Top 12 best foods in Hanoi you can not miss

Best foods in Hanoi – Hanoi not only holds visitors to its famous landmarks, but is also known as the “culinary paradise” with delicious dishes that everyone will remember once enjoying them. Let’s explore the top 12 best foods in Hanoi and the most famous places that tourists must try once when coming here.

Pho (Rice noodle soup with beef)

Referring to the best foods in Hanoi, we can not miss trying Pho. Pho Hanoi is known as a culinary symbol not only in this place, but also one of the national culinary symbols. It is a delicate traditional Vietnamese dish. It has been associated with Vietnamese people for many generations. 

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Pho is also very diverse such as beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, wine sauce beef noodle soup, mixed noodle soup, Pho rolls,… No matter how it is processed, pho still has a strong traditional flavor with a sweet broth, soft noodles, soft beef, aroma that is hard to refuse,…

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The best Pho spots in Hanoi

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Bun Cha (Kebab rice noodles)

Thanks to the event that world famous President Obama visited Vietnam and tried this dish, Bun Cha has become famous all over the world. Indeed, it is not wrong that he wants to try an extremely popular dish in Vietnam because this taste gives people an extremely unique and unforgettable feeling.

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Kebab Rice Noodles are still extremely attractive to visitors because of its special deliciousness. The meat is marinated in flavor, cooked over charcoal, served with vermicelli and a sweet and sour sauce. The rich, sweet taste and aroma make anyone who has enjoyed this dish will definitely not be able to refuse.

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Best Bun Cha sport in Hanoi

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Bun Rieu (vermicelli and sour crab soup)

Next in the list of best foods in Hanoi is Bun Rieu. Compared with vermicelli in the South, Hanoi vermicelli and sour crab soup still has a very special taste. The rich taste of the crab, the sour taste of the tomato with the rich broth that cannot be mixed. The vermicelli has left a real impression in the heart of visitors.

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This dish includes noodle and crab meat. The broth is cooked from crab minced and filtered. Then they cook it with tomatoes, fried tofu, meat rolls and especially with shrimp paste. Crab noodle soup is often eaten with raw vegetables making the flavor balanced and harmonious 

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Best Bun Rieu spots in Hanoi

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Bun Dau Mam Tom (noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste)

Noodles with fried tofu & shrimp paste is a simple dish as its name. It is extremely suitable for the culinary culture of Hanoi people. They like to eat at spots in alleys or at street restaurants. One of the best foods in Hanoi is very simple including vermicelli leaves, tofu fried and shrimp paste.

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However, nowadays people often eat more boiled meat, spring rolls, spring rolls,…  making it extremely diverse. Someone is afraid of shrimp paste because of its smell. However, shrimp paste is regarded as the soul of the dish, you will surely fall in love with one of the best foods in Hanoi, perhaps having to eat a few times a week.

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Best Bun Dau Mam Tom spots in Hanoi

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Bun Oc (Snail vermicelli soup)

Bun Oc is one of the best foods in Hanoi. A bowl of vermicelli with a slice of red tomatoes, the green of the scallion, the perilla, the snails. The broth with a little yellow grease is always the most special taste you can not miss.

best foods in Hanoi 14

Indeed, if you can enjoy a delicious bowl of vermicelli noodles and feel all the sweet and sour taste of vinegar, the light spicy of the chili mixed with the crispness of the snail and the vermicelli, you will understand why people go far away. can stop craving.

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Best Bun Oc spots in Hanoi

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Bun Thang (Hanoi combo noodle soup )

To make a delicious bowl of vermicelli, you need 20 different ingredients. The bowl of vermicelli is a synthesis as a colorful artwork with a white background of vermicelli, yellow of chicken and thin sliced ​​omelets, a pink shade of rolls, scallion and black mushroom,…

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For gourmets, just tasting the Bun Thang once will forever remember the spicy taste of the chili, the sweetness of the broth, the richness of the chicken. In the winter cold, enjoy one of the best foods in Hanoi, perhaps nothing better than a hot Bun Thang.

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Best Bun Thang spots in Hanoi

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Bun Ngan (Noodle with duck meat)

The noodle bowl is meticulous by the owner in every detail. From the broth simmered with goose bones and fragrant dried mushrooms to the sweet pieces of meat. Bamboo shoots are also served with dried bamboo shoots, which are carefully simmered, and the fresh meat is both chewy and crispy. It is deserved to be one of the best foods in Hanoi.

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Best Bun Ngan spots in Hanoi

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Banh Gio (Pyramidal rice dumpling)

One of the best foods in Hanoi is Banh Gio. It is extremely easy to eat in any season or at any time of the day. Pyramidal rice dumpling is made from rice flour, filled with minced meat, wood ear, marinated dried onion, and eaten very well.

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Normally, you will eat Banh Gio with pickled cucumbers. You can add soy sauce and chili sauce depending on the taste of each person. This is one of the best foods in Hanoi like the afternoon gifts but quite plump, but the price is only about $1, so everyone loves it.

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The best Banh Gio spots in Hanoi

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Banh Tom (Shrimp in batter)

Hanoi cuisine is always diverse, converging many quintessence in each rustic dish. Shrimp in batter is one of the best foods in Hanoi. These delicious dishes are drawn from the sophistication, ingenuity and gourmet of Hanoi people.

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The shrimp chosen to be cooked must be fresh and firm shrimp, wrapped in flour and eggs, when being fried with a very eye-catching brick red color. A plate of shrimp in batter is served with raw vegetables and dipped in sweet and sour sauce, spicy, great taste can not be described.

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The best Banh Tom spots in Hanoi

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Nom Bo Kho (Dried beef salad)

This is one of the best foods in Hanoi favorited by many people, especially young people because of its flavor made from all kinds of ingredients. Dried beef salad is the combination of the spicy taste of dried beef with the sweet and sour taste of the dipping sauce. The crunchy taste of papaya, carrots and fragrant roasted peanuts give diners an interesting culinary experience.

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The best Nom Bo Kho spots in Hanoi

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Tao Pho (Bean curd with sugar syrup)

Bean curd with sugar syrup in Hanoi is often peddled. The image of a shopkeeper carrying a box of crap, the other end is a small cupboard roaming the streets has become familiar in this city. Traditional tastes make it become one of the best foods in Hanoi.

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Che (Sweet soup)

A very simple cup of Northern sweet soup, apart from the main character is the nuts simmered with sugar, there will be a few toppings such as black jelly which is a jelly similar to jelly of the South and a little coconut freshly shredded yarn. There is a character that has always been loved by me as well as many that is the pearl of coconut.

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The best Che spots in Hanoi

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Ca Phe Trung (Egg coffee)

Egg cafe is one of the highlights of Hanoi cuisine. When visiting the capital, many people want to try this special coffee to know the unique taste of egg coffee. It’s not difficult to drink like black coffee or brown coffee, egg coffee is a kind of coffee that is quite easy to drink for everyone.

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Deserved to be one of the best foods in Hanoi, the egg coffee has a very strong taste of coffee and the distinct aroma of the egg yolk plus a bit of fresh cream. All these flavors combined together create a strangely attractive drink that captivates many coffee lovers.

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The best Ca Phe Trung spots in Hanoi

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Exploring Hanoi cuisine surely brings you special experiences. Hope that top 12 best foods in Hanoi will help you to explore Hanoi in a entire way.

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