Top 10 best restaurants in Hanoi

Best restaurants in Hanoi – Hanoi is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also a gathering place for countless delicious and famous restaurants. From architecture, service to recipe are all special things that make dinners ready to come back to discover and fully enjoy great dishes. Let’s explore the top 10 best restaurants in Hanoi you can not miss when visiting Hanoi.

Sen West Lake Restaurant

Sen Restaurant has attracted a large number of dinners because of its delicious dishes, diverse Asian and European flavors and very luxurious style. Sen restaurant chain currently has 4 branches. And in the culinary world, Maison Sens is known as one of the most luxurious restaurants in Hanoi specializing in serving dishes that can conquer even the most demanding diners.

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Sen restaurant offers diners a variety of Asian and European dishes with a menu of over 150 dishes. Many dishes with culinary style of North – Central – South area and many famous dishes of many countries in the world. You can enjoy the buffet with a cup of soup, a plate of German salad, salmon salad or simply a plate of pork ears and crunchy lotus.

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Sen restaurant chain is proud to be a luxurious and cozy weekend destination. A place where the perfect harmony between East-West cuisine combines and architecture that is both modern and nostalgic about an old Hanoi. This makes it become one of the best restaurants in Hanoi you can not miss.

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Quan An Ngon Restaurant

Next in the list of best restaurants in Hanoi is Quan An Ngon Restaurant. Coming to the restaurant for the first time, diners will be amazed at a space with poetic ancient architecture. The image that only remains in the memories of the original Hanoians or in books and paintings is now clearer than ever. What could be more ideal than enjoying hundreds of delicious three-region delicacies in such a space.

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Restaurant menu is diverse with Vietnamese-style appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Diners can enjoy a variety of traditional dishes such as, Banh Xeo, Bun Cha, spring roll fried, hot pot, kinds of sweet soup,… they are all the best street foods in Vietnam you can not miss. Especially, restaurant is famous for duck which is braised with dracontomelon and grilled.

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It is not surprising that Quan An Ngon Restaurant becomes the favorite place to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine culture for both domestic and foreign tourists. Visiting Hanoi, don’t forget to try Vietnamese traditional cuisine at Quan An Ngon restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Hanoi.

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Net Hue Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Hanoi brings Vietnamese cuisine. Net Hue is a chain of restaurants specializing in Hue cuisine in Hanoi capital. When you come here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and discover the quintessence of the cuisine and culture of the ancient capital. Hue restaurant was born with the task of bringing the quintessence of Hue cuisine to the capital land.

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Net Hue Restaurant currently has 14 establishments in districts of Hanoi. The space is spacious and decorated in an elegant Hue style. When you come to the restaurants in Net Hue culinary chain, you will find that the place is full of perfect combinations between traditional and modern design.

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If you have the opportunity to come to Net Hue to enjoy the cakes, you will be surprised that the tiny cakes are decorated quite delicately. The special thing is that each cake will come with a different sauce, the way to eat each one. Coming to one of the best restaurants in Hanoi, Hue-style sweet soups are the best choice for you.

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Rice Bistro Restaurant

Next in the list of best restaurants in Hanoi is a Vietnamese-style restaurant. Also, Rice Bistro is a perfect combine between Vietnamese cuisine and Western flair. Inspired by the long-standing indigenous flavors and Western culinary styles, the restaurant has created many delicious dishes.

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With its modern decoration, warm colors and works of art, dining at Rice Bistro is a whole new experience demonstrating the various facets of Vietnamese cuisine and the finest specialties of Northern.

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The menu is made up of flavors with recipes and ingredients from all over North Vietnam. The dish tends to reflect its colder climate and historical culture. In Vietnam, in terms of cuisine, there are three distinct regions, the North, the Central and the South.  Each area is with its own climate, culture and culinary traditions.

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Essence Restaurant

Essence Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Essence Hanoi Hotel. This place specializes in serving authentic Vietnamese dishes in an elegant and sophisticated design. With its fancy decor with both colonial Vietnamese beauty and advanced modern design, Essence Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Hanoi by many diners.

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Most of the diners who come to Essence Restaurant enjoy the rich and varied menu. The dishes are both delicious and beautiful by the delicate and attractive layout. The processed materials are also carefully selected to ensure nutrition, hygiene and freshness. This helps diners to have a memorable culinary experience.

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The “plus point” at this restaurant is also due to the professionalism, friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff. It is these attentive, dedicated people that give diners the feeling of being valued and comfortable.

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Grill 63

Next in the list of best restaurants in Hanoi is a luxury restaurant with Western cuisine and delicious steaks. Grill 63 is an ideal place for fine steaks and best wine in Hanoi. If you are a fan of the soft, tender, delicious, tasty beef that is enjoyed with acrid wine, you cannot miss Grill 63. Moreover, enjoying the steak from the 63F of 5-star Lotte hotel with breathtaking views stretching out to the whole city will be the most unforgettable experience.

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Grill 63 serves you with the level of a European-style restaurant with luxurious architecture. Each dish is carefully prepared by the best chef. Beside the delicious dishes, you can be surprised by the unique space of a 5-star hotel. You can enjoy beef tenderloin steak with the mix of foie gras, asparagus and famous black truffle sauce. Wagyu beef is famous for its creamy lines and fresh delicious meat or sautéed foie gras with grilled crayfish,…

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In addition, the desserts here are equally good with premium ingredients such as hazelnuts, walnuts, butter, chocolate, milk, wine jelly and sour strawberry ice cream. Each dish is served with the beautiful decoration and the unforgettable flavors.

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La Brasserie

  • Address: 94 Ly Thuong Kiet, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem district
  • Hour opening: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm; 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
  • Directions to La Brasserie 

The most classy seafood paradise is La Brasserie. Located on the 1F of Nikko hotel, it offers you unlimited seafood buffet. La Brasserie focuses on selecting fresh seafood, ensuring quality, hygiene and keeping the sweet, aromatic, chewy and crunchy seafood. A sea flavor sky will be best served at the one of the best restaurants in Hanoi to make you truly satisfied with the La Brasserie brand.

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Deserved to be one of the best restaurants in Hanoi, it focuses on the health of customers. Seafood has a lot of protein, so the dish minimizes grease, spicy, but focuses on sophistication and frugality. Seafood here is specially processed in many styles such as Vietnam, China, Japan or processed in European style for guests to freely choose by their preferences.

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La Brasserie still retains the Asian culture in architecture and food processing. Very luxurious, minimalistic in all details, but La Brasserie still gives you a feeling of closeness and warmth. That is a special feature of La Brasserie making it become one of the best restaurants in Hanoi.

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French Grill

Voted one of the best French restaurants in Hanoi, located at the JW-Marriott Hotel, French Grill always focuses on the quality of food and service to maintain its style for believers who love French food. If you want to enjoy French cuisine, French Grill is one of the best restaurants in Hanoi you can not miss.

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Coming to one of the best restaurants in Hanoi is to a culinary arts sky because you not only enjoy the food but also witness the culinary art performance in one of the largest modern open kitchen systems in Hanoi. French Grill owns many famous European chefs and you will be satisfied with the way they cook the food.

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French Grill always imports the highest quality ingredients from France, US, Japan and Australia to ensure the dishes are prepared with the flavors standard from France. Some famous dishes such as pan-fried foie gras, French onion soup, squid, Australian beef cooked with magical recipes and desserts made from fresh mango ice cream and lemon.

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Jackson Steakhouse

Located on Hai Ba Trung Street, a central street of Hanoi capital, Jacksons specializes in serving delicious food and drinks. Jacksons Steakhouse space is commented by diners as luxurious but still close. The interior is soothing and soft, but is arranged very delicately and neatly.

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Steak is a famous dish here. One of the best restaurants in Hanoi is also famous for its delicious and nutritious soup, seafood salad cooked in European style but very suitable for Vietnamese taste. So, you don’t have to worry about this. 

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The staff at this restaurant are very loved by their enthusiasm, fun and fluence in English communication, so Western guests are also praised. It is the reason why Jackson is one of the best restaurants in Hanoi especially for foreigners.

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La Terrasse

Ending the list of best restaurants in Hanoi is La Terrasse where the restaurant and bar are inspired by the famous outdoor coffee shops in Paris. Here, guests are immersed in the bustling urban life of Hanoi people but still keep the quiet space of a corner of Ngo Quyen street. La Terrasse gives you the space for you to be busy watching the flow of people, leisurely reading the newspaper, listening to music, or sipping an egg coffee,…

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You will experience living in ancient Paris right in the heart of Hanoi city with elaborate tables, antique ceiling fans and time-colored decorations. A nostalgic and quiet space between the four bustling sides. Customers often compare La Terrasse with the famous Café de Flore in Paris, one of the best restaurants in Hanoi not to be missed in the capital of light.

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With ingredients imported from France, La Terrasse serves seasonal dishes such as Fine de Claire oysters, Cancale oysters or cheese melted in the cold winter. Besides, cold cucumber soup in hot weather, pâté grilled duck and figs, minced Australian beef salad, pan-fried salmon,…

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Top 10 best restaurants in Hanoi surely made you feel extremely excited. If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful capital land, do not forget to visit the above restaurants and enjoy the wonderful cuisine. 

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