Top 9 best cooking classes in Vietnam

Best cooking classes in Vietnam – Vietnam is famous for its unique culinary paradise. it attracts many tourists to explore. Many people are infatuated with the taste of Vietnamese cuisine. The best way to satisfy your love for food is to learn the recipes and distinguish the ingredients that make up that dish. Below are the top 9 best cooking classes in Vietnam for you to explore the culinary elite.

Ezcooking Center

First in the list of best cooking classes in Vietnam is Ezcooking Center. The Ezcooking Center is a place with many years of experience in the profession. The training environment is built according to international standards. Challenging students’ creativity, requiring students to always learn, exchange and share about food.

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The centre is equipped with modern facilities, clean practice room. It ensures students with full kitchen utensils and helps them not only to learn but also feel relaxed, joy in cooking, and enjoy food made by themselves. With many teaching methods from basic to advanced, it brings students the best values, satisfaction and growth of each student when participating.

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Netspace Culinary Center

The Netspace Culinary Center is fully equipped with modern teaching equipment to allow the application of international-standard training programs, which greatly supports students’ learning and practice. The teaching staff are leading chefs such as: Chef Jack Lee (the world famous Vietnamese – American Chef), Chef Duong Huy Khai (American Kitchen King), Chef David Thai (Super Chef). 

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One of the best cooking classes in Vietnam is equipped with the most modern equipment, which is suitable for each class of Vietnamese kitchen, European kitchen and Japanese kitchen. Full lighting system, air-conditioner, water heater is always guaranteed. Students are always trained in the most comfortable and modern environment .

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Hanoi Cooking Centre

Hanoi Cooking Center organizes one of the best cooking classes in Vietnam and short courses in a relaxing and comfortable space. These classes are designed by Tracey Lister, author of cookbook Vietnamese Street Food. In the classes, you will be able to prepare your own dishes under the guidance of the chef. After cooking, you will enjoy the food at the restaurant’s dining room.

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You will get a deep sense of the taste, history and culture of Vietnamese dishes through 6 cooking classes as well as street food programs. Let’s experience the quintessence of Hanoi street food to feel and discover the local cuisine here. Going to the market with a chef will give you a deeper understanding of local products and encourage you to explore more deeply.

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Blue Butterfly Cooking Class

In this popular four-hour cooking class you’ll meet your teacher in the restaurant kitchen. You will be accompanied on a shopping trip to the Dong Xuan Market before returning to the kitchen where you’ll be detailly instructed in the preparation and cooking of three dishes. After the class you can enjoy your dish  in the restaurant.

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At the cooking class, you will have a chance to taste some fresh fruits and can ask all the questions you want about Vietnamese cuisine, culture, and tourism. At one of the best cooking classes in Vietnam, its atmosphere is very hands on and interactive.  Tourists are responsible for doing all of the slicing and dicing of herbs and vegetables, the mixing and measuring of the ingredients, the frying, and the plating. 

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Highway4 Cooking Class

Highway4 is one of the most popular restaurants for local people and expats and the best cooking classes in Vietnam. It has six restaurants in Hanoi and a restaurant in Saigon. Getting hands-on experience of Vietnamese cuisine and a solid introduction to Hanoi`s culinary culture through the half-day cooking programme. It includes a cyclo tour to visit a local street market followed by a cooking session focusing on active participation and fun.

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Not only experience and find out some information about Vietnamese cuisine, but you are also trained how to cook these delicious dishes when coming to one of the best cooking classes in Vietnam. There are some interesting experiences such as a cyclo trip, market tour, cooking classes with 4 dishes.

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Apron Up Cooking Class

You will get recipes and tips which cannot be found in any books and magazines when coming to one of the best cooking classes in Vietnam. Before cooking class, you will discuss with the chefs and other classmates about the menu you want to cook today. Besides, you can enroll in private classes that are available for anyone attending a cooking class at their required time.

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3 hours at Apron Up Cooking Class will consist of several interesting activities to do. First of all, you will meet an English chef for detailed cooking class information and prepare for a market trip. At the market, you will be introduced to buy all the ingredients to cook your dishes. It is a chance for you to interact with friendly local vendors and know how to choose fresh ingredients.

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Gioan Cooking Class

Next in the list of the best cooking classes in Vietnam, Gioan Cooking Class is a cooking hub that offers private classes for couples, families, and friends. Every cooking class will take you to the market  and Gioan Cooking Class is no exception. 

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You will find out the Vietnamese names of the vegetables and understand how to identify the most fresh slice of meat. Unlike other classes that stick to a certain menu, it allows you to choose the dishes you want to make. The menu is very diverse (up to 50 dishes), so it will satisfy the pickiest guest. Besides cooking, you can join karaoke with the host. This will surely make you entertain and you’ll forget the pressure of cooking.

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Green Bamboo Cooking School & Cafe

Known as one of the best cooking classes in Vietnam, Green Bamboo Cooking School & Cafe offers small personalised cooking classes and delicious home cooked meals. Train to cook from an interesting selection of traditional recipes including the Hoi An specialty, Cao Lau.

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Green Bamboo Cooking School in Hoi An which is one of the best cooking classes in Vietnam offers a unique cook experience. Run by Mrs Van, multi-lingual Vietnamese chef, this class gives fabulous insight into Vietnamese culinary skills in a friendly and relaxed setting.

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GRAIN Cooking Studio

For Vietnamese and international cuisine, Luke Nguyen is no stranger. He has had a successful career as a chef, restaurant owner, book author, TV face of culinary customers at the same time, and founder of GRAIN Cooking Studio. It is founded to promote Vietnamese cuisine with international friends, and nurture the love of Vietnamese people with dishes imbued with the national identity of their own homeland.

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In addition to learning the basic preparation for a dish, people coming to GRAIN also have a chance to learn about Vietnamese history and select ingredients, herbs and meat by themselves. Among the dishes, students will enjoy their achievements, listen to introductions and taste some of the carefully selected wines to learn more about the way of enjoying wine so that the taste of food becomes the best.

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With the aim of honoring Vietnamese cuisine, proving that anyone can cook with only passion and inspiration, top 9 best cooking classes in Vietnam will help you to explore the Vietnamese cuisine and make it by yourself.

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