The best Ha Giang tour you should not miss

Best Ha Giang tour – Nestled on the heights of northern Vietnam’s dark mountains, Ha Giang is the perfect place for hiking and motorbike tours. So if you are looking for a quiet place to visit, spared by massive tourism, if you are dreaming of a motorbike road trip in a breathtaking area, if you want to meet local ethnic groups of ancient traditions, to escape on the paths of beautiful Karst mountains or just if you are curious to discover this hypnotic area, here are a few keys to organize your trip.

It brings exciting experiences to the mountainous north of Vietnam. This region is famous for its magnificent landscapes, endlessly winding roads over mountain passes, and magnificent landscapes. Visitors coming to this area will immerse themselves in the diverse culture of ethnic minority groups, lush rice terraces, villages of hill tribes, and colorful weekend markets.

Ha Giang trekking tour

Ha Giang is home to amazing outdoor events that attract many young people. Travelers can enjoy many experiences, such as camping outdoors overnight, exploring the pristine caves or rafting across the Nho Que River, etc. Trekking, however, is an activity that is mentioned in Ha Giang’s top list of things to do. 

Best Ha Giang tour

Ha Giang is like an illustration of how nature can flourish when unsullied, with pine forests, granite mountains, quiet farming villages, and heavenly views in every direction. The Ha Giang trekking routes fall far enough from the tourist circuit to allow you to wander the Ha Giang Mountains uninterrupted for days at a time.

For those who come to Ha Giang, trekking is the main activity, particularly for adventure seekers. The rugged terrain is Ha Giang’s typical form, which is primarily steep hills, winding roads through many ethnic villages. Moreover, all year round, the cool and fresh Ha Giang weather prevails. It is perfectly suitable for outside activities, such as trekking or hiking, particularly during the summer months.

Best Ha Giang tour

You can also admire countless beautiful landscapes along the way, such as terraced fields, forests, and buckwheat flower fields. Also, travelers may have the opportunity to meet with ethnic minorities on a journey. While you’re relaxing, you’ll have a chance to listen to the locals’ story of the unique cultural beauty of this place that you may never know. 

Most of the treks in Ha Giang range from 2-5 days. While you can’t walk from Ha Giang on your own, trails are starting from small villages in the vicinity. The best time to go trekking in Ha Giang is between October and December. You will experience limited fog, moderate rainfall, and perfectly comfortable temperatures.

Best Ha Giang tour

Travelers of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy a relaxing, scenic hike, while hardcore outdoor adventurers can take on their bold characteristics and scale ancient limestone, and plunge into dense jungles where some of the most amazing wildlife in Vietnam resides. Ha Giang offers eager trekkers the opportunity to explore a geological realm that is unparalleled in its scope and without the hustle and noise of busy trekking locations, remote, untouched, and unlike any other major destination in Southeast Asia.

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Ha Giang motorcycle loop tour

There are several ways you can enjoy your tour of Ha Giang. One of the best options in our opinion is to rent a motorbike and drive on your own. This gives you complete freedom to follow your route and schedule your route. The freedom to stop when and where you like, take a detour that picks up your interest, and immerse yourself among the locals on a tour like this one, are all part of the adventure.

Best Ha Giang tour

The Ha Giang Loop in Northern Vietnam is by far one of the most amazing motorcycle loops. It’s not for the weak of the heart, but between twists and turns, bold travelers such as you will find views in the world that are different from anything else.

One of your most memorable experiences in Vietnam will likely be motorbiking through the Ha Giang Loop. Whether you feel comfortable renting and riding a motorbike on your own, hopping on the back of a trusted friend’s motorbike, hiring a seasoned local tour guide and/or motorbike driver to take you around the Ha Giang Loop, those who plunge to explore the extreme north of Vietnam will be greatly rewarded with some of the most amazing mountain and cliff views imaginable.

Best Ha Giang tour

Some of the most stunning mountain views in Vietnam and all of Southeast Asia, including the awe-inspiring Ma Pi Leng Pass, will greatly reward you. Travelers have the opportunity to witness diverse northern Vietnamese people’s daily working lives as they go about their daily lives, often in ethnic garb as you pass through their villages. You’ll see women in colorful clothes carrying stick bundles in baskets, kids playing on the streets and sometimes working) and men hard at work building new structures.

Best Ha Giang tour

It is around 3-4 days to complete the whole loop, but it is advisable to take at least 4 days to ensure that the experience is not rushed and that all viewing is possible.

After a long day of the ride, every stop offers cozy homestays and hostels to rest in the night and often have the chance to enjoy an authentic family meal that is always quite generous.

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Very handy tips

  • ATM: In Tam Son and Dong Van, ATMs are available, so no stress. You will easily find a night/pers accommodation for 7-11 USD and food for 3-6 USD.
  • Bus: There is a bus station. From Hanoi, you’ll find periodic trips. The price is VND 200 000 one way.
  • Renting motorbikes and scooters: Ha Giang is full of them. The only difficulty is choosing for yourself.
  • Sleep/Eat: In Tam Son, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac, you will find accommodation at all rates. Dong Van is a big town offering more amenities, but it’s a lot more touristy as well. In some eco-villages scattered in the area, you can find a few guest houses as well. In Nam Dam, a pretty village belonging to the red Zao ethnic group, there is a very nice one just after Tam Son. 
  • Petrol: In Tam Son, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac, you will find stations. 
  • Ethnic markets: Don’t miss the Dong Van and Meo Vac Sunday markets. There’s also one on Wednesdays and Sundays in Yen Minh. There are a lot of markets in the area, you’re sure to stumble on one when driving around. Don’t hesitate to stop.
  • Breathtaking lookouts: the whole area is gorgeous. Two mountain passes offering stunning views can still be noted down, and they are Quan Ba Pass just before Tam Son and Ma pi Leng Pass, between Dong Van and Meo Vac.
  • Road condition: It’s not so good—Warning! Be extra careful because, in the region that amplifies road hazards, people also tend to be drunk more often than not. Should have an offline GPS with you at any time, download the app It’s always beneficial! Beware, however, that a big road between Niem Son (south of Meo Vac) and Yen Minh is noted on this map, but it’s actually more like a mountain track and it’s poorly signposted. 
  • Seasons/Weather: Before going, have a careful look at the forecast. Up there, heavy rain and fog are quite common. In the evening, summers are generally fresh and winters can be quite cold! You’ll also be able to witness the wonderful pink blossoming of the buckwheat fields if you are lucky to visit during October.

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