Top 8 the best street foods in Vietnam

Best street foods in Vietnam – Vietnam’s street food cuisine is famous for the delicious taste, cheap price, freshness and diversity all over the world. We can easily see Vietnamese street food on American reality shows, Korean films or on videos of celebrities. Let’s explore top 8 the best street foods in Vietnam that you can’t miss on your trip.

Pho (Rice Noodle Soup)

One of the best street food in Vietnam is Pho. Known as the national dish of Vietnam, Pho owns a wonderful taste in broth. Each restaurant has its own characteristics and taste. But, it is impossible not to mention the characteristics of Pho. Entering the restaurant, you can feel the scent of cinnamon flower stew with bones. Tourists can be mesmerized by the attractive fragrance broth.

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The bowl of pho is always full of rice noodles, medium-rare meat, and broth. Pho broth is clear, a bit greasy from bone broth. Take a teaspoon of water, all senses are filled with sweet taste. Noodles soft and chewy, above are pieces of raw beef. Not only that, the seller did not forget to add the sliced ​​onions, add color and flavor to the bowl of pho.

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Bun Cha (Vietnamese Grilled Meat Vermicelli)

Known as a traditional Vietnamese pork dish, Bun Cha is a speciality of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Seasoned pork patties (squished meatballs) and grilled pork slices are served in a broth alongside rice noodles, fresh vegetables and herbs. The best way to eat Bun Cha is slurping noodles, biting into juicy pork, trying to cram in a few sprigs of herbs. You will have a flavorful mouth.

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That is a perfect balance of fresh, savoury, sweet, herb, citrus, tender noodles, and that juicy grilled pork. There is no one who can refuse Bun Cha. It becomes more irresistible when the incredibly aromatic smell of grilled pork pervades the streets, which tempts any hungry stomach after a busy half a day.

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Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

Originated from French, Over time, local cooks created their own bread rolls, adding toppings that satisfied local taste buds. A good bread roll should be crunchy from the outside, soft and moist on the inside. The rolls are stuffed with grilled meats, fresh herbs and pickled carrots and cabbage. There are a variety of the recipes by region.

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The bread is usually brushed with butter and soft liver pate. Then, the cooks add sliced ham or pork, sometimes some scrambled egg, pickled cabbage, cucumbers and herbs to complement the meaty taste. Finally, the rolls are briefly heated in the oven and served warmly with red hot chilli sauce. Banh Mi is one of the best street foods in Vietnam you must try.

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Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls)

Next in the list of the best street foods in Vietnam is Fresh Spring Rolls. The main ingredients for making Goi cuon dish include boiled pork, shrimp, herbs, rice vermicelli and rice paper. Sometimes, you’ll find cooked pork in Goi Cuon as well. It makes erupting flavours of refreshing herbs for diners. It is a healthy dish with low calo and no oil sauce. 

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The sauce for Goi Cuon is made from a variety of ingredients such as a dash of fish sauce, a squeeze of tamarind, coconut milk, chopped garlic, hot pepper, onions, ground peanuts, fried sesame seeds and cooking oil. Moreover, people dip Goi Cuoi into the sweet and sour fish sauce with minced garlic and chili.

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Cha Gio (Fried Spring Rolls)

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls or Char Gio are a popular and tasty appetizer. In Vietnam, it is called “Nem Ran” by people in the north and “Cha Gio” by southerners. This traditional dish is complicated with plenty of ingredients. Spring roll is not an everyday dish but it is more preferred on special occasions such as family festivities, family gatherings or Tet holidays. 

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Cha Gio are spring rolls made by wrapping filling in rice paper wrappers and then frying them. The fillings usually include ground pork, vegetables, wood ear mushrooms, and glass noodles. They’re often served wrapped with lettuce and herbs, dipped into sweet and sour fish sauce with minced garlic and chili.

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Banh Xeo (Pancake)

Banh Xeo is one of the best street foods in Vietnam. Banh Xeo is a famous Vietnamese dish that combines crunchy crêpes with a variety of savory ingredients. The distinctive Vietnamese element in these nourishing pancakes is rice flour combined with water, turmeric, and coconut milk or coconut cream in order to create the thick yellow batter. 

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The additional ingredients consist of scallions, bean sprouts, shrimps, and cubed pork or beef, are cooked before the mixture is added to the pan. The pancake is pan-fried at a low temperature and folded in half, keeping the ingredients safely tucked inside the pancake. Banh Xeo is served with vegetables such as cucumber, and sauce made with fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, chopped chili peppers, and garlic.

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Bun Dau Mam Tom (Vermicelli Served With Tofu And Shrimp Paste)

Bun Dau Mam Tom is considered a characteristic feature of Hanoi’s cuisine. We can find this street food everywhere from markets, street corners to luxurious restaurants. Fresh noodles, fatty fried tofu, hot meat and aromatic sauce are the necessary ingredients creating the popularity of this dish. 

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The special thing making this dish special is the shrimp sauce. However, if you can’t bear the smell of shrimp sauce, you can also use fish sauce instead. Originally, this dish is just served with fried tofu and herbs; however, today, people can eat it with cooked meat, organs, and spring rolls.

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Bun Bo Hue (Hue-style Beef Noodles)

Known as a magic soup, Hue style Beef Noodle not only has elegant, sophisticated, precise dishes but also feels the spirit of the processor. The major ingredient to cook Bun Bo Hue is beef and pork. Beef and pig’s trotters are chosen carefully. After washing, boiling them with lemongrass and “mam ruoc”. “Mam ruoc” will be used with suitable quantities to create an attractive scent and charming sweetness.

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Hue is famous for the fussy beauty of each dish. “Bun Bo” bowl seems meager but elegant with sweet broth, white “bun”, few slices of red chilli and lemongrass. Pieces of pork mixed with beef creates a delicious dish. The flavor is felt not only by sense but also by smell. In addition, guests must enjoy “bun bo Hue” with banana flower and white basil.

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If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam, don’t forget to enjoy top 8 the best street foods in Vietnam.The culinary flavors will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

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