Top 7 best Sapa homestay 

Best Sapa homestay – The surroundings are a wonderful place to experience and settle local culture and traditions when you have a chance to get out of the city of Sapa. Village homestays, luxury resorts, and ecolodges in lower valleys, hills high, Lao Cai province has it all. Here is some best Sapa homestay to consider.

You should stay in a homestay at least once when you’re traveling around Vietnam. It’s a great chance to give your bank account a break, and it’s also a great way to have a good time getting to know locals and other travelers. 

If you’re going to stay at a homestay, remember that you’re going to stay in or very close to your host’s own home. It is important to respect their privacy, their family, and their culture. Also, expect some of the facilities to be a bit simpler than those in hotels and hostels in other cities in Vietnam. Remember, this is all part of the experience and makes your time with a local host more unique.

Because there are so many homestays to choose from, good ones can be a bit difficult to find. That’s why we put together a list with a list of the best Sapa homestays. Now you can save time making a decision and concentrate more on the rest of your trip planning!

Indigo Snail Boutique Hmong Homestay

Indigo Snail is located in Ta Van Village, about 40 minutes by bike from downtown Sapa, near enough to the city to still be convenient, and far enough away to feel like a ‘authentic’ experience of the village. 

Best Sapa homestay

The host, Sue, and her family are lovely and extremely welcoming. The homestay is relatively new, so they are still ironing out a few service kinks, but the shared room and private bungalows’ exquisite decorations and styling more than compensate for it.

You can tell that Sue and her family truly enjoy welcoming guests and sharing their Hmong culture, making it a special experience to stay here. Indigo Snail is one of only a few businesses owned and managed by a Hmong family in the area.

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Song Sapa Valley Homestay

Song Sapa Valley Homestay is a very special place to stay in Sapa. It’s not organized by a tour company or a hotel, and you can’t find it on any booking site. It’s run by a Black Hmong family who takes in travelers who want to experience local life. 

Best Sapa homestay

To book, you just call Ger, who has excellent English, on her mobile phone. She can talk, but she can’t read. If she has spare beds, she will arrange to meet you at the local church in town on the day you arrive, and then walk up to her house in the mountains for four hours.

She’s not going to have a fixed price for stays, so you can contribute whatever you can. But the equivalent of USD 20 is a good guide per person per night. This includes lodging, food, and any activities that the family may do with you during the day, such as hiking. It’s an extremely authentic experience, with no set schedule; it’s going to customize activities based on your interests.

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Eco Hills Homestay

Stay at Eco Hills Homestay to get away from the crowds flocking to Sapa Town. Since it’s only a short drive from the city, it’s easy to get there and the hosts are happy to help you organize your transfer. You’ll fall in love once you get there. Eco Tree’s rooms are all on stilts, so you’ve got a fantastic view of the valleys and mountains around you. Built from bamboo and other local materials, everything looks beautifully rustic, but inside you’ll find all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including private bathrooms, water heaters, and air conditioning.

Best Sapa homestay

Be sure to take the host up on their offer of dinner during your stay. They are going to prepare a feast of specialties that you probably haven’t tried anywhere else. There will, of course, also be plenty of rice wine, so be sure to eat enough to offset its effects! The next morning, when you get up early for a trek, you’ll thank yourself.

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Lao Chai Bamboo Homestay

A few kilometers away from Sapa, the Lao Chai Bamboo Homestay welcomes you to a peaceful place where you can rest and relax after a long trek. The hosts, members of the Hmong community, are exceptionally helpful and welcoming, always giving everything they have to make you feel comfortable. 

Best Sapa homestay

Several types of rooms are available, including double rooms with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as dorm rooms that can be shared with up to five other travelers. The house is quite modern and recently renovated, so you’re going to have everything you need.

In the evening, join with your hosts and other guests for dinner. Their home-cooked meals are unique and delicious! You’re also going to have a wonderful time hearing stories about your host’s local life and making friends with your fellow travelers.

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Tavan Countryside Homestay

Stay at Tavan Countryside Homestay to get closer to Mother Nature and some of the best hiking trails. A few kilometers away from Sapa and easily reached by bus, this homestay is worth a visit if you want to dive into the local culture first. The hosts are welcoming and have a long time to make your stay unforgettable. 

Best Sapa homestay

Beautifully decorated dorm rooms featuring a variety of handicrafts and embroideries, delicious meals served by the host family and stunning views of the countryside make this homestay a fantastic choice. Especially if you love socializing with other travelers and learning more about the way you live in the community you’re visiting, Tavan is the ideal place to be.

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ChienDe Homestay

At ChienDe Homestay, guests can experience the everyday life of farmers in the Sapa Mountains. Book one of their cozy rooms or dorm beds and enjoy a warm welcome. In the morning, if you’re up in time, you can see how your family feeds their animals and takes care of farm work. Perhaps you could even lend a hand? In the evening, you’re likely to be invited to a wonderful home-cooked dinner, unlike any you’ve ever had anywhere else. Be sure to come in with an empty stomach!

Best Sapa homestay

Do you need some tips on where to go during the day? Your hosts can point you to some great trails, help you get a guide for one-day hikes, or even overnight hikes. Ask them to help you organize a motorbike for the day, so you can explore it further. All you’ve got to do is ask!

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Mountain River Homestay Sapa

A bit more fanciful than some of the other homestays you’ll come across in Sapa, the Mountain River Homestay is ideal if you’re looking for a personal experience and close contact with your hosts while enjoying some simple luxury.

Best Sapa homestay

The rooms, made entirely of wood, are decorated with rich fabrics embroidered with traditional patterns. This gives each room a warm, cozy feel that is exactly what you need after a long trip to Sapa or a long trek. To get fully energized for the next day, enjoy the host’s homemade dinner and breakfast and learn about some of the traditional specialties that people enjoy all day. Guided treks can be organized if you like them and if you need a motorbike, your host will be happy to assist you as well.

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