Top 9 best spas in Vietnam

Best spas in Vietnam – Today, self-beauty is the need and also the right of women. However, with more and more beauty establishments sprouting up, finding yourself a reputable beauty site is not easy. So, if you want to beautify but do not know a good address, you can refer to the top 9 best spas in Vietnam below.

Amadora Wellness & Spa

Located on Ba Trieu Street, right next to the busiest shopping centers in Hanoi, Amadora Wellness & Spa is an ideal beauty spot in Hanoi for women. Spa includes 5 floors including  11 multi-function hydrotherapy pools, 14 spa skin care rooms, 2 hair care rooms. There are also more Turkish Hamam-style saunas. Besides, Amadora Wellness & Spa also brings a unique, flawless design with a mixture of culture, art and nature.

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Amadora Wellness & Spa has a team of good experts and experienced technicians. Therefore, women can be assured of safety and quality. Counselors will advise and provide clients with a variety of special therapy treatments.

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Saigon Smile Spa

Nearly 14 years of development with a chain of 8 major establishments in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa, Thanh Hoa, Saigon Smile Spa is the system with the long-term, stable and most sustainable operation history in Vietnam. It is always trusted by customers. For many years, Saigon Smile Spa has served millions of customers with the world’s most modern beauty technologies, the international 5-star standard Medical Spa process, helping customers get optimal therapeutic effects, safe with the most reasonable cost.

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Saigon Smile Spa is also a manufacturer of product lines dedicated to weight loss with ingredients that are rare natural herbs according to certain standards and completely suitable for Vietnamese people. At the same time, there are also other services such as body treatments, whitening treatments and facial lift slimming.

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Elite Fitness & Spa

Elite Fitness & Spa is designed and built with the architecture that combines traditional Asian and Western features. Therefore, customers who come here to beautify will feel extremely comfortable, feeling both luxurious and friendly.

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Not only the unique architectural features but the superior beauty quality at Elite Fitness & Spa is also the reason why women should come here to make beauty. Because the therapies here are all aimed at improving health, giving customers a natural, youthful beauty. To achieve this result, technicians will perform a combination of methods such as acupressure, traditional massage, acupuncture with natural herbs.

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Thu Cuc Spa

Belonging to Thu Cuc International Hospital, Thu Cuc spa is one of the best spa locations in Hanoi. This is the first medical spa in Hanoi to apply traditional therapeutic methods. Customers coming here for the beauty salon will receive the care and consultation of Oriental medicine doctors. At the same time, Thu Cuc spa is equipped with modern equipment and machines, so it will ensure safety and effectiveness for women during treatment.

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In addition, the relaxation rooms of Thu Cuc spa are also decorated with sophisticated wooden items, designed in Asian style. With a sophisticated and luxurious space along with good service quality, it will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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Aquamarine Spa

Aquamarine Spa is one of the most prestigious spa addresses in Hanoi. With the name “Call of the sea”, the design and interior decoration to help customers come here to beautify will feel a wide open space with bold sea characteristics. In addition, the soft music and the faint scent of rosemary will help you relax.

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With a team of skilled technicians, customers will feel extremely comfortable when massaged with exercises from both the East and the West. It dispels the fatigue and stress in everyday life. Aquamarine spa is one of the best spas in Vietnam which you should try.

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Lavender Spa

With modern European-standard facilities and seriously trained professional staff, this place will bring women a harmonious beauty and full of vitality over the years,… Lavender’s hot stone and herbal full body massage services will take away the fatigue, stress at work, life pressure. It helps you get mentally clear and improves your health. Lavender has served more than 20,000 customers across the country including many famous actors and singers.

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L’apothiquaire Spa

One of the best spas in Vietnam, L’apothiquaire spa is a famous classic spa address. And romantic in white and black tones. A French spa in the heart of Saigon is trusted and supported by many famous people. It offers a variety of service options. These include massages and body treatments from natural products.

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With classic French romantic decoration, famous spa address L’apothiquaire Spa provides a comprehensive range of body care services, which are highly appreciated by many customers, especially the treatment. Special care for skin after just one treatment. One of the strengths of L’apothiquaire Spa’s reputation is the use of products with natural, organic ingredients, mainly herbal from France. The wonderful combination of herbs and French beauty technology will give you healthy skin, effectively detoxifying.

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Sen Spa

Sen Spa is a famous beauty spa in Ho Chi Minh City with a simple but extremely  sophisticated, beautiful space, modern equipment, and ideal spa services. It can be said that Sen Spa is the top quality relaxation massage address. In addition to relaxation massage and health rehabilitation. Besides, there is a spa recovery service. It helps you fight aging, maintains skin smooth, and is full of vitality. 

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This place is a quiet space that brings a relaxed feeling by the nostalgic architecture. Indispensable is the pleasant aroma of essential oils and melodious music to help you relax your body. This is an extremely sophisticated spa when separating different areas into three floors for men, women and VIP. 

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Saigon Eden Spa

To end the list of the best spas in Vietnam is Saigon Eden Spa. Located in the heart of splendid Saigon, Saigon Eden Spa’s space is spacious and luxurious but also creates a sense of intimacy. It is a place to relax and take care of skin that many Japanese love. 

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It offers all comprehensive beauty and health care services for you, especially spa bath treatments and excellent hot stone massage. In addition, Eden Spa also designs a relaxing space for couples, is the ideal dating place that many couples love.

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Going to the spa to relax with massage and sauna methods will help you feel relaxed, improve health and beauty. Hope that the top 9 best spas in Vietnam will be the best method for you after a pressure time.

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