Top 8 best massages in Hoi An

Best massages in Hoi An – With the endowed natural beauty, Hoi An has become one of the great tourist destinations in Vietnam. Also, it is a dream paradise of spas and massages for many people. To choose the most wonderful relaxing spa paradise, let’s explore the top 8 best massages in Hoi An you can not miss.

Laluna Spa Hoi An

Referring to the best massages in Hoi An, the first name that is mentioned is Laluna Spa. This is a skin care center and relaxing massage serving locals and tourists coming here to visit. Laluna Spa stands out with an airy space, white and blue colors to create a gentle, relaxing space. It always focuses on investing and renovating equipment to make customers feel most comfortable during treatment and body care.

best massages in Hoi An

Currently, Laluna Spa offers a variety of skin care types such as facials, body massage, steam sensing, pregnancy care, baby massage, foot massage depending on each service and real time. The therapists at Hoi An spa with highly skilled and professional training will help customers feel relaxed, comfortable, dispel all stress and fatigue.

best massages in Hoi An

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Gerberas Spa Hoi An

Gerberas Spa is not too big, but it is one of the best massages in Hoi An, which is appreciated for the quality of service. Customers coming to spa will have the most relaxing and comfortable moments. Spa is not too sophisticated in the decoration, but the equipment used is modern and high-class. As a result, customers who come to beautify will always feel comfortable and secure about the service quality.

best massages in Hoi An

Gerberas Spa provides services such as foot massage, salt body massage, aromatherapy massage. Visitors can choose any type that suits their needs. According to the experience of many tourists, the foot massage service here is quite good but the price is affordable with about 7$ in 20 minutes.

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Coral Spa Hoi An

Coral Spa is one of the best massages in Hoi An, a leader spot in the field of skin care and body relaxation with many years of experience in the spa field. Coral owns a spacious space with luxurious international design. With golden brown as the main color tone, customers coming to the spa will always feel professionalism and quality. Spa services are performed by professionals with many years of experience.

Coral Spa offers a myriad of beauty and body care services to meet every person’s needs. You can go to Coral Spa and experience a number of services such as body massage, foot massage, hot stone massage. Customers will be relaxed in melodious music, gentle aroma, energy recovery after fatigue of life.

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Aaron Spa Hoi An

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty care industry, Aaron Spa is one of the best massages in Hoi An attracting a large number of tourists. The spa is founded and operated by professionals with extensive training, knowledge, techniques and skills. The staff is trained and certified to operate in accordance with regulations. Spa facilities are always invested and upgraded to bring the best service to customers.

Services at Aaron Spa Hoi An diversified include beauty care, facial mask, body relaxation, nail care, pedicure care. Come to Aaron, you will get the best care in a general way to comfort and restore energy. After days of tired travel, you should not miss the opportunity to experience a service here.

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Spa Calm Hoi An

If you are looking for one of the best massages in Hoi An, Spa Calm Hoi An is a famous spa with an affordable price. This is a favorite destination of tourists, especially foreign tourists when coming to Hoi An. After a day of walking around the old town, if you get tired, go to Hoi An spa to relax and restore energy. You will be immersed in a quiet space with a gentle scent at the spa.

This spa provides body massage, foot massage, facials and so on. All services are performed by a team of highly trained, well-trained and experienced staff. At the same time, spa always upgrades equipment to provide the best care for customers. Surely this is one of the best massages in Hoi An you should visit to relax and relieve stress.

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Pandanus Spa Hoi An

Although it does not have a large space like the famous spas Hoi An, Pandanus Spa is very attractive because of its quality and service style. The spa is small but also provides a variety of beauty care services and relaxing massages such as body massage, foot massage, nail care. Whatever you choose, the spa staff and owner will also take care of it enthusiastically.

Pandanus Spa Hoi An’s space is not too big, but fully equipped with facilities and amenities for beauty care services. In addition, the staff here are highly trained and practical skills are good, so the quality of service is always guaranteed. Spa staff are always friendly and enthusiastic to make customers feel comfortable.

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White Rose Spa Hoi An

Located in the center of Hoi An city, White Rose Spa is a popular destination for tourists to relax and restore energy. This is one of the best massages in Hoi An received highly appreciated by customers. The spa’s space is decorated with natural plants and flowers, soft yellow lights and golden brown paint colors create elegance and lightness.

White Rose provides a wide range of services, especially body massage, body care and facials. Spa services are performed by a team of professional staff with many years of experience. Customers can be completely assured of the service quality and attitude of the service staff.

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Spa Siesta Hoi An

Spa Siesta is a luxury Hoi An spa chosen by international tourists. This place is the best massages in Hoi An for foreigners because the relatively high price ranges about 35$ per service. With luxurious and modern design space, the spa provides perfect services to customers. You can relax, choose from effective treatments, and restore energy quickly.

Spa has all high-class services of international standards. Its treatments include Swedish treatments, hot stone massage, Himalayan salt rock, and herbal massage for the body. In addition, the spa also has a number of treatments for facial skin and soles of the feet. With a team of professional staff, the spa brings the best service to customers which deserves to be one of the best massages in Hoi An.

There are the top 8 best massages in Hoi An you can not miss. Hopefully, with some suggestions, you can enjoy your trip entirely.

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