Top 3 best places to eat in Vietnam

Best places to eat in Vietnam – Vietnamese culinary paradise is divided into 3 distinct regions with different culinary features. The North conquers diners with rich flavors. Most dishes in Central Vietnam are spicy, the ingredients are rich and varied. Southern cuisine tends to be sweet and sour. Let’s explore 3-region cuisine with the top 3 best places to eat in Vietnam.

Northern Vietnamese cuisine 

Northern cuisine tends to have a rich flavor and uses less sugar when processing. The main spices are fish sauce, five flavors, shrimp paste,… Hanoi is one of the best places to eat in Vietnam representing for Northern cuisine.

Hanoi cuisine with delicate taste and national soul

The capital Hanoi has a long history of a thousand years of civilization. This place is the centre of the country’s cuisine. Hanoi’s cuisine blends traditional and modern with a variety of delicious dishes. It affirms its position in the world when it is repeatedly praised by international media with many quintessential dishes. Each taste not only shows the ingenuity and sophistication of the Hanoians but also carries national pride.

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The typical dishes


Pho, which is a typical Vietnamese dish, stands out on the world cuisine map thanks to its delicious and delicate taste. Traditional Vietnamese pho is usually beef or chicken pho. Broth made from stewed bones, added spices, vegetables, and onions. This is also the most popular street food in Hanoi. Most international tourists have the opportunity to stop in the capital to enjoy pho and give many compliments to this dish.

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Bun Cha

Bun Cha is an indispensable taste when enjoying Hanoi cuisine. Basic noodle bowl includes grilled pork, dipping sauce, herbs, and noodles. Bun cha has a typical taste of Vietnamese street food conquering all the gourmets around the world. Bun Cha is also one of the best street foods in Vietnam not missing to try.

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Banh Cuon

Hot rolled cake is a familiar flavor to Hanoians. Vietnamese cake dish contains minced meat, wood ear, onions, scallions and thin rice paper .It shows the ingenuity of the maker. The highlight is the bowl of sauce with a blend of sour, spicy, salty and sweet.

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Banh Tom Ho Tay

“Banh Tom” is a delicious dish in Hanoi. The main raw materials are fresh shrimp caught directly from West Lake. In addition, the ingredients also include sweet potatoes, flour, rice flour. All are harmoniously combined to create a rustic culinary version impressing diners right from the first taste.

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Cha Ruoi

Cha Ruoi (or fried with egg) is a unique Vietnamese dish and a specialty in Hanoi cuisine. Ingredients include eggs, lean shoulder meat, tangerine peel, onions, dill, and spices. This mixture is mixed well, fried on a hot pan to create a delicious and nutritious dish.

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Central Vietnamese cuisine

Central Cuisine: The dishes are prepared with spicy and salty flavors, eye-catching and elegant decoration style in the direction of the royal court. Representing for Central cuisine, Hue is one of the best places to eat in Vietnam.

Hue Cuisine – The simple dishes that cause to miss

Hue dishes are quite sophisticated due to the influence of the royal culture and the style of the people here. From the rustic and simple ingredients, the culinary identity of the ancient capital spreads across the country with many attractive dishes that make it unforgettable .

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The typical dishes

Com Hen (mussel rice)

A proper bowl of delicious mussel rice requires a lot of ingredients and it is quite sophisticated. Cold white rice, star fruit, herbs, fish sauce, scallion, chili, fat, crispy pork skin, peanuts … are essential to create unique flavor. 

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Bun Bo Hue (spicy beef noodle soup)

The famous beef noodle dish in Hue today is present in all 3 regions. However, you must have Hue beef vermicelli in this central homeland to fully experience the original taste. An outstanding bowl of beef vermicelli with a rich aromatic broth and a strong aroma. Beef, blood, pork rolls are combined to create quality dishes.

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Banh Beo, Nam, Loc (Bloating Fern-shaped cake)

Three cakes always capture the hearts of many diners. Banh beo impresses with its white color, filled with shrimp, scallion. The dish is wrapped in a leaf or banana leaf. The filling is usually shrimp, ground meat. Banh beo also has a popular taste demonstrating the ingenuity and meticulousness in the processing of the people of Hue.

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Besides the above flavors, Nam Pho soup cake, anchovies cake, wet rice cake with sour shrimp, roasted pork-coated powdered tea are attractive dishes of Hue cuisine that you can find to try.

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Southern Vietnamese cuisine

Southern Cuisine regularly uses coconut milk when cooking. So the dish has a sweeter taste and is not bored. The dishes of the South often use country foods and become regional specialties. Saigon is one of the best places to eat in Vietnam, especially in South Vietnam.

Saigon cuisine with familiar dishes are varied with a unique flavor

Saigon is the land representing the people of the South. Saigon has East-West cuisine, so the dish is also very special. The culinary paradise of Vietnam in this land makes many people admire it. Receiving many different culinary cultural flows, lots of familiar dishes are combined with other unique ingredients to create a variety of attractive flavors. 

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The typical dishes

Banh Mi

Along with Pho, Vietnamese bread is also the world’s most delicious street food. In Saigon, this familiar dish is varied with all kinds of toppings. The combination of shredded chicken, mixed rice paper, salted eggs are some of the versions representing a series of strange flavors in the bread paradise in Saigon.

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Hu Tieu

In this land, the familiar noodle dish also has many different ways of processing. Ho noodle, Sa Dec or Nam Vang all contribute to the attraction for the food lovers.

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Banh Canh Cua

Crab cake soup, a dish with two main ingredients, has become the most popular flavor in Ho Chi Minh City. The highlight is the stewed broth from sweet bones. In addition, the filling of shrimp, lean meat, pre-peeled crab or whole crab served with fish sauce will conquer anyone to experience.

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The delicious paradise in the bustling city also pleases diners with a variety of familiar but strange flavors. Vermicelli with octopus, fish bubble crab soup are some suggestions you should try. Let’s explore top 3 best places to eat in Vietnam right now.

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