The best motorbike rental in Ha Giang

Best motorbike rental in Ha Giang – Ha Giang City has located about 320km from Hanoi and is the northernmost province of Vietnam. Approximately half of the province could be considered lowland and the other half either mountain or high plateau. The scenery in most areas is stunning, combined with colorful flowering times and colorful people, making it a fantastic holiday destination. If you’re planning to drive there yourself, that’s a good idea.

If you visit Ha Giang Province, you are most likely going to Ha Giang City is your first port of call. It’s a sleepy little town with little going on so that more people don’t linger. They often get their motorbikes as soon as they arrive and then head out on the loop, or they can stay overnight and leave the next morning. Usually, they go back to Ha Giang City early in the afternoon and then eat and get a bus back to Hanoi or stay overnight and then head early in the morning. 

There are only a few things to see in the city, and few people stay to see them. However, it’s the beginning and the end of some of the most fantastic driving you’re likely to experience.

Renting a Motorbike in Ha Giang

All foreign riders in Ha Giang Province need to have a Vietnamese license or the International Driving Permit as of October 31, 2018. (IDP).

Best motorbike rental in Ha Giang

Ask your rental company for further details regarding the IDP to get a first-hand perspective on the current situation. You may be required to provide an international driving permit, a valid driver’s license, and a passport. For any motorcycle rental company, these items may or may not be required, so it is best to check with the rental company of your choice.

An International Drivers Permit is documentation verifying that you have a valid driver’s license and that 150 countries accept and recognize you. At most automotive associations like AAA in the United States, they are easy to get. An accredited Automobile Association should be in your country where you can get an International Drivers Permit.

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Places to rent a motorbike in Ha Giang

LiLa Inn

We highly recommend LiLa Inn, although there are several Ha Giang motorcycle rental shops in Ha Giang town. The motorcycle is in perfect condition and all the accessories you will need are also provided, such as straps, gloves, helmets, etc. They’ll provide a motorbike if you take a Ha Giang loop tour through an agency. 

Best motorbike rental in Ha Giang

They will give you a comprehensive map of the loop, plus a ton of helpful information and suggestions along the way. For those who are not so confident on a motorcycle, they also provide free motorbike lessons.

Below are the motorbikes available along with the daily rental prices:

125cc Automatic – 200,000 VND

110cc Semi-Automatic – 150,000 VND

125cc Manual – 250,000 VND

For anyone renting a motorbike for more than a couple of days, LiLa Inn discounts their rate, so ask them to quote you for the duration of your trip. Remember that when you rent your motorbike, you need to buy insurance as well, which can almost cost as much as the rental itself. 

Best motorbike rental in Ha Giang

TIP: Although you can use a powerful automatic to complete the drive, it is recommended that you take either a semi-automatic or a manual motorcycle. The reason being, you’re going to have more control over the mountain roads’ demanding conditions. Do not be afraid if this is your first time on a geared motorbike. Before they got to Ha Giang, many tourists had only ever driven an automatic.

QT Motorbike Rental

In Ha Giang, you can easily rent a motorbike. For the Ha Giang loop, the best place to rent a motorbike is QT Motorbikes. As they have a lot of bikes in stock, there is no need to book the bikes in advance. They have a choice of bikes that are manual and semi-automatic. 

Best motorbike rental in Ha Giang

In both manual and semi-automatic, they offer exceptional customer service and good quality motorbikes. The price depends on what kind of motorbike you get. The cost is worth the insurance. For a 125cc semi-automatic bike, expect to pay 250,000 VND / day. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and dirt bike types are offered. All bikes have, of course, been serviced before, including a helmet and full gas tanks.

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Tips for driving 

  • Slowly drive. When you move slowly, it is much tougher to get hurt. Be aware that pigs, chickens, dogs, and kids may be on the road and these are unpredictable creatures. 
  • Try to read the direction other users are taking and also try to signal which direction you intend to take with your body language. Use peripheral vision and do not make eye contact. 
  • When going uphill and loaded, it is difficult to maneuver, so stay in the lane and do not venture to the other side of the road, especially on corners. For downhill stretches, the opposite is true in that stopping will be much more difficult and brakes can become hot and ineffective. Just go slow.
  • Without the permission of the rental firm, do not make any repairs to the bikes. If parts are changed, they will know. By paying a high price for a cheap part, you can get ripped off, and when the firm notice, you can also be charged again and want an original part, not a cheap Chinese copy. Just call them and ask for assistance. 
  • If you are flagged down by the police, you are obliged to stop. Smile and be friendly while doing so. You may need to pay a fine, but this is often faster and easier to do.

Best motorbike rental in Ha Giang

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Ha Giang Permit

To obtain a permit, all non-Vietnamese visitors to Ha Giang are required. This is easy to do and costs approximately 230,000 per individual. This can be done by yourself. Or, to do this, you can ask either the rental firm or your hotel. They’re going to have to borrow your passport and it takes about an hour for them to go to the office and come back.

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Have a good trip

If you take note of all the above information, you’re going to have a great trip to Ha Giang with minimal problems and discomfort. You’re not supposed to have any problems with the rental and have all the information you need.

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