Where to go for the best massage in Halong Bay

Best massage in Halong Bay – One of the best places to get away from the busy life in Vietnam is Halong Bay. It is a peaceful and tranquil area. By using the spa and massage service on the cruise, you can fully relax and treat yourself on the cruise.

One of the definite highlights of a vacation in Vietnam is a Halong cruise, and for those who want a Halong tour, there are now some excellent hotels in Halong City. Several good hotels can be booked on your behalf by a Halong travel agent, and whenever you look, you can enjoy a spa and massage in each case. But on a cruise, enjoying a massage service is worth a try. If you want good leisure facilities such as spa and massage, luxury cruises in Halong Bay offer massage services that you can look at.


Massages are one of the characteristics of Asian life. For hundreds of years, there was a spa and massage in Vietnam. It is a great way to relax, and although it can sometimes seem rough, bodies lose their stiffness and most people feel completely refreshed after the end of a session. Tourists on Vietnam tour packages can expect to be offered good spa and massage facilities. Such facilities are a great way to relax before dinner at the end of a busy day.

Spa and massage services are available on almost all Halong Bay cruises. It’s reasonable compared to spa and massage services in hotels in the big cities. So don’t miss your chance to enjoy this service when you’re on a cruise. This article will give you some information on spa and massage in Vietnam, recommended spa and massage cruises, and some tips on spa and massage in Halong Bay Vietnam.

Best massage Halong Bay

Spa and massage have proved good, relieving headaches, treating physical conditions, improving flexibility, and reducing blood pressure. After outdoor activities such as climbing, swimming, or kayaking, you can relax with Spa and massage on the cruise.

In big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoian, or Halong Bay, foreign tourists can easily find a good spa and massage place or they can enjoy this service at the cruises. This service is onboard most Halong Bay cruises. There, you’ll have time both physically and mentally to relax. You can choose from a lot of spa and massage options on board, most of which use natural ingredients to provide the best treatment. Body massage, four-hand massage, hot-stone massage, shiatsu massage or facial treatment, manicure & pedicure are the names of the onboard spa and massage service.

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Best massage in Halong Bay must try

1. Swan Boutique Cruises

With a wide range of relaxing methods, Swan Boutique Cruises Spa is beyond your expectations. Swan Boutique Cruise offers a variety of spa treatments and methods that bring a great sense of relaxation and pleasure to any tourist. All the services are in Vietnam-styled space, they use a lot of traditional Vietnamese materials such as lotus, sea salt, lemongrass, ginger… 

Best massage Halong Bay

There are 2 main types of spa treatments provided by Swan Boutique Cruises, which are facial and body treatments. In Spa, massage is considered to be the most favorable service. Massage treatments at Swan Boutique Cruise focus on five different types: Vietnamese-style foot massage, leg and foot massage, neck-back massage, body relaxation, and body massage with hot stones. The Spa service is designed to provide customers with deep cleaning, anti-aging, and relaxation.

Best massage Halong Bay

5 Spa treatments on Swan Boutique Cruises:

  • Vietnam foot massage: This will help relieve pain, relieve stress, and support the treatment of the disease by using traditional oriental massage techniques and impacts on the acupuncture points of the soles, and then impact the entire body.
  • Leg and foot: utilizes pressure points of the feet that correspond to specific parts of your body to increase circulation and release energy throughout your entire body to release stress.
  • Neck, back, and shoulder: Concentrate on the relief of tension in stressed areas. A range of traditional Vietnamese techniques will rejuvenate you completely.
  • Body relaxation: An ancient art is the application of pressure on acupoints, it is one way to relieve these stresses and fatigue. 
  • Body massage with hot stones: Combine many techniques and warm lava stones to relax the body at its deepest level with hot lava stones enriching you to achieve deep relaxation. Lava stones’ powerful metathesis energies are known to promote a harmonizing and cleansing effect and a positive flow of energy.

2. Orchid cruise

The leading line of 5-star cruises in Halong Bay is Orchid Cruises. The BRAND NEW Halong Bay-Lan Ha Bay cruises are sure to exceed your highest expectations of all Halong Bay cruises with the highest level of customer service and an unsurpassable relaxing environment.

Joining Orchid Cruises, on the enchanting journey through beautiful Halong Bay, enables travelers to relax and discover untouched areas, a rare special route that they offer you that is easily accessible by other cruises. Orchid Cruises has 14 luxury cabins with an elite, professional crew that can assist you on your Halong trip.

Best massage Halong Bay

With an excellent spa and massage service, Orchid Cruise is among the best cruises. They have highly competent and skilled employees. For relaxation and stress relief, they make customized massages, facials, and relaxing therapies available to everyone. For the benefit of Spa and massage, Spa and massage should be a part of your daily life, not saved for rare occasions. Take your chance on an Orchid cruise to enjoy one of the spa and massage services such as signature body massage, deep tissue massage, body massage aromatherapy, or treatment with herbal essential oil.

3. Alisa Premier cruise

Alisa Spa cruise offers exclusive spa treatments created with the best oriental techniques and herbal secrets of Vietnam. Each special treatment in the spa brings the best feelings and experiences you’ve ever had. Each trip begins with a distinctive tea and a herbal foot ritual and can be tailored according to your desires. This is part of Alisa Spa, where oriental culture is demonstrated. 

Best massage Halong Bay

Relax at the Alisa Spa in harmony and pureness. In the privacy of your treatment room, you can enjoy superior service. They have developed highly qualified Spa Therapists to let you feel relaxed and free with delicate aromatherapist oil and subtle herbs to rejuvenate your inner self. 

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Tips & Experience

  • Make an early reservation to ensure that the time of your arrival is well treated 
  • Expect to be able to last for at least 60 – 90 minutes in full-body treatment Change your clothes to spa clothing 
  • If you feel pain with the treatments, let therapists know so they can change the pressure until you are relaxed • 
  • You can be asked to remove and be half-naked for certain medications. 
  • If you are satisfied with your service, tip for therapists.

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