Top 5 best Hoi An tours for the unforgettable experiences

Best Hoi An tours – Hoi An Ancient Town is a rustic and simple picture of an old Vietnamese village. It stands out with its rustic and nostalgic beauty from old colors, ancient buildings, diverse culture, unique cuisine to friendly people. All the values have left unforgettable impressions for many tourists when visiting Hoi An. Therefore, not to miss the top 5 best Hoi An tours to enjoy your trip perfectly.

Full-day Hoi An Old Town Food Tour 

Hoi An cuisine is memorable with many unique dishes such as Vac cake, Cao Lau, chicken rice. Full-day Hoi An Old Town Food Tour helps you fully enjoy the culinary taste of Hoi An. Let’s start one of the best Hoi An tours with Banh Mi Phuong, which is known as the most delicious sandwich in the world. The crust of bread is crunchy and fragrant. The filling is the combination of many ingredients such as eggs, ham, pate, mixed with a rich sauce and a few cool vegetables.

best Hoi An tours

Next, you can go to the cafes to relax and enjoy the peaceful view of Hoi An. Hoi An Roastery is a coffee address with 7 different locations in the heart of the old town, which is a perfect suggestion with traditional spaces. At noon, come to Hoi An market to enjoy Cao Lau, a typical dish not to be missed when traveling to the old town. The shrimp, vegetables, chewy noodles, the aroma of fish sauce, soy sauce, and the fatty taste of the shrimp will awaken your senses.

best Hoi An tours

After a lunch break, in the afternoon, you can continue one of the best Hoi An tours with some typical cakes such as Vac cake or Beo cake that has a thin crust embracing the shrimp and meat filling at Mrs Bay spot. To end one of the best Hoi An tours, let’s enjoy dinner at Ba Buoi Chicken Rice. The plate of rice is golden yellow with a hint of turmeric, chicken salad and eye-catching herbs. Fish sauce and pickles will stimulate the taste buds making the rice dish not overly greasy.

best Hoi An tours

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Hoi An Countryside Cycling Excursion

Next in the best Hoi An tours is Hoi An countryside cycling excursion. The itinerary of the tour begins from Tra Que vegetable village, around the suburbs of Hoi An city through many villages, fields, gardens of farmers Hoi street. Then, you will visit historical and cultural relics before visiting the last point is coconut forest located in Cam Thanh commune. On this journey, visitors will admire the idyllic beauty and enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere of a village in the Central Coast of the country.

Moreover, on the cycling journey, visitors continue to explore the landscape of Cam Thanh ecological village, experience Quang noodle roll, enjoy rustic dishes, present at many destinations such as Mr. Muoi Pho’s house, Cua Dai bridge, bamboo handicraft facility, visit the Bay Mau coconut forest by basket boat and experience fishing. If you are lucky, you can admire the romantic scenery of the sunshine on the sea and the magical sunset on the river by cycling.

best Hoi An tours

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Lantern Making Workshop in Hoi An

This one of the best Hoi An tours will bring you interesting stories, history, unique traditions about colorful lanterns and how to create a unique feature of Hoi An. At the end of the 16th century when the Minh Huong people first came to Hoi An to exchange business and settle down, they taught each other how to make lanterns and gradually lanterns became a feature in Hoi An. Until now, the lantern making profession in Hoi An has been more than 400 years old.

Exploring one of the best Hoi An tours, you will find out the types of lanterns. Hoi An lanterns today are divided according to styles, including round, octagonal, hexagonal, zucchini, garlic bulb, barrel shape, papaya-shaped, donut shape, umbrella shape. Besides, it also has the military lantern, dragon shape, and fish shape with all colors. The upholstery must be silk depending on the color of the fabric, the lights will have different colors.

The lantern making process consists of two main stages including making bamboo frames and wrapping fabrics. Bamboo spokes will first be attached to two wooden rings to shape the frame and are connected by parachute ropes. Fabric is pre-cut to the size of the lanterns, then glued onto the glued-in frames and trimmed with excess. Finally, decorate the lanterns by your way. Joining one of the best Hoi An tours, you will experience above activities.

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Excursion to Cua Dai Beach And An Bang Beach

Cua Dai beach and An Bang beach are the best beaches in Hoi An you can not miss. With this tour, you will have a chance to contemplate the beautiful beaches. The most beautiful beach in Hoi An is An Bang. CNN has ranked this beach in the list of Top 100 most worthy beaches in the world, so do not miss the opportunity to come here to admire this beauty.

Only about a kilometer apart from each other, but the sea in Cua Dai and An Bang has its own unique beauty. Cua Dai Beach is exploited for tourism and famous from the early days, so there are quite a lot of tourists coming here. It is more vibrant and bustling here. 

An Bang beach is different. Tourism exploitation is not too developed, so fortunately the sea still retains its wild features. The tranquility of An Bang beach will be extremely suitable for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life that is not too crowded to feel relaxed and peaceful.

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Hoi An Walking Tour

With one of the best Hoi An tours, let’s visit famous check-in spots. Firstly, Cau Pagoda is a symbol of ancient and beautiful Hoi An. Like the name of this place, Cau Pagoda is a pagoda located on a bridge spanning a small creek in Hoi An ancient town. Then, don’t forget to visit Tan Ky ancient house nearly 200 years old, which is one of the famous destinations in Hoi An. It is the interference of elite architecture in the area.

Appeared in many cult Vietnamese films, Dalat market is definitely a place to check in for virtual devotees. Hoi An not only attracts visitors because of its unique ancient beauty, but also attracts them by the “culinary paradise” with countless delicious dishes at Hoi An Market. 

To end one of the best Hoi An tours, visitors don’t forget the experience taking a boat ride on the romantic Hoai River. It is very unforgettable when relaxing by the side of the boat, watching the old town with colorful lanterns and glowing flower lights on the water. Especially on flowery nights, you can buy a small flower for 0,5$ to drop onto the water and take sparkling pictures.

There are the top 5 best Hoi An tours that you can not miss. Hopefully, with some suggestions, you can enjoy your trip perfectly.

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