The best time to visit North Vietnam

The best time to visit North Vietnam – While the climate in the south is more constant and hotter and more humid year-round, the north is much more variable and travellers may be met with spells of clear, windy, wet, dry, humid, cold and hot throughout the four different seasons. Let’s experience what is the best time to visit North Vietnam.

Visiting North Vietnam in spring

The climate in spring

Spring is a short season in Vietnam lasting from February to April. In North Vietnam , it is becoming warmer in Spring with drizzling rains. The average temperature in the North is around 19 degree Celsius. Spring brings a peaceful atmosphere, blue sky, bright sunshine and warm breezes.

The natural scenery in spring

The mild climate of Spring creates suitable conditions for the trees and flowers to grow (plants grow and bud). Spring is the special time of development and revival of life. you will enjoy a peaceful, fresh and tranquil atmosphere. Therefore, it is one of the best time to visit North Vietnam.

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In spring, you can see all the flowers blooming such as apricot and peach, two of the most characteristic flowers of spring in North Vietnam. Moreover, you can contemplate poetic and picturesque scenery with the variety of colourful flowers such as daisies, roses, gladiolus and so on. Life becomes more bustling on each street and street corner. 

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The activities in spring

The must-do activity in spring North Vietnam which you should try is taking a walk and enjoying the wonderful scenery. Remember to bring a camera, you will catch all the beautiful moments of spring. If you contemplate the blooming flowers in February, you must be surprised with the scene of changing leaves trees from March to April.

best time to visit North Vietnam 4

Known as the season of festivals, tourists can experience a lot of unique festivals in Vietnam. We celebrate the Lunar New Year or Tet holiday in spring. During the Tet holiday, people hold many interesting activities such as shopping, decorating, getting lucky money,… It is one of the best time to visit North Vietnam due to the traditional experiences.

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Moreover, in the North, there are many traditional festivals such as Lim festival, Yen Tu festival or Huong Pagoda festival. The main activities in festivals are praying at the beginning of the year and participating in folk games. 

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Visiting North Vietnam in summer

The climate in summer

North Vietnam has a distinct summer season. Summer lasts from May to October when it is extremely hot and humid, the region experiences its highest rainfall. It is often the wettest months of the year from July to September. The average temperature in summer is around 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. It can peak to  39-42 degrees Celsius in some days.

The natural scenery in summer

Summer in North Vietnam is known as the season of travelling. Due to the students’ summer vacation, it becomes the best time to travel for domestic tourism. Especially, when it comes to summer, people remember beaches with sunshine. North Vietnam is also a heaven for people who love the sea. To them, summer is the best time to visit North Vietnam.

best time to visit North Vietnam 6

Tourists can contemplate the islands with a pristine and peaceful beauty. The water is clean and calm.  The views of the beaches  are spectacular. The North beaches are still an ideal destination for tourists to enjoy the fresh air. The peaceful beauty of the beaches, surrounded by natural pine and casuarina forests will give you the most relaxed moments during your vacation in NorthVietnam.

best time to visit North Vietnam 7

The activities in summer

Visiting the famous beaches is the must-do activity in the summer. There are a number of beautiful beaches in the North. You can travel to Tuan Chau beach (Ha Long), Co To beach (Quang Ninh), Quan Lan beach (Quang Ninh), Dong Chau beach (Thai Binh), Cat Ba beach (Hai Phong) and Do Son beach (Hai Phong). You can enjoy the best time to visit North Vietnam by travelling to the beaches.

best time to visit North Vietnam 8

At the beaches, tourists can participate in many exciting activities. Beside swimming and enjoying the fresh air, there is a full range of entertaining activities such as surfing, jet skiing, watching light and water shows. They are all waiting for you to explore.  Moreover, tourists have many choices to enjoy fresh seafood and cold beer at many beachfront restaurants.

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Visiting North Vietnam in autumn

The climate in autumn

Autumn is the most pleasant season in Northern Vietnam. The weather in autumn is cool and dry with a light breeze. The average temperature in this time is from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. It lasts three months from September to November. In the autumn, tourists should bring a sweater or a light jacket for morning and evening because it is hot daytime and cooler in early morning and evening.

The natural scenery in autumn

At this time in North Vietnam, Hanoi is the most beautiful destination. Hanoi owns the most seductive beauty in the fall, the time when the sun and sky is gentler and the tender sunshine is spreading in every corner of the capital. This beauty comes from chilly dawn and quiet roads with yellow colors of the fallen leaves and blue sky with while clouds.

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With  the cold weather, gentle winds and a sky full of cozy sunshine, Sapa also has attractive beauty. Sapa Autumn has the wonderful beauty of yellow rice terraces in the ripen rice season. From September to October, Sapa becomes more inviting for tourists to savor the grandeur and brilliance of terraced fields. Therefore, people says that autumn is the best time to visit North Vietnam.

best time to visit North Vietnam 11

The activities in autumn

Autumn is the most suitable time for us to wander along the beautiful streets and enjoy Hanoi to the fullest. Moreover, Sapa brings the poetic and romantic traveling on winding roads with the fragrance of local flowers and enjoying vast and yellow rice fields in cool breezes. The natural scenery of North Vietnam is very romantic in autumn. There is nothing more contemplating this spectacular scene and taking some photos. 

best time to visit North Vietnam 12

Especially travelling to Hanoi in autumn, don’t forget to enjoy some delicious autumn specialties. Com is a special Hanoi gift. Com is made from young glutinous rice grains. The most famous place to sell Com is Vong Village. Besides, persimmons are the typical gift of autumn. Crispy pink soaked, cool and slightly acrid. Experiencing the best time to visit North Vietnam is enjoying the Hanoi gifts.

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Visiting North Vietnam in winter

The climate in winter

Weather in North Vietnam during winter is different from the South. Northern Vietnam endures humid cold time in the winter. The temperature may drop to below 10 degrees Celsius in the remote area. There may be snow in mountainous areas such as Sa Pa, Mau Son, Mai Chau and Ha Giang. Despite the cold weather, winter is one of the best time to visit North Vietnam.

The natural scenery in winter

Winter in North Vietnam is not as cold as it is in other parts of the globe. Even if snow covers in some places in the North like the top of Mount Fansipan, the mountains become incredibly beautiful. Winter in Vietnam is still an ideal time to travel. The remote area becomes spectacular in winter. There is a tranquil atmosphere, stunning stalactites and beautiful nature with peach blossoms.

best time to visit North Vietnam 14

Tam Dao is known as the best place to visit in the winter. It is a stunning sight with its three pristine and grandiose mountains. In the winter, Tam Dao becomes more attractive & the scenery is more marvelous, fanciful and romantic. Tam Dao is an ideal place to travel in the best time to visit North Vietnam.

best time to visit North Vietnam 15

The activities in winter

In winter, tourists should visit North Vietnam especially mountainous destinations such as Sapa, Tam Dao, Ha Giang and Mai Chau. It is a perfect time to trek the off beaten paths to remote hill tribe villages or up high in the mountains. You can wonder, take photos, taste the delicious foods made by locals, and explore the mountain peaks to have a panoramic view of the area.

best time to visit North Vietnam 16

Moreover, tourists should try the winter cuisine. The North food in winter is very diverse and delicious. It is sure that you will be surprised when enjoying this food, especially in the cold weather.

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It is said that autumn is the best time to visit North Vietnam due to the pleasant weather. However, each season in North Vietnam has  distinct exciting features. Spring, summer, autumn or winter all bring you unfogettable experiences.

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