Top 9 best Hoi An suit tailors you should not miss

Best Hoi An suit tailors – Coming to Hoi An, visitors should not miss the experience of shopping or sewing by themselves at the garment shops in Hoi An. It is famous for its tailor-made shops in a few hours with excellent quality and a variety of designs. Visitors can also sew the best suits at the top 9 best Hoi An suit tailors.

A Dong Silk

A Dong Silk was established in 1997, which is a leader in bespoke personal tailoring in Vietnam. It has earned a global reputation for stylish, delivering modern, high quality garments that fit all body types perfectly. Passing down a 50-year tradition of high couture in the Hoi An ancient town, it is famous for its silk weaving and the best Hoi An suit tailors. Here, you can find the best suits for your wedding or business.

best Hoi An suit tailors

It owns a tailor with luxury and beautiful space, which brings the most beautiful experiences for tourists. A Dong Silk has a 10-minute measurement process that is revolutionary and is done with comfort. The garments are hand-sewn, which can be delivered within two days at our stores and within 1 week to any part of the world.

best Hoi An suit tailors

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Yaly Couture

With over 300 tailors, designers and craftsmen and more than 25 years of experience, Yaly Couture continuously and confidently brings the most luxurious design experiences for visitors. Yaly Couture has become a world-renowned organization with three stunning stores located in the Hoi An old town providing high standard workshops and the best professional training for each of its valuable employees.

best Hoi An suit tailors

At Yaly Couture, it has every product from high-end fashion to classic suits, each finishing showing all the characteristics of the craftsmanship, perfect and quality machining, providing a lifelong lifespan. Coming to Yaly Couture, you can experience one of the best Hoi An suit tailors for the best suits.

best Hoi An suit tailors

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Bao Khanh Silk

The suits when being sewn here ensure luxurious design, accurate measurements, meticulous seams, and standard body form. From the owner to the team, the staff are very happy and enthusiastic at work. It is one of the best Hoi An suit tailors you should not miss.

A tourist reviewed in Tripadvisor that her boyfriend wanted to have a suit and after looking into several places and reading a lot of reviews they found this place. The staff that helped them out was super nice and listened patiently to what her boyfriend wanted for his suit. They were super nice and gave them few tips. The next day the suit was ready, and in the end they made few changes but they were super professional. The tourists were really happy with the result and the price.

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Lana Silk

This tailor shop is mostly for women with many impressive designs for you to choose from. As soon as you come to the store, you will receive enthusiastic advice from the staff here, professional service style, and most of the customers are satisfied. There are fabrics suitable for all ages. However, it also has many suits for men deserving to be one of the best Hoi An suit tailors.

Lana Tailor is one of the few best Hoi An suit tailors that offers a complete service, ranging from good quality materials to top-notch equipment imported from Japan and Germany. Furthermore, Lana Tailor focuses on best quality products and reasonable prices for its customers.

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B’lan Silk

B’Lan Silk is one of the best Hoi An suit tailors with over 15 years of experience in the business. It sells quality products both in-store and online and ships products worldwide. 

The sweet staff are incredibly good at their job with the friendliness and enthusiasm.  A tourist reviewed that they sew a suit, linen pants and casual bohemian clothing for them. Their english is really good and the price is perfect. The clothes fit them perfectly. The clothes or suits looked fancy, cool and casual.

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Vanda Tailors Hoi An

About the quality details and component, for your suit or shirt, Vanda Tailors Hoi An understands it is what’s on the inside that counts. Every component is selected not only because of its purpose. It ensures that each component combines with other details to make the best possible suit or shirt. Therefore, it is one of the best Hoi An suit tailors.

Compared to other stores, the storefront here is minimalist and might suggest an inferior product, this is not true. Without a doubt the best tailor for suiting and coats in Hoi An. It takes direction well, works quickly and good prices for quality of work. 

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Kimmy Tailor

Kimmy Custom Tailor has been serving international clients for over 15 years and has appeared in several Australian documentaries about Hoi An. Run by a Vietnamese-Canadian, Kimmy prides itself on understanding sensibilities and Western styles. Therefore, it is one of the best Hoi An suit tailors with sophisticated and trendy suits.

It is one of the very few tailors in Hoi An that runs its own workshop with dedicated staff. As a result, Kimmy keeps full control over quality at quite reasonable prices and excellent customer service with over 5000 sample fabrics to choose. 


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Blue Chic Tailor

Blue Chic Tailor is a family business, which offers great experience of shopping in Hoi An, Vietnam. This brand has 15 years working in the tailor business and always willing to bring wonderful tailor clothing experience to visitors. It is also known as one of the best Hoi An suit tailors. 

A review on Tripadvisor is that “She would like everybody to know she had the best time with these ladies. she came to Vietnam knowing she could get clothes made to size. The professionalism, kindness and excitement she got from these ladies was amazing. Money can not buy the experience she had”. Therefore, visiting Hoi An, don’t forget to visit Blue Chic.

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BeBe Tailor

To end the list of the best Hoi An suit tailors, let’s explore BeBe Tailor right now. It offers no end of fittings until every item of clothing is perfect. BeBe is confident with its level of expertise and will work with you on every little detail to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end-product.

With a large and airy space, it brings you the best experiences when tailoring. BeBe tailor focuses on quality for every product. Their well-trained and professional team works with the largest collection of fabrics in Hoi An to create the perfect garment for tourists.

There are the top 10 best Hoi An suit tailors that you should not miss. Hopefully, with some suggestions, you can enjoy the unforgettable experiences in Hoi An.

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