Top 10 the best things to see in Vietnam

Best things to see in Vietnam – Vietnam is a perfect mixture of natural highlights and cultural identity. Therefore, Vietnam is becoming one of the world’s top destinations owing to its endless natural beauty, ancient buildings, tasty cuisine and friendly citizens. Here are the 10 most beautiful places to see in Vietnam.

Hanoi Capital

With Southeast Asian, Chinese and French influences, Hanoi capital is known for its centuries-old architecture and a rich culture. The Old Quarter is regarded as the typical example for ancient spectacular architecture. You can wander all day on 36 streets for 36 trades. Also, tourists can contemplate the hoary beauty of old houses which still retain their appearances from the 19th century.

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Moreover, one of the best things to see in Vietnam is a mix of Eastern and Western architecture. Reflecting the intercultural intersections between Vietnam and France, there are some outstanding relics such as the National Museum of Vietnamese History, Hanoi Opera House, Presidential Palace and Long Bien Bridge. 

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Some monuments and tourist attractions representing for Vietnamese history are Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Ho Guom Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, West Lake, Huong Pagoda and so on.

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Sapa is one of the best things to see in Vietnam. Known as a miniature Europe with the sub-temperate climate all around the year, Sapa owns bewitching natural scenery and the romantic beauty of nature will certainly be attractive enough for tourists to experience and explore.

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Sapa is a peaceful land with the endless mountains and hills stretching in the mist, deep valleys, the winding mountain passes, the golden terraced fields in the ripe season. The dazzling orchid and peach gardens will certainly be attractive enough for tourists to explore the misty city. Sapa is bestowed with the fascinating beauty of nature.

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In Sapa town, there is a small museum and a modest cathedral. Streets of this tiny mountain town will bring you unforgettable experiences. Also, tourists can contemplate Fan Si Pan, the highest mountain in Vietnam and Hoang Lien National Park which has picturesque mountain landscapes and several forests.

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Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay is an UNESCO World heritage located in the north shores of Vietnam. It is a natural wonder with an archipelago including more than 3000 islands of all shapes and forms, with characteristic limestone cliffs covered in green vegetation, protruding from the ocean’s surface.

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Visiting the best things to see in Vietnam, tourists certainly contemplate the beauty of culture in Hue city. It is a quiet and peaceful land with romantic scenery. Hue is famous for the peaceful and romantic landscapes and the ancient beauty of temples and tombs under the Nguyen Dynasty.

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The best thing to see in Hue is Citadel City of Hue. The special architecture of this ancient attraction will surprise tourists. This used to be a combination of many temples, courts, pavilions, walls and gates, but was mostly destroyed. Also, you can visit Ancient Emperors’ Tombs including Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb.

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Visiting the famous Perfume River is a must-do activity when coming to Hue. You can witness the breathtaking sunset view if you visit Perfume River in the afternoon. Moreover, travellers coming to Hue could not miss to boat along the river and listen to Hue folk songs.

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Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town is located in the lower Thu Bon River. Hoi An is an ancient town in Vietnam where life is calm with the ancient atmosphere. Old roofs covered with moss and streets filled with colorful lanterns which become the symbol of Hoi An make people get lost and fascinated.

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Hoi An attracts tourists by the beauty of traditional architecture, the harmony of houses, walls and roads. Despite the ups and downs of history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the ancient features of ancient style in each tile roof, brick,.. as the idyllic character, the essence of the local people.

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Da Lat

Da Lat is one of the best things to see in Vietnam. People call Da Lat by many nice names such as The City of a Thousand Flowers, Dreamy City, Sad City, The Land of Love, Little Paris,… The cool climate also makes it the perfect place to rest and relax. Da Lat is a heaven of homestays which are decorated uniquely.

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Endless pine forests, lakes, streams and wonderful hidden waterfalls, these natural wonders make Da Lat a little European. Da Lat is an ideal city with thousands of species of flowers. Visiting Da Lat, you are lost in the fairy land. Also, you can find the biggest organic farms in Vietnam, with all kinds of vegetables and fruits, from tropical plants. 

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Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is known as a place where the action never stops. Ho Chi Minh City occupies tourists’ hearts due to the image of a vibrant and charming city and converging all the conveniences of a modern metropolis. It is named after Uncle Ho to symbolize the fight, sacrifice and determination to return to the Fatherland of the Southern people. 

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There are many tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. You should not miss to contemplate the War Remnants Museum, Ben Thanh Market, Cu Chi Tunnels, Independence Palace, Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Post Office,…

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Nha Trang

Nha Trang is located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It attracts tourists with spectacular beaches, turquoise bays as well as a variety of marine life. There are also numerous amusement parks for recreational activities and traditional architecture of historical buildings. Coming to the beach city, you can spend a day at the beach, try a mud bath, get on the water, snorkel around stunning islands.

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Moreover, tourists should experience the wonderful sea festivals in Nha Trang. Nha Trang is one of the most important tourist hubs of Vietnam, due to its beautiful beaches with nice and clean sand and the clear ocean water with mild temperatures all year round. There are several luxury resorts such as Nha Trang Vinpearl Land Resort, Diamond Bay and Ana Mandara,…

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Son Doong Cave

Located in the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam’s Quang Binh province, Son Doong cave is one of the most captivating destinations that can be experienced in Southeast Asia. Son Doong has impressive landscapes such as underground with jungles, streams, waterfalls, water, beaches, flora and fauna.

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As you get into the cave, you will see the high stalactite stalk and a forest with no trace of human beings. It is the fauna with a variety of precious plants. Especially, the fog is always covered, creating a separate climate, separate from the outside. The fossil corridors appear here and large jade pearls known as “cave pearls”. The best things to see in Vietnam can not miss the beauty of Son Doong cave.

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Mekong River Delta

The Mekong River Delta is considered as well-famous as the “Rice bowl” of Vietnam. If you are bored with a crowded city, a journey to the Mekong River Delta will be the best choice. This colorful treasure with meandering waterways and flourishing farmland creates an unforgettable experience with the most wonderful moments.

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The Mekong Delta River is especially highlighted by lush orchards overflowing with tropical fruit, floating markets and villages built on stilts. The Vietnamese are hospitable, kind and resilient people so there are many opportunities to socialize with the locals and get in touch with local culture.

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Tourists should not miss the best things to see in Vietnam. With top 10 the most beautiful places in Vietnam, hope you can explore and contemplate the beauty of our country. Vietnam is a wonderful and friendly country. Exploring and you will have unforgettable memories.

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