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Best shoes for Vietnam – Shoes are an indispensable fashion item in life. On the market today, there are many famous footwear brands for you to choose freely. Here, we would like to present to you the top 9 best domestic footwear brands or best shoes for Vietnam voted by consumers  today.

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For the past 30 years, Bitis has become a reputable, reliable and familiar brand name with consumers. Owning a product distribution system stretching from North to South with 07 branch centers, 68 marketing stores and more than 1,500 retail distribution agencies, Biti’s has created stable jobs for more than 9,000 people with annual products of over 20 million pairs.

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In general, Bitis’s products are diverse in types and designs such as high-end sports shoes, fashionable women’s shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes, EVA foam sandals,… In the domestic market, Biti’s also has 04 representative offices with 30 total sales and more than 300 points of sale in China to step by step bring Bitis’s products to dominate this potential border market. Biti’s also has official distributors throughout Cambodia and exports to 40 countries around the world such as Italy, France, UK, USA, Russia, Japan, South America, Mexico, Best Jeep Wrangler Floor Mats Under $200

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JUNO is the leading footwear brand in Vietnam with a system of 26 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Currently, JUNO has exploited and thoroughly applied information technology to the business as well as brand promotion and online sales. Therefore, JUNO has met the needs of customers nationwide, not stopping in two big cities. Customers can shop easily at JUNO’s website or fanpage.

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You will easily find quality products with trendy designs, reasonable prices and best customer service at JUNO. In addition to footwear products, JUNO also has beautiful fashion bags and accessories in design, quality assurance, suitable for all needs. The price is also affordable. That is why JUNO has become a bright candidate in the top 10 favorite footwear brands in Vietnam. 

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Vina Shoes

One of the best shoes for Vietnam, Vina Shoes is the biggest footwear manufacturer, trader and supplier for domestic and foreign markets. The company’s products have won the honorary title of “High Quality Vietnamese Goods” for many years. Its specific products include: Work shoes, prom shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, and slippers. Most of the products are made of genuine leather for men and women. Vina shoes’s products have been registered for quality at the Department of Quality Testing and Measurement in Ho Chi Minh City.

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A variety of fashionable leather shoes are suitable for both young and old at Vina Shoes. Vina’s product designs are always changing to keep up with customers’ tastes and fashions. Particularly, research on shoe designs made by companies directly through travel trips, fairs, exhibitions and research on leather and imitation leather products in India, France, Italy and other countries. other Europe.

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Bitas has produced a wide variety of products with a variety of colors, luxurious designs, which are suitable to the tastes of consumers such as sandals, office shoes, sports shoes, footwear,… Bita’s products are suitable for all ages and help consumers easily combine with many different types of clothes. Due to these factors, Bita’s footwear products are very popular in domestic and foreign markets, favored and trusted by the market.

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Currently, Bita’s products are exported to many countries such as Japan, America, Europe, China, Myanmar, Cambodia,… In the domestic market, Bita’s has a system of 05 branches with more than 1,000 nationwide distribution intermediaries and retail stores in major trade centers such as Vincom Royal City, Times City, Lotte,…

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Dong Thinh Shoes

Founded in 2001, Dong Thinh footwear brand is registered at the Department of Industrial Property of Vietnam. The company specializes in supplying men’s and women’s leather shoes with diverse designs,  which are suitable for all ages, especially high-class leather goods.

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With the slogan of building a brand name: Exclusive prestige and Dong Thinh shoes always focus on improving the quality and design of products to meet the trust of domestic and foreign customers. In addition, in order to increase the diversity of these fashion items every day, Dong Thinh shoes quickly updated with the latest and most modern designs.

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VinDS is a member company of the Vingroup Group, established in 2015 with 4 chains of retail stores. SHOECENTER is an unprecedented chain of shoes for the whole family in Vietnam. Specializing in providing the market with genuine products from famous domestic and foreign brands such as: Skechers, Zhoelala, Polo World, Adidas Neo, Geox to brands such as Top Toe, Men Icon, Freego, Sexywalk,…

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The models selected by VinDS Shoes are the products that update new trends in the world, meet the needs of consumers and customers as well as in accordance with the climate, terrain of Vietnam. Moreover, VinDS Shoes has considered the application of many incentive programs as a factor to truly become a close companion to customers.


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Hanh Dung Shoes

Over nearly 20 years of operation, the Hanh Dung Fashion Shoes  system has owned a large number of trusted customers and has become one of the oldest and most famous women’s fashion shoe brands in Saigon.

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With more than 20 years of experience in the field of fashion shoes for women, Hanh Dung shoes have constantly created and renewed designs continuously. It always brings to the market many delicate, elegant and diverse shoes. The most modern fashion combined with sustainable materials is suitable for all classes of consumers and many uses with the most reasonable price.

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Kim Thanh Shoes

Referring to one of the best shoes for Vietnam, you can not miss Kim Thanh shoes. With diversified product designs and suitable to the fashion tastes of consumers, Kim Thanh shoes have gradually developed and gained a firm position in the footwear market of our country. It specializes in the manufacture and supply of diverse footwear, elegant and trendy designs for all ages such as men’s shoes,  women’s Shoes, women’s shoes, wallet, belt.

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Kim Thanh Shoes constantly produce and supply a variety of shoes with new designs which are suitable for consumers, guaranteed quality, and permanent warranties with reasonable prices. It constantly expands the scope of many stores on Thanh Ho Chi Minh City in order to create more favorable conditions for customers to buy products.

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Long Thanh Shoes

To end the list of best shoes for Vietnam, Long Thanh leather footwear is also a popular Vietnamese footwear brand. Using durable materials with beautiful and elegant designs, Long Thanh will bring you the most satisfied products. Established in 1957, Long Thanh leather footwear has endured more than half a century of establishment and development. With prestige and quality on top priority, all Long Thanh products are made from leather serving all ages and all subjects.

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In addition to the main base, Long Thanh Footwear has expanded more stores and factories in districts in Ho Chi Minh City. The company’s products also appear in the Thuan Thanh supermarket of Tuy Hoa city or footwear shops in the Mekong Delta region. Moreover, it promotes product supply to Cambodia’s potential market.

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Top 9 best shoes for Vietnam surely broaden your knowledge with some interesting information. Let’s check the website or go shopping to buy beautiful shoes with unique right now.

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