Top 7 best coffees in Hanoi

Best coffees in Hanoi – Coffee drinking is a longstanding culture of the Hanoians. What is better than sipping a cup of coffee and contemplating the street on weekend mornings. Coming to Hanoi, experiencing the top 7 best coffees in Hanoi with a classic and nostalgic atmosphere are a must-do activity for visitors.

Dinh Cafe 

First in the list of the best coffees in Hanoi is cafe Dinh. There is no signboard on a small apartment that is hard to find. For many years, Dinh Coffee has become familiar to Hanoians. The Cafe on the second floor of an old French house still has almost the original architecture. The owner only reinforces and repairs the old and unsafe places for customers.

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This cafe spot is located on the second floor of the old building on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, in the heart of the Old Quarter. The balcony overlooks Guom Lake. Therefore, Dinh Coffee owns an extremely perfect view, watching the traffic on the street. Cafe Dinh attracts tourists by the ancient atmosphere of the old Hanoians.

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Egg coffee in Dinh is loved by its rich taste. The coffee served is still hot, so you have to drink it to feel every bitter coffee in your mouth. It melts between the fragrant eggs. In Dinh Cafe, cacao is also heated and whipped with eggs, so the cacao flavor is extremely fragrant and sweet. This taste makes Dinh Cafe become one of the best coffees in Hanoi

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Lam Cafe 

Lam Cafe retains its simple beauty with hasty walls, green windows and characteristic signs. It is both a cafe spot and a place of family worship preserving good values ​​of Mr. Lam left. Currently, there are two Lam Cafes on Nguyen Huu Huan street at 60 and 91 Nguyen Huu Huan, run by Lam’s sisters and children. Besides, coffee brand Lam also specializes in the business of packaged coffee at 78 Nguyen Huu Huan.

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The coffee at the spot has a characteristic delicious taste attracting customers with its sharp coffee taste and a little bit. That coffee taste is unique and attractive to enjoy passioning on people’s hearts. Coffee beans in Lam are carefully selected with a special rate, so the coffee has remained its taste for the past 60 years.

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Moreover, one of the best coffees in Hanoi also attracts Hanoians by unique art paintings. Many years ago, artists who drank coffee in Lam without money had already debited with their own paintings. These paintings are very diverse in the genre of landscape, street, sketch, graphite, and surreal. Over the years, the walls in Lam Cafe have been covered with unique paintings.

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Loading T Cafe

People coming here appreciate this charmer of an upstairs cafe converted from a room in a crumbling French-colonial house. The ornate tiled floor,  huge window, vintage fans, mismatched period furniture and other design gems capture Hanoi’s faded glamour. In particular, the music played here is all French ballads.

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Known as one of the best coffees in Hanoi, Loading T is an old house on Chan Cam street. The cafe spot is quite crowded, just a second later there is no space left. Just stepping in and the space Hanoi of the past will appear. An ancient house is over a hundred years old. In addition, the motifs and tiles are uniform and carefully restored to the original.

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The highlight in the menu of one of the best coffees in Hanoi is the iced brown and egg coffee. The coffee taste is more fragrant and aromatic than the spilled coffee filled with ice. You should try it once, the coffee position is lingering forever. All the drinks are made by the owner and his wife.

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The Hanoi House Cafe

The Hanoi House Cafe brings a bold atmosphere of old Hanoi in a small cafe spot in the heart of the Old Quarter. Setting foot on the old stairs, you feel like entering an ancient house. Sitting at Hanoi House, you enjoy a peaceful view of Hanoi’s streets. The decorations at the coffee are rich and delicate. This old Hanoi cafe gives you a feeling of closeness, warmth and friendliness.

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At one of the best coffees in Hanoi, You can choose to sit indoors, upstairs or outdoor on the railing to contemplate the street. At noon, the spot is usually less crowded than in the afternoon or evening, so you will have the opportunity to listen to love songs of Hanoi or lyricless music. 

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You can try out some of the typical drinks at one of the best coffees in Hanoi such as cold Dracontomelon drink, glutinous yogurt, egg coffee,… There is only one waiter here and this guy is also the owner of the cafe spot and concoction. The “versatile” owner always smiles at the guest and is very friendly.

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Cafe Cuoi Ngo

Cuoi Ngo Cafe is one of the best coffees in Hanoi for people who love Trinh music and nostalgic memories of old Hanoi. The old house makes many people think of the image of the old musician. The interior is simple but the artists still perform old music every week making the space more cozy. Many people like to come here to fall into the feeling of old nostalgia.

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The cafe spot has a small area but is fresher than the noisy life out there. All the furniture such as the entrance, the walls, the floor has the old look and is decorated and arranged extremely tidy. The inside of the house still retains the same design of the old 3-room tiled house, the rustic bamboo furniture, oil paintings and faded walls.

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The cafe spot also has some interesting “specialties” for guests to enjoy. In particular, the unique thing of Cuoi Ngo is the exclusive bitter wine. It is one of the best coffees in Hanoi to visit whenever you feel sad.

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Cu Xa Cafe

Cu Xa possesses a special ancient feature of the dormitory. The old wooden chairs are simply decorated. The old hallway with ceramic tiles has been in common use since the subsidy period. The decoration is bold ancient space with sophisticated motifs. The residence chooses the main warm and brown tones creating a friendly and quiet feeling. 

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From the black and white television, the dial-up phone, the Soviet cup kettle, the star lantern, the Rang Dong thermos that my grandparents had just got, peacock-shaped cloths, and even the mask of how long paper has been lost. The unique feature makes it become one of the best coffees in Hanoi.

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Cu Xa is always full of food and drinks like our old snacks such as baby noodles, C Thai sweets and dishes filled with mixed vermicelli, dried beef salad , lime shrimp noodles, sausage, fried spring rolls. The owner is always generous to give visitors here a set of popcorn and a cup of warm tea. Visitors here are always considered “guests coming to play home”.

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Tranquil Cafe

Tranquil Books & Coffee is not only a cafe with a romantic space but also a favorite place for “bookworms”. True to its name, Tranquil Books & Coffee’s space is created by books. Here, people freely choose books to read and sip coffee, which makes it become one of the best coffees in Hanoi.

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This place has many good books with absolute quiet space to ensure customers focus on reading, studying and working. The strange point here is that even when the cafe spot is most crowded, everyone seems to obey a “tacit rule” of not talking or whispering very quietly. Visitors here are immersed in the gentle space, in pages of books, books and computers.

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Tranquil is not only a quiet cafe in Hanoi with many book titles, it also attracts visitors to regularly organize art activities. These are music exchanges and guests at the one of the best coffees in Hanoi sing and play, share and interact with each other.

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Above are the top 7 best coffees in Hanoi that Megatravel recommends. Have you chosen the right destination for you yet? Don’t forget to share with us your practical experiences by leaving a comment below.

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