Top 7 best Ho Chi Minh City day tours

Best Ho Chi Minh City day tours – Ho Chi Minh City is known as the business and financial centre of Vietnam with a prominent history going back hundreds of years. It is also an ideal destination with beautiful landscapes, modern buildings, culinary paradise and friendly people. With our guide to the top 7 best Ho Chi Minh City day tours, you can get all the information to ensure you don’t miss anything about this fascinating city.

Ho Chi Minh City Tour

  • Tour duration: 6 house

Referring to the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours, people are surely excited to explore and check-in at the famous destinations in Saigon. Let’s begin your Ho Chi Minh city tour with Ben Thanh Market. You can experience the daily life of many city citizens when you wander through the vendor-lined market walkways, see the colorful arrangements of handcrafted textiles, and listen to the voices of street vendors.

War Remnants Museum 2

Nextly, you can make your way to the War Remnants Museum. Here, you can contemplate the wide collection of images dedicated to deceased American and Vietnamese journalists and photographers from the French and American conflicts.

War Remnants Museum 3

Finally, walk around to explore the war period with the Reunification Palace. You can contemplate the outstanding examples of French colonial architecture at Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office. Here, they are the most ideal places to take some beautiful photos. One of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours makes you seen the beauty of city in one day.

War Remnants Museum 4

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Saigon Street Food Tour

  • Tour duration: 24 hours

The best Ho Chi Minh City tour can not miss the culinary experience, so the Saigon street food tour is loved by many tourists. Let’s begin with the best dish in Saigon – broken rice. It is a popular dish served from morning to evening. Broken rice is served with grilled ribs, pickled vegetables, onion and a cup of spicy and sweet fish sauce. Next, don’t forget to try an ice milk coffee in the Turtle Lake.

War Remnants Museum 5

At noon, you can enjoy one of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours by wandering through Le Thi Rieng street to eat spring rolls, grilled beef, grilled pork only with 1$ per dish. In the afternoon, enjoying a snack on a scrumptious Banh Xeo, savoury crepe and some seafood is a must-do activity. 

War Remnants Museum 6

At night, there was delicious crispy fried noodles with rich sauce in vegetables, beef, and shrimp. A large plate with only 1,5$  because Saigon is known as a paradise for delicious and cheap food. In the evening, you can go to apartment 42 Nguyen Hue with countless beautiful decor cafes and delicious drinks. When you are hungry again, Bui Vien street is an ideal place to eat grilled food, drink smoothies, and enjoy a sleepless Saigon.

War Remnants Museum 7

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Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

  • Tour duration: 6 hours

Located 60km from Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnels were given the nickname “land of steel” established by Cu Chi’s people and armed forces during the war against the US. Cu Chi Tunnels with a massive tunnel system of 220km long is a place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

War Remnants Museum 8

Joining the Cu Chi Tunnels tour, you will learn more about the history as well as the hardships of this land during the war. After that, you will explore the tunneling system including residential areas and military zones. One of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours will brings you interesting historical experiences.

War Remnants Museum 9

When traveling, you have a chance to rest with a cup of tea and cassava, the staple food of Vietnamese guerrillas before. If you want, you can also visit the shooting zones. Make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

War Remnants Museum 10

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Chinatown Tour

  • Tour duration: 4 hours

Let’s start your Chinatown tour by walking around the unique and long-standing shops in famous Chinatown. This is the place where you can find long-established stalls specializing in trading unique items such as silk fabrics, crafts, jewelry,… You can also find some gifts for your family and friends. 

When exploring one of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours, stop along the way where you will immerse yourself in Chinese culture with a visit to Binh Tay market, which is filled with sophisticated Chinese artifacts like calligraphy sketches, paper lanterns and traditional medicine. You can also enjoy this tour with fruit markets to sample fruits and a famous Vietnamese coffee.

Thien Hau Temple in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Cai Be Floating Market Tour

  • Tour duration: 10 hours

Next in the best Ho Chi  Minh City day tours is the Cai Be floating market tour. It is where boats come to exchange goods. This place still retains the cultural characteristics of the market in the Mekong Delta region. It is outstanding with the transfer station of fruits and products to all regions. Each boat has a sign so that the buyer easily recognizes and does not have to offer.

Nowadays, due to the needs of the people, Cai Be floating market does not only buy fruit or agricultural products, but also delicious dishes. Small canoes weave between fruit boats, mainly selling drinking water and food to marketers such as cakes, noodles, vermicelli, coffee, tea,… You will have an opportunity to experience one of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours on the boat.

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Saigon River Cruise Tour

  • Tour duration: 2 hours

You can see the beautiful Ho Chi Minh city on the other view with a look at its different neighborhoods on a delectable breakfast cruise. This tour shows you the new urban areas, beautiful green areas, and the impressive skyline of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, you can enjoy some favorite dishes from Vietnam and the West.

One of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours takes you around the beautiful Thanh Da Island, which is a peaceful rural area in the heart of the Ho Chi Minh city. Here, you can buy fresh coconuts before moving on toward the city center. The cruise pass under Saigon Bridge and construction site for Landmark 81.

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Ben Thanh Market Tour 

  • Tour duration: 3 hours

To end the list of the best Ho Chi Minh City day tours, let’s explore the Ben Thanh Market tour. Ben Thanh Market is located in the intersection of many streets. It is the oldest market here. The most prominent symbol of the market is the image of a clock at the south door of the market like Big Ben in London.

Weaving between the booths, visitors will surely be overwhelmed with the variety of products here. You can easily find your own favorite items from small souvenirs such as necklaces, earrings, purses, towels  to traditional costumes or daily products,…

It is famous for the diverse and rich cuisine of Ben Thanh market. Saigon sweet soup is certainly not strange to people all over the world, coming to the market, you will be overwhelmed by the long rows of street vendors of colorful ingredients. Especially, at Gate 7, there is a famous sweet soup spot for more than 40 years you can not miss.

There are top 7 best Ho Chi Minh City day tours you can not miss. Hopefully, you can enjoy the trip to Ho Chi Minh City entirely.

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