Top 8 best things to buy in Vietnam

Best things to buy in Vietnam – In addition to the joy of discovering a different culture, taking beautiful photos on the trip, tasting Vietnamese dishes, shopping is also a unique way to help visitors and foreigners to learn more about the habits of local people. Let’s explore the top 8 best things to buy in Vietnam to choose a gift after your trip to this beautiful land.

Traditional Ao Dai Costume

Ranking first in the list of best things to buy in Vietnam is Ao Dai. Since the 18th century, the ao dai has been honored to become the national dress of Vietnam. Until today, there are still 3 different styles of Ao Dai.

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Known as the national dress of Vietnam, Ao Dai is a combination of elegant tight dress and stylish pants. Ao dai is a highlight in Vietnamese fashion mixing traditional and temporary styles. It  symbolizes the feminine beauty of Vietnam. Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh are the 4 most famous cities to buy Ao Dai. The price of an Ao Dai can vary depending on different designs, materials, quality and colors.

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Conical Hat

The conical hat is one of the symbols of Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese woman wears a conical hat on her head like a beautiful image of a gentle, poetic woman. Not only a symbolic gift, the conical hat also has an effective function and is an indispensable item of the Vietnamese people. This is the main reason why it is one of the best things to buy in Vietnam.

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The conical hat is familiar with the funnel structure helping to shield the rain and the sunlight. The conical hat will also have many different types because of each region, for example, the conical hat of the Tay will have a different color when slightly turning ivory, in Thanh Hoa it will only use 20 frame lines. The original Hue conical hat will be thinner and look more elegant and softer, while the opposite will be more dense if the hat is made in Binh Dinh.

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Next in the list of best things to buy in Vietnam, Silk is considered a luxury material  worn by royalty and luxury. In addition, Ao Dai, which is traditionally clothing, is often handcrafted with silk. Today, Vietnamese designers use it to create couture items that will appear in famous fashion shows.

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There are many shops that sell pure silk, made from 100% natural silk. This luxurious and noble material is really of great value and it is not difficult to realize it. Moreover, there are many different silk materials on the Vietnamese market with prices ranging from affordable to extreme. This is also considered a valuable gift when tourists come to Vietnam to buy for relatives and friends as gifts at home.

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Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery is an ancient art form. Over time, the artists have perfected for themselves the best skills to create the most elaborate and meticulous works of art. Hand-embroidered paintings with hundreds of thousands of multicolored stitches are meticulously sewn on a silk cloth and stretched on a frame made of precious wood is great value.

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Hand-embroidered paintings are often inspired by nature, normal life, or even portraits of buyers. Coming to Vietnam, tourista can also order for themselves a gift where the content and ideas are conveyed by visitors to the artisans. After a short time of about 1 week, customers can receive their souvenirs. For that reason, hand-embroidered paintings often have a high value.

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Vietnam has a long tradition of lacquer work. Indeed, lacquerware making in Vietnam has been a unique art form for many years. Lacquerware products in Vietnam are jewelry boxes, photo albums, dishes, jars, all of which have a special design and quality compared to products from other Asian countries. It is a symbol of Vietnamese culture, so lacquerware is one of the best things to buy in Vietnam.

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Usually, it takes 20 stages and 100 days to produce high quality lacquer products followed by the hard and careful work of lacquer manufacturers. There are a number of these art galleries where you can find really great collections. Although lacquer painting is highly developed in Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, you can find this souvenir at many tourist destinations. However, be careful when buying lacquerware as they can be of low quality and condition.

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Vietnamese Cafe

If you are a coffee fan, it will be a mistake not to try and buy Vietnamese coffee beans. In fact, Vietnam has long been known as one of the world’s largest coffee exporters, and its coffee is exceptional with any other coffee in the world. And as you may know, Buon Me Thuot coffee, produced in the Central Highlands, is such a famous brand in the world coffee market.

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To own one of the best things to buy in Vietnam, you can find coffee anywhere in the country, from local markets, cafes, shopping malls to coffee companies. One of the best things to buy in Vietnam is famous brand coffee such as Trung Nguyen Coffee.

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Dried Fruits

Compared to fresh fruit, dried fruit has a more unique flavor, not only delicious and crispy, but also enhances the palate thanks to additional processing spices. A special feature is that dried fruit is preserved for a long time, you can buy and use it for months and can easily take it anywhere, conveniently and fastly.

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For those who are on the diet or have some inconveniences when eating fresh fruits, dried fruits like jackfruit, dried taro, dried sweet potatoes, dried bananas,… is really the right nutritional solution meeting the needs of energy consumption and essential minerals in a day. By just eating a small amount of dried mixed fruit, you can quickly “charge the battery” for the body, repelling the feeling of hunger and sluggishness due to lack of energy.

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Dried Tea

To end the list of best things to buy in Vietnam, tea is one of the favorite drinks of Vietnamese people of all ages. It plays an important role in Vietnamese culture. Sipping at any time of day, this drink always brings peace to everyone, even when they are in the busiest time.

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There are 3 main types of tea: green tea, black tea and fragrant tea. While young people love fragrant teas, green and black teas are prized because people believe they give them a unique and pure taste combining both sweetness and bitterness.

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Having a tea party with friends on a gloomy day, or just serving yourself a pot of tea, along with some favorite biscuits and music can definitely make your day more enjoyable. In Vietnam, tea can be purchased at many shops and markets, which can be easily found anywhere in the country.

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These are the top 8 best things to buy in Vietnam. If you have a chance to travel to Vietnam, don’t forget to choose one of them as a gift for your friends. Certainly, experiencing shopping in Vietnam will be bring you unforgettable feelings.

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