Top 9 best islands in Vietnam

Best islands in Vietnam – Vietnam is favored by the mother of nature and bestowed with a multitude of beautiful and charming landscapes. Referring to famous beautiful landmarks, it is impossible to mention all. Specifically, Vietnam has more than 4000 large and small islands with their own wild and mysterious beauty. Surely, the top 9 best islands in Vietnam will be an interesting suggestion for your trip.

Phu Quoc Island

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Known as Pearl Island, Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island. The island has a wild and simple beauty, but it is extremely charming. It is a wonderful paradise that everyone who comes here will be attracted to. The island is an ideal paradise for those who want to to enjoy nature and relax.

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Among the best islands in Vietnam, Phu Quoc offers fresh air, cool breeze and tranquility that makes this place a perfect destination to escape from the hustle and bustle out there. Around the island are white sand, clear water, green coconut trees and beautiful sunshine that promises to bring the most memorable experiences for this summer trip.

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Co To Island

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As one of the best islands in Vietnam, Co To island attracts a large number of tourists by its pure and peaceful beauty. Co To has many beautiful beaches and attractive natural landscapes. It is deserved to be one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam. Here, visitors can walk to visit the scenery and enjoy fresh delicious seafood.

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Co To is an archipelago with more than 50 islands. This place has recently developed for tourism, so it does not have high-end hotels, luxury dining and services. However, with its own beauty, Co To still attracts countless tourists visiting each year. Wild nature, friendly locals, and fresh seafood are all irresistible things that make this island become one of the best islands in Vietnam among a multitude of other destination choices.

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Con Dao Island

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Con Dao, which is one of the best islands in Vietnam, is an ideal destination for those who want to explore the wild beauty, learn about history and want to experience unforgettable moments with blue sea and white sand. In the past, Con Dao used to be known as a hell on earth, which marks a period of national heroic struggles.

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Today, Con Dao Island becomes an ideal destination for those who want to explore miles of white sand, pristine clear beaches, green coconut palms,… Here, you can wander to feel deeply about the past and explore the world of eagle, colorful coral reefs and primeval forests with rich flora and fauna. Moreover, you can visit Con Dao Prison to feel the breath of history authentically. 

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Ly Son Island

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Đảo Lý Sơn

Ly Son Island is the only island district of Quang Ngai. The island was formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Therefore, every landscape here has a strange and majestic beauty. The temples are hidden deeply in the mountains, white sand and blue sea in emerald color, the warmth and sincerity of the local people making this place extremely attractive.

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This is one of the best islands in Vietnam. Ly Son is regarded as a wonderland in real life. The beaches with emerald water, endless white waves and flashing lighthouses create a wonderful picture of nature. This place is also a great place for you to watch the sunrise on top of Thoi Loi mountain and take some memorable pictures.

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Nam Du Island

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Nam Du Island belongs to Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province. It is known as the second Ha Long Bay of Vietnam. Nam Du Island still has many wild features. However, it has become a mystery making Nam Du Island attractive to all areas. This place promises to be a special attractive destination in the summer with the island covered by stretches of sand, shady coconut trees and clear blue water.

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Coming to one of the best islands in Vietnam, visitors will experience a peaceful life such as watching the sunrise on the lighthouse, fishing in the morning, visiting the beautiful scenery, enjoying seafood on the beach and contemplating the sunset in the afternoon. This is an interesting destination not to be missed.

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Binh Ba Island

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Binh Ba Island is about 60km from Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. This is a relatively new and interesting destination. Because it has not been exploited for tourism, everything on the island is pristine. Binh Ba has many beautiful beaches with white sand and clear water. In particular, Binh Ba is one of the first places to welcome the earliest sunrise in Vietnam. 

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Binh Ba certainly cannot be out of the list of the best islands in Vietnam. In recent times, this island in Nha Trang beach has become a hot name for tourists. Beside the breathtaking landscape, the island has a rich culinary diversity and a variety of beautiful scenes that can captivate all the hearts of visitors when they first arrive here.

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Phu Quy Island

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Phu Quy Island is located in Central Vietnam, in Binh Thuan province, about 100km from Phan Thiet city. It is an ideal destination for visitors to enjoy the beautiful seascape and learn about the aquaculture here. The island is a place for tourists to travel to other beautiful small islands such as Hon Egg, Hon Do, Hon Tranh,… 

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Known as one of the best islands in Vietnam, Phu Quy Island still retains its natural features. On the beautiful sand beaches, visitors can contemple the iridescent and brilliant shells. Visiting Phu Quy island, diving to see coral and rocks with many fancy shapes is the must-do activity which you should not miss.

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Cu Lao Cham Island

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Cu Lao Cham island is one of the best islands in Vietnam. You can contemple the entire island in 15 minutes by canoe from Cua Dai Beach. The island has a cool climate, lush forests, pristine beaches and immense sand. Cu Lao Cham also has a historical beauty with many long-standing national cultural heritages.

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In addition to sightseeing, visitors can also invite friends to participate in diving activities here to relieve the heat of summer or enjoy picnics in the forest and capture the moments. Everything will make you unforgettable.

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Cat Ba Island

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Cat Ba has two spacious beaches with flat, white sand beaches which are suitable for walking and enjoying the sound of the sea. You can even rent a boat to explore Lan Ha Bay and experience many beautiful beaches, clearer water and especially not being affected by the crowd to find peace for yourself.

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Enjoying fresh seafood and exquisite cuisine in the restaurants around Cat Ba market at affordable prices is also a great experience. One of the best islands in Vietnam has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius combined with primitive forests and sandy beaches make it a great place to relax and explore.

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If you don’t know where to go this summer, let’s invite your friends and relatives to book tickets to these beautiful islands right away to relieve the summer sun. Top 9 best islands in Vietnam will make you surprised.

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