When is the best time for Ha Giang to visit?

Best time for Ha Giang – Ha Giang, a province in Vietnam’s Northeast region, is known for captivating hills and mountain passes. It’s important to know the ideal visit time to fully enjoy the beauty of this land if you’re interested in exploring Ha Giang. This article covers Ha Giang’s weather, Ha Giang’s seasons, Ha Giang’s best months to visit, and things you should not miss.

Ha Giang is one of the famous tourist destinations in the north of Vietnam, just 214 km from Ha Noi. Every year, it draws thousands of travelers. As Ha Giang is located in the tropical monsoon region and high mountain regions, its climate has the features of the mountainous areas of Hoang Lien Son and its characteristics. 

Ha Giang is cooler and colder than the provinces in the northeast, but warmer than the region in the northwest. So, when Ha Giang is the best time to visit, it seems to be a frequent issue.

The climate in Ha Giang

As Ha Giang is located in a high mountain region and tropical monsoon region, its climate is characterized by the mountain regions of Hoang Lien Son and its features.


Ha Giang is cooler and colder than the provinces in the Northeast, but warmer than the regions in the Northwest.  The average annual temperature is approximately 21.6 to 23.9 degrees Celsius. 

Best time for Ha Giang

The hot season sees high temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius (June, July). On the other hand, the absolute low temperature in the cold season is 2.2 degrees Celsius  (January).


There is an average annual rainfall of about 2,300-2,400 mm across the entire province.


In Ha Giang, the average annual humidity is 85 percent and the fluctuation is not significant. The highest time (May to August) is about 87-88 percent, while about 81 percent is the lowest time (January to March).

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When not to visit Ha Giang

During the rainy season, which generally lasts from July to the beginning of September, you should avoid visiting Ha Giang. There may be a chance of landslides and rising river water levels during this season. 

Sometimes, sudden East Sea storms that suddenly weaken into depressions also cause Ha Giang to rain. Therefore, when driving Ha Giang Lope or exploring off-the-beaten destinations in the region, it may be risky.

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Best time to visit Ha Giang

In addition to the rainy season, visiting Ha Giang at any other time of the year is great.

Ha Giang in January

January is the plum, peach, and mustard yellow flower season.

Ha Giang in April

Visitors can see peach blossoms and plum blossoms in April, but the most special event is the Khau Vai Love Market Festival. This is also an opportunity for boys and girls to meet and get to know each other, as a major festival of the year.

Best time for Ha Giang

Ha Giang in May and June

Ha Giang is wearing green at this time. You will encounter immense green forests when visiting the Ha Giang geological plateau. May and June are also a great time to admire the winding terraces with colorful reflections.

Ha Giang in September

September is the season of ripe rice with lovely golden terraced fields. Not only can you admire the majestic scenery, but you can also experience the ripe rice’s sweet fragrance.

Ha Giang in October – November

The busiest time in Ha Giang is October and November since this is the time when the Tam Giac Mac flower blooms. 

Best time for Ha Giang

A characteristic of Ha Giang, this flower blooms from the 3rd week of October to the beginning of November. You’ll see this flower blooming from Ha Giang City to the rocky plateau, wherever you go.

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Best experiences in Ha Giang

Crossing Nho Que river by rafts

After passing uphill to Son Vi, some individuals chose the solution to reach Meo Vac by rafting. This helps to substantially reduce the time when the unique line to Xin Cai is very long. Bamboos are attached to a very simple steel rope pulley system that only operates until about 5 pm. It will be a journey for the explorers to conquer the Nho Que river, full of challenges.

Sleeping over in a remote village

In the town of Dong Van, local staying services (homestay) are popular, but it is also always interesting to sleepover in a remote village. Accommodation in Lung Cu, Khau Vai, Du Gia, Lung Ho… The most authentic and fantastic ethnic life here will make travelers experience it. A small number of travelers who express themselves as friendly, polite will certainly not be denied; but bear in mind that having too much sleep overnight should not be abused.

Ma Pi Leng Pass Trekking

They can use their own feet to conquer the most beautiful highland scenery in this Stone Plateau for travelers who are sports lovers who have plenty of time and want to combine travel with jogging. Travelers reached their destination, overcoming the ramp through the sun and the heat of the sun throwing at the stones. This journey is not only about exploring new places with great things, but also about exploring the capacity of oneself.

Ma Pi Leng Pass Trekking

Discover the pristine cave

Ha Giang has many caves, some of which have been discovered and put into operation for tourism. Nevertheless, there are still many mysterious caves in this place, particularly in the areas of Ngam La and Lung Hu. Exploring the caves is always a fascinating, equally unexpected, adventurous experience. Travelers should prepare specialized equipment for this activity and must seek authorization from the authorities before leaving.

Conquering the Off-roads

It’s always fun and addictive to excellent drivers. Sometimes that lumpy stone roads or wet mud and steep slopes make riding even more difficult than climbing can create stimulating experiences for travelers who love exploring and adventure.

Best time for Ha Giang

Join the unique festival

Stone Plateau is a land rich in cultural diversity and many indigenous peoples. Lots of interesting festivals like holidays, the Khau Vai Love Market, the Buckets Cao Ceremony… For visitors to join and to have unforgettable memories. The festival, the most exciting experience of national identity, took place on a fixed number of days a year or changed with periodic sessions so that travelers need to learn how to schedule the time to attend.

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