Top 10 best beaches in Vietnam

Best beaches in Vietnam – Vietnam is famous for 3,260 km of coastline with many beautiful islands. The diverse beaches can attract every traveler such as the one who loves the sea sports, wideness or those who are looking for a vacation. Recommended by Forbe, there are 10 best beaches in Vietnam. Let’s explore the beautiful beaches right now.

Ky Co Beach

  • Area: Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province

First in the list of the best beaches in Vietnam, Ky Co beach has just been explored and used in recent years and known as an attractive tourist destination with long sandy beaches and beautiful sea of central Vietnam. At the moment, you can travel to Ky Co by boat and you can also combine tour Ky Co beach with Eo Gio, Phuong Mai sand dunes and Quy Nhon city for a day.

best beaches in Vietnam 2

You will be attracted by the majestic wild beauty and harmony of nature. Standing from a distance, you will see the majestic mountains, shady green tree ranges, airy atmosphere, strong winds that bring the characteristic salty of the sea. Ky Co Beach has an arc shape like the crescent moon.

best beaches in Vietnam 3

You will feel interesting when coming to Ky Co beach that the water here is very cool and shallow. You can delight yourself in the emerald waters. The rocks lie adjacently. When the tide rises bringing water rushing between the rocks to create beautiful artificial pools. 

best beaches in Vietnam 4

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Mui Ne Beach

  • Area: Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province

Mui Ne is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Located 22km northeast of Phan Thiet city, Mui Ne beach has become an attractive tourist destination for tourists due to the harmony between the yellow vast sand dunes and blue stretch beach. 

best beaches in Vietnam 5

The northern of Mui Ne is home to a traditional fishing village which also offers a picturesque view of the coastline lined with swaying palm trees and a lot of colourful fishing boats moored on the water. Getting up early and contemplating dawn at Mui Ne Beach is a must-do activity.

best beaches in Vietnam 6

Mui Ne is also an ideal destination for visitors to explore the life of fishermen. You can buy the freshest seafood at the fishing village stretching 100 meters with large and small boats. Also, Mui Ne is surrounded by unique natural formations, verdant mountains and remnants of the ancient Champa Kingdom. 

best beaches in Vietnam 7

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Ly Son Beach

  • Area: Ly Son, Quang Ngai province

Next in the list of best beaches in Vietnam is Ly Son. Like the beaches in Central Vietnam, the beach in Ly Son is very beautiful in the true sense of the blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine. Although the area is quite small, Ly Son owns wonderful beaches with white sand surrounded by magnificent lava cliffs.

best beaches in Vietnam 8

Coming to Ly Son, soaking in the clear emerald water and relaxing in the beautiful wild nature is an unforgettable experience for every visitor. On the beach, there are green coconut groves where visitors can organize overnight camping and enjoy swimming, snorkeling,…

best beaches in Vietnam 9

With a remote location of the Central Coast, Ly Son Island is known for its giant volcanic traces and a wide garlic farm. On Big Island, Small Island and Mu Cu Islet, there are geological areas and 50 local temples instead of many rows of palm trees and beach resorts.

best beaches in Vietnam 10

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Ho Coc Beach

  • Area: Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province

Ho Coc is a beach in Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. It is about 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City. The beach is located in a curved bay surrounded by green forests and gentle white sand bays. It is far from residential areas and does not have many hotels and resorts, so it is suitable for those who want to escape from the noisy city and enjoy the peaceful sea views.

best beaches in Vietnam 11

Ho Coc is originally a beach close to the edge of the forest, so there is hardly any population living along the coast except for some resorts, hotels and motels. This is also the reason why Ho Coc beach is always clear and beautiful. Along the coast, there are many large undulating rock rapids creating an interesting lively feature for this beautiful beach.

best beaches in Vietnam 12

Beside the golden sunlight and blue sea that captivates visitors, Ho Coc is also a photography destination that tourists and wedding photo studios love, which makes it become one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Close to the romantic white sand beach, there is a unique outdoor “film studio” with a Western-style scene.

best beaches in Vietnam 13

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Doc Let Beach

  • Area: Ninh Hai, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa province

Doc Let Beach is about 8 kilometers. Visitors will be extremely impressed with the smooth white sand and the green casuarina in the wind. Here, tourism has not been too developed, so the sea still retains its rustic beauty giving you a feeling of great peace and relaxation.

best beaches in Vietnam 14

Doc Let does not develop facilities like Nha Trang, but it is famous for a beautiful landscape, more sparse and quiet. There are also interesting activities here such as parasols, water motorbikes. If traveling with groups, visitors can organize basketball, tug of war on the beach.

best beaches in Vietnam 15

In the north of this area, there are many hotels and resorts. The center is home to pristine beaches. Also, the south is the Jungle Beach resort known as the sea village. There are rustic homestays with thatched roofs and unique design. This attracts tourists to one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

best beaches in Vietnam 16

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Nha Trang Beach

  • Area: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province

One of the best beaches in Vietnam is Nha Trang beach. With an area of ​​about 500km2, white sand covered along the sea road is 6.7 km long. This place is surrounded by dozens of islands and shielded by 5 majestic mountains. Therefore, Nha Trang beach is almost windless, the waves are quiet all year round, the water level is not deep.

best beaches in Vietnam 17

Nha Trang beach looks like a semicircle with immense blue color. With a sandy beach stretching for 7 km along Tran Phu Street, it is covered with white foam of waves and the golden sunshine of the tropics. Blending with the green color of undulating mountain tides offshore, all add glamor and colorful beauty to the beautiful Nha Trang beach.

best beaches in Vietnam 18

Here, visitors can swim, play parachute, surf and water motorbikes. In the peak season from April to August every year, the beach is always crowded with tourists. Every year, there are many unique sea festivals taking place at Nha Trang beach.

best beaches in Vietnam 19

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Cua Dai Beach

  • Area: Hoi An, Quang Nam province

Next in the list of best beaches in Vietnam is Cua Dai beach. Coming to Cua Dai beach, you will immediately be impressed by the endless white sand strips. Stepping on the soft sand, you will feel like step by step to a relaxing paradise. There are a few palm-roofed umbrellas placed along the shore as a place to rest and watch the sea.

best beaches in Vietnam 20

Walking on the sand in the early morning and watching the sunrise, the natural scenery is wonderful. Everything settles down. The wind blowing in from the sea makes the air more fresh in the morning. Bathing on the sand under the sunlight in the early morning gives people an extraordinarily relaxed and peaceful feeling.

best beaches in Vietnam 21

The long sandy beach is also a place taking place with many sports activities and fun movement games. The laughter of the players and the cheers of the cheerleaders seem to make the atmosphere more exciting, bustling, and refreshing laugh on the beach.

best beaches in Vietnam 22

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My Khe Beach

  • Area: Tinh Khe, Da Nang province

Located 6 km east of Da Nang My Khe Beach offers visitors a 32-km-long stretch of white sands and a wide range of recreational activities. It is named by the American troops who frequented this beach during the Vietnam War. It’s widely regarded as one of Vietnam’s most picturesque beaches.

best beaches in Vietnam 23

Near the coast are simple and peaceful fishing villages with rustic fishermens. On the sea surface, boats and fishing boats drift on the calm sea surface making it more simple features of human life here to the sea landscape that is extremely poetic. 

best beaches in Vietnam 24

My Khe Beach is a popular destination for sunbathing, fishing, snorkelling, jet-skiing and surfing, while seafood restaurants and beachfront resorts offer authentic regional cuisine at various price points. One of the best beaches in Vietnam is an ideal destination for relaxing.

best beaches in Vietnam 25

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Phu Quoc Beaches

  • Area: Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang province

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. More than half of the water drop-shaped island is tropical jungle, but the main attraction for tourists is the beaches. It is Sao beach in the south of the island where there is white sand and clear blue water. Bai Truong is the most beautiful destination to watch the sunset with the artworks of Sunset Sanato Beach Club. 

best beaches in Vietnam 26

Visitors can take a walk in the sunset underneath the row of coconut trees and enjoy the cool breeze from the sea. Visitors will experience fishing, snorkeling, ocean exploration or playing water sports. Hon Thom with the longest cable in the world is also a suggestion.

best beaches in Vietnam 27

The natural scenery at Phu Quoc beaches is so mesmerizing that anyone who has ever been wanting to have the opportunity to return to immerse in the blue sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  It makes Phu Quoc beaches become one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

best beaches in Vietnam 28

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Con Dao Beaches

  • Area: Ba Ria Vung Tau province

To end the list of the best beaches in Vietnam is Con Dao beaches. The archipelago consists of 16 small islands. In the southern coast of the country, Con Dao is known for its nice sand beaches, coral reefs and diverse marine life. When coming to Con Dao, visitors can visit beautiful beaches such as An Hai, Ong Dung, Dam Trau.

best beaches in Vietnam 29

The beaches still retain their wild and serene features, so it is loved by many people. Near the beach are primeval forests and beautiful coral reefs. This place owns stretches of white sand and cool blue water. Tourists come to Con Dao beaches not only to discover amazing nature, but sometimes it is also to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation.

best beaches in Vietnam 30

After relaxing, you can also play interesting games such as beach volleyball, sand castle building, interesting team building games. Surely it will be a very memorable experience.

best beaches in Vietnam 31

Top 10 best beaches in Vietnam surely make you feel excited right. Let’s travel to Vietnam and discover these beautiful beaches right away.

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