Top 8 best pizzas in Hoi An

Best pizzas in Hoi An – Hoi An is a famous tourist city in Quang Nam province. There are many ancient and unique architectural heritages attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit and experience. Therefore, when visiting Hoi An, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy Eastern culture and cuisine, but also Western cuisine with delicious pizza slices. Let’s explore the top 8 best pizzas in Hoi An you can not miss to try.

Nhan’s kitchen Restaurant

Nhan’s Kitchen is a restaurant that gives them a feeling of friendliness and intimacy thanks to its decorative space. Service quality is attentive and dedicated. Moreover, Nhan’s Kitchen attracts visitors with delicious pizza, affordable prices, diverse men. Nhan’s Kitchen focuses on food hygiene and safety.

best pizzas in Hoi An

The pizza at Nhan’s Kitchen is one of the best pizzas in Hoi An. The crust is golden brown and crispy. Pizza with cheese aroma blends with the flavors of vegetables and meat. When the hot cake is put on the table, it creates a very attractive fragrance. Some special types of pizza at the restaurant such as pizza special, pizza marinara, pizza vegetable, pizza stagioni, pizza hawaiian.

best pizzas in Hoi An

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FireFly Restaurant & Bar

Firefly is definitely one of the best pizzas in Hoi An. With a spacious and airy bar space, it is very suitable for groups or families. 

best pizzas in Hoi An

The food at the restaurant is diverse. The pizza is spongy, crispy and the cheese is extremely chewy and fragrant. The vegetables on top are very fresh. The owner is friendly and welcoming every time you appear. If you want to enjoy the best pizzas in Hoi An, don’t forget FireFly Restaurant & Bar at 174 Tran Nhan Tong.

best pizzas in Hoi An

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Tuan Restaurant & Cafe

This is a familiar place for many foreign diners. It is a restaurant specializing in pizza, pasta, and burgers. It is one of the best pizzas in Hoi An for Western visitors to come to the romantic destination. Pizza here is baked in a fragrant and crispy way. The cake mold is not dry and there are many different types for people to choose.

In addition to typical European dishes, diners can also enjoy a menu of Vietnamese dishes at Restaurant & Cafe Tuan such as chicken with lemongrass and chili, mango shrimp salad, mixed fried noodles, sweet and sour squid, mixed salad, eggplant fried, bean curd with tomato sauce, spring rolls, braised pork and shrimp, Hoi An chicken rice.

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Pizza Oi 

Hội Pizza Hoi An or Pizza Oi is an ideal place to enjoy Western delicacies in Vietnam. The dishes here are delicious and clean made by famous Italian and French chefs. Pizza base is thin with crunchy pizza and delicious cheese. The taste makes it become one of the best pizzas in Hoi An.

This is Hoi An pizza spot for vegetarians. The vegetarian pizza here is attractive and provides all the necessary nutrition and helps you keep in shape as desired. With friendly service staff, airy space and beautiful view, you will not surely forget the taste of Pizza Oi.

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Pineapple Restaurant – Pizza Thom

This is also one of the famous Hoi An pizza spots for those who like the family atmosphere and enjoy the best pizzas in Hoi An. The pizzas at the restaurant are crispy. The crust of pizza is thin and the taste isn’t tedious thanks to the layers on the toppings and the sauce is delicious. 

In addition to its rich and delicious pizza menu, Thom also has a variety of desserts such as ice cream or delicious cakes. The pizza restaurant has a classic look with a nostalgic typical style of Hoi An, but the inside is designed and decorated relatively modern and convenient. This makes visitors feel comfortable.

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Passion Restaurant & Bar

Passion Restaurant & Bar is located on An Bang beach, which is easy to find. This Hoi An pizza is convenient for tourists to travel to the sea. You can enjoy the hot pizza and quickly move to the sea to participate in fun outdoor activities.

The restaurant serves a variety of foods and drinks. Not only are they super delicious pizza, you can also enjoy Asian and Vietnamese dishes. Also, there are many seafood and vegetarian dishes. The price is not expensive and very affordable. The restaurant space is warm and comfortable to enjoy the best pizzas in Hoi An.

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Art Space

Art Space is one of the best pizzas in Hoi An with an innovative menu of modern East-West cuisine among restaurants in Hoi An. It highlights locally caught seafood and 3D-printed desserts. You can enjoy the breezy outdoor terrace for authentic hot pizzas from the wood-fired oven. Besides, you can sip freshly brewed coffee, cocktails and wine as you admire local artworks.

Known as Hoi An’s first art and dining concept, it has been elevated as  the best dining experience in Hoi An with an unprecedented level. The restaurant takes diners on a cuisine journey inspired by the diverse offerings of the region and carries them through to the unforgettable cuisine experiences.

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Hong Phuc II

Hong Phuc II is one of the best pizzas in Hoi An with a perfect location. It is in the old town, which is very convenient for visitors to move. Besides, it has a nice appearance with two floors and a perfect view, which attracts many foreign tourists. The place has a nice top roof to sit outside, and view on the street. 

Pizza is served with delicious taste and friendly staff. The types of pizzas are also diverse allowing tourists to choose. Many diners evaluated that it is the best pizza with amazing taste they have ever had even better than Italy.

There are top 8 best pizzas in Hoi An you can not miss to try. Hopefully, with some suggestions, you can enjoy your trip entirely.

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