entertainment area. Contrary to the nostalgic and gentle breath of Hoi An ancient town, Zero Sea Mile brings you the excitement and youthfulness in an extremely airy and luxurious space. 

Zero Sea Mile brings you irresistible fresh seafood, premium wines, famous Western dishes and certainly indispensable Vietnamese flavors that are uniquely prepared. This makes the bar become one of the best bars in Hoi An.

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Blue Bottle Bar

Blue Bottle Bar is one of the best bars in Hoi An, which is a place that will make you extremely excited at first sight. The Blue Bottle Bar is a great place to relax with a luxurious interior but the price of drinks and food is surprisingly cheap. 

Coming to one of the best bars in Hoi An, you will find yourself comfortable to contemplate the quiet and windy old town of Hoi An every afternoon and evening. If you do not know what to drink on the menu, cold beer is the best suggestion for you.

There are the top 9 best bars in Hoi An you can not miss. Hopefully, with some suggestions, you can enjoy your trip entirely. 

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