Autumn – The best time to visit Hanoi

Best time to visit Hanoi – Hanoi, the capital of the country, is a place that always attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of its ancient, dreamlike features with strangely peaceful street corners mixed with vibrant and modern life. Hanoi in spring is known as the best time to visit Hanoi with pleasant weather and romantic natural scenery. Let’s explore autumn in Hanoi with Megatravel to have a complete trip.

Hanoi’s weather features in the autumn

Hanoi has a typical weather pattern in the North with 4 distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In the summer, the air is hot, stuffy and sultry. The winter is cold, dry with the northeast monsoons. The spring is wet with drizzle. Therefore, autumn is the best  time to visit Hanoi with gentle weather, less rain, not too hot and not too cold. From September to November is a short time of autumn in Hanoi.

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It is not unreasonable when autumn lasting from September to November is the best tourism season in Vietnam. This period of time gives the most pleasant climate of the year especially in Northern Vietnam and Hanoi, which is cool but also sunny weather and temperature ranging from 24-30°C.

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Hanoi’s landscape in autumn

Autumn in Hanoi impresses visitors with the streets flooded with falling yellow leaves, the strong scent of milk flowers, blue sky, golden sunshine and cool wind. At this time, Hanoi becomes the most beautiful with thousands of flowers blooming and dreamlike sceneries.

Hanoi glows with flowers in the autumn

Autumn in Hanoi brings a cool wind. This is also the best time to visit Hanoi when the autumn flowers show off their beauty. Milk flower is known as the typical flower of the fall with just the scent which is enough to make people fall in love. When autumn comes to Hanoi, it is also the passionate scent of milk flowers spread throughout the streets of the capital. 

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Anyone born and raised in Hanoi, when leaving their homeland, they cannot forget the scent of milk flowers as carved into the heart. Immersed in the passionate milky flower scent helps us forget the tired feeling of everyday life, and energizes the new day.

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Beside the milk flowers, “cuc hoa mi”, a kind of daisy, is also a typical flower of the best time to visit Hanoi. If yellow daisy is present everywhere in the country, Cuc Hoa Mi is the typical flower of Hanoi capital. These flowers bloom only when the weather in Hanoi comes in the autumn. Fragile petals are pure white, but have a strong vitality.

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Walking on Hanoi’s road in the best time to visit Hanoi, we can easily see bikes carrying Cuc Hoa Mi appearing on most roads and streets. Cuc Hoa Mi does not have a strong scent like milk flowers, not as prominent as other colorful flowers. However, it always occupies a different position in the heart of every Hanoi people. If autumn doesn’t have Cuc Hoa Mi, it is also almost incomplete anymore.

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Dreamlike autumn in Hanoi with streets and corners

The small street corners in an inherently cramped city, but the moment of the best time to visit Hanoi makes people feel more surprised as if lost in another wonderful land. The colors of autumn not only adorn the ancient city but also make everyone’s soul when traveling in the best time to visit Hanoi feel more peaceful. 

Phan Dinh Phung street

Phan Dinh Phung Street is known as one of the most romantic and famous streets in Hanoi. This place has the second largest sidewalk and ancient dracontomelon. Two straight lines of trees are very dreamlike. Romantic and peaceful scenes are completely separated from the bustle of the city.

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Hoang Dieu Street

Hoang Dieu is quiet and peaceful in the best time to visit Hanoi. Because there exist traces proving the depth of period culture, which is a place to keep the soul of the ancient city. In autumn, Hoang Dieu is charming and beautiful with rows of shade trees covering the whole street. Walking in the golden sunshine and inhaling fresh air, tourists feel like they are lost in a peaceful paradise.

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Thanh Nien Street

The road bends beside West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, is the most romantic road that you cannot ignore. This place with two rows of shaded green trees, along with two lakes running around. The scene is charming and elegant bringing a unique feature that is not available. In autumn, walking on Thanh Nien street, visitors can enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery.

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The Old Quarter

In the gentle and pleasant weather, it is interesting when sitting on a cyclo or cycling, walking around the Old Quarter to explore 36 streets. With small old architectural houses, streets filled with typical Hanoi commodity shops, flower stalls roaming the alleys. The Old Quarter is the place where you enjoy the best time to visit Hanoi capital. 

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Guom Lake

In the autumn morning, you will take a walk on Hoan Kiem Lake.. Especially in the evening Guom Lake is more sparkling than ever with thousands of glitter lights under the water. Going to Guom Lake for a walk under the willow rows and enjoying the cool Trang Tien ice cream is an interesting experience for any visitor to the capital in the best time to visit Hanoi.

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Hanoi’s autumn specialties

In addition to the trees with red leaf, the autumn of Hanoi is also associated with memorable dishes becoming the familiar gifts that the people of the capital give you. The taste of “Com”, ripe dracontomelon, pickled persimmon is the best when Hanoi falls in autumn.


Referring to Com, people will immediately think of Vong village, which has the oldest and most famous tradition of making this dish. Want to enjoy the rice dish properly, the eater must taste it slowly in order to slowly feel the full, fragrant, sweet flavor of each grain. The Hanoians alway stop on the side of the road to buy some quintessential gifts of young rice wrapped in fresh lotus leaves.

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Ripe Dracontomelon

Every autumn, the ripe dracontomelon will fall off the pavement. If the green dracontomelon can be preserved and eaten all year round, the ripe crocodile comes and goes for a while. There are not many ways to cook, you only have one option with this autumn fruit. The ripe dracontomelon must be enjoyed while still fresh to feel the right standard sweet taste.

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Pickled Persimmon

Besides Com, ripe dracontomelon, pickled persimmons are also typical gifts of Hanoi’s autumn. From the end of September to October, this fruit appears throughout Hanoi streets, on fruit stalls carrying street vendors. Must be a gourmet, you have enough experience to choose the best pickled persimmons.

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With the romantic beauty and pleasant weather, autumn is certainly the best time to visit Hanoi. Let’s plan to travel to Hanoi và explore the dreamlike autumn right away.

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