Top 10 best seafoods in Vietnam

Best seafoods in VietnamWith over 3200km of coastline stretching from North to South, Vietnam not only has many beautiful bays and seas that match the world, but also has a rich source of seafood. Let’s explore the top 10 best seafoods in Vietnam which help tourists to choose the fresh and delicious dishes during their trip.

Sipunculus Nudus 

  • Area: Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh Province

Called “Sá Sùng”  in Vietnamesehas, Sipunculus Nudus is similar to the shape of an earthworm. In some places, this species is also known with other names as sea worms. “Sá Sùng” in Quan Lan prices at 1,2 – 1,4 million/kg. It is more expensive than the other areas. “Sá Sùng” is one of the best seafoods you should try when visiting Quang Ninh.

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Quan Lan Sipunculus Nudus is the largest and the most delicious in Quang Ninh. The sea worm looks small, but it can process many delicious dishes such as stir-fry with garlic, sweet and sour stir-fry, fry, make salad, grill with salt and chili. Moreover,  in the pot of delicious pho broth. Dried Sipunculus Nudus is used to cook Pho for the sweeter broth.

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  • Area: Bach Long Vy Island, Hai Phong City

Next in the list of best seafoods in Vietnam is Abalone. Bach Long Vy Island is the heaven of the “Chin Lo” abalone (a species of abalone specializing in the seabed holes). After visiting and Best Dash Cam Under $100 contemplating the beautiful scenery at Bach Long Vy Island, tourists often tend to enjoy this nutritious and luxurious seafood dish.

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Chin Lo abalone is an extremely luxurious and famous specialty in Bach Long Vy Island, Hai Phong. Bach Long Vy abalone is processed into a number of attractive dishes such as abalone with mustard sauce, soy sauce (salad), abalone cooked whole and so on.  Price per kg of abalone in Bach Long Vy fluctuated in the range 2 – 3 million VND/kg.

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“Jump” Squid 

  • Area: Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province

Refering best seafoods in Vietnam, we can not miss “Jump Squid”. “Jump Squid” means fresh squid. When putting it in the pot, the squid still jumps. The squid has just caught up. Then, it meets the moonlight or the light, the rays reflect on its eyes and flash on its body. Despite describing different states of the squid, they all talk about the freshness of the squid.

best seafoods in Vietnam 6

The way to prepare this squid is very simple. Put the fresh squid in the pot, add some fresh ginger, pour in some beer, keep the pot covered and cook until the beer is empty. It’s time the squid is ready. The dish has an indescribable smell. Squid is picked up on a plate, dipping sauce with little lemon, ginger, garlic, chili … The squid is crunchy, sweet and spicy.

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  • Area: Phu Yen Province

Tuna is available in many seas  in Vietnam, but Phu Yen tuna is the best seafood in Vietnam for quality and taste. Tuna in Phu Yen is a species with yellowfin. Every year from December to January, tuna is concentrated crowdly in Phu Yen. This is the best time for you to go to Phu Yen and enjoy tuna specialties.

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There are many delicious dishes made from tuna. However, two of them are tuna salad and tuna hotpot. After being brought ashore, tuna will be washed, sliced ​​and kept cold to keep fresh. When the fish turn into red to pink or pink white, it means we can enjoy it.

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Tegillarca Granosa

  • Area: O Loan Estuary, Phu Yen Province

Tegillarca Granosa is called blood cockles. It is a specialty of Phu Yen. To enjoy this delicious dish, you have to get on a boat to follow the divers in the middle of the lagoon, float on the waves. Also, you can contemplate the scuba diving scene and “enjoy” it on the spot. Diners just wait for a minute, the diver will bring fresh and fat blood cockles up to bake.

best seafoods in Vietnam 10

It is quite interesting to sit in the boat compartment, roast the most favorite blood cockles by yourself, and then enjoy it. The feeling is the fragrant sweetness, fat and smooth at the tip of the tongue.

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  • Area: Binh Ba Island, Khanh Hoa Province

Binh Ba Island is known as Lobster island due to the delicious and fresh dishes from lobster. There are many types of lobster in Binh Ba island with a high price at 1 million/kg. Despite the expensiveness, lobster is the freshest. The lobster meat here is chewy and crunchy compared to other places, so visitors want to enjoy the unforgettable taste of this famous specialty.

best seafoods in Vietnam 12

One of the best seafoods in Vietnam, Lobster is processed into many delicious dishes such as hot pot, lobster blood soup, lobster steamed satay, lobster grilled with cheese, lobster with garlic butter sauce, and lobster soup.  However, the most delicious and the simplest way is lobster grilled with green pepper salt. 

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Half Dried Cuttlefish

  • Area: Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province

Half dried cuttlefish in Phan Thiet is the freshest squid caught from the sea. Then the squid is immediately cleaned, dried under the sun in the hot weather of Binh Thuan to absorb the best taste. Finally, it is brought to cook delicious dishes. 

best seafoods in Vietnam 14

Phan Thiet half dried cuttlefish is usually processed squid salad with a mixture of spicy sauce, mango leaves and sour mango slices. It is served with Cho Lau grilled rice paper creating a typical dish of the coastal city. Another dish is grilled squid. Dipping a piece of squid into chili sauce and drinking cool beer are the best way to enjoy it.

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Vu Nang Snail

  • Area: Con Dao Island, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Vu Nang snail is a special species only living in deep sea areas and dangerous terrain. To exploit this snail, fishermen have to dive deeply into the sea for hours, then use specialized tools to separate the mouth of the snail. It is firmly attached to the rock. Due to difficult exploitation, this snail is always rare and becomes a specialty in Con Dao island.

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In Con Dao, if you want to eat Vu Nang snail, you should go to Da Tham, Bai Bang, Ong Dung and Hang Cau beaches. The delicious dishes made from this snail are boiling, grilling or mixing with salads. You just dip it with a mixture of salt, pepper and lemon. The taste is very impressive.

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Mantis Shrimp

  • Area: Ca Mau Province

Mantis shrimp is delicious, sweet, and rich in sea flavor. It is different from the taste of tiger prawns and lobsters. The brown and white shrimp is boiled or steamed turning into red or dark brown. The way to process the mantis shrimp is not complex, just steaming, boiling and baking. 

best seafoods in Vietnam 18

Unlike steamed shrimp, the grilled mantis shrimp is meatier, more chewy, soft, and sweeter. You dip with salt, pepper, lemon or tamarind sauce is enough to attract customers in all regions. Mantis shrimp is one of the best seafoods in Vietnam you should try.

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bề bề rang me ngon khó cưỡng

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Pen Shell 

  • Area: Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province

To end the list of best seafoods in Vietnam, you will find out pen shell. There are many ways of processing pen shells such as sweet and sour stir-fry, steam, soup and hot pot. When it is stir-fried with mushrooms, onions and mustard greens. The rich sweetness of the strange seafood combined with the lightly sweetness of the mushrooms makes diners not stop enjoying it.

best seafoods in Vietnam 20

Pen shell porridge is also very popular with visitors. The sweetness of the pen shell and the taste of pepper make the diners feel healthier after the fatigue of the journey.

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Top 10 best seafoods in Vietnam surely makes you appetite, right. Planning for a trip to travel to the above seas to enjoy those fresh seafood dishes right away.

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