Best travel insurance for Vietnam: All you need to know

Best travel insurance for Vietnam – Vietnam is a safe place to visit, but travel insurance covers you for unexpected reasons. If you find yourself in need of medical care, if you miss a flight, or if you have lost something, you’ll be pleased that your travel insurance has been in place.

With one of the most exciting food cultures on the planet, stunning world heritage sites, and awe-inspiring scenery, it’s no surprise that Vietnam has so many travel bucket lists. Here, we want to make sure that you’re traveling with peace of mind if something unfortunate happens. Here’s how you can find the most suitable travel insurance for your needs, as well as some tips to get the most out of your trip.

In many countries, buying and showing proof of purchase for travel insurance is a must as you apply for travel documents. You don’t have to present a visa to Vietnam when you get a visa. But do you need one of them? The answer is YES, you will benefit greatly from a wisely chosen travel insurance policy. And how do you figure out which one is the best travel insurance for Vietnam offered? We’re going to tell you right now.

Why travel insurance?

No matter where you’re going on this planet, travel insurance is essential. The real world is unforeseeable. Accidents are going on and not everyone is friendly. It’s always best to be covered for the unexpected.

Your insurance will cover any unexpected financial or medical problems. It will also give you peace of mind as you take part in some risky and exciting adventures.

best travel insurance for Vietnam

There are things that could happen on the road, or even before you hit the road, in any country or territory, and at any time. Here are some of the most popular scenarios: someone from your family gets sick and you need to cancel your non-refundable packaged tour; a sudden typhoon swept across the tropical island, canceled your flight and hotels; caught in the hospital for an injury. In Vietnam, foreign hospitals usually charge an outrageous amount of money, and have to spend all of your previous savings on one treatment.

This is not to say that Vietnam is an unsafe place to visit, but that anything can happen, and it’s better to get yourself ready. Getting insurance sometimes saves you thousands of dollars, but at the very least it gives you peace of mind. You know that you’re protected to some extent.

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Cost of travel insurance for Vietnam

As the cost varies according to your needs and preferences, it is difficult to put a number on the cost of travel insurance for Vietnam. Factors such as your age, health, your stay duration and the number of people with whom you are traveling can all contribute to your insurance premium. However, Vietnam’s average insurance policy can range from $72 to $335.

best travel insurance for Vietnam

To get the best travel insurance for Vietnam, try comparing rates and packages from various insurance companies to see which one provides the best deals in order. When typing your destination, you should also be precise. For instance, the term ‘Vietnam travel insurance’ is a bit more precise compared to ‘Vietnam and Cambodia travel insurance,’ and will therefore get you more appropriate and reasonably priced offers.

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What’s Included in your travel insurance for Vietnam?

Medical Costs – This includes medical costs arising from severe injury or disease that may occur while you are abroad. This includes items such as ambulance charges, hospitalization, drugs, and even payment guarantees in case of an emergency.

Hospital Cash Cover – Your insurance also gives you a daily cash allowance while you are in the hospital to cover costs such as accommodation.

Luggage and Personal Belongings – This means that you will be covered in the event of loss or damage to your belongings, including your camera, your wallet with cash, travel documents, etc.

Personal Liability – If you damage someone’s property or a person while on holiday, your insurance will cover the damages and any legal fees that you may incur as a result.

Cancellations or Delays – This part of your cover ensures that you are refunded if any delays or cancelations are made to your trip.

Car Rental Excess – If your hire car gets stolen or crashed in the unfortunate event, your insurance covers the damage and excess charges.

Credit Card Fraud or Loss – Your insurance cover will also compensate you for any losses you incurred as a result of stealing or fraudulent use of your credit card while abroad.

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The best travel insurance for Vietnam

We crawled through the web to get the best travel insurance for Vietnam. IM Global, World Nomad, Allianz Liberty Travel, and TrueTraveller are the definite winners. Each of these suppliers provides secure and reliable travel policies in Vietnam. Such businesses are credible, well-reviewed, and trust-worthy. Their strategies may cost more than most, but they are the safest options.

1. IM Global

best travel insurance for Vietnam

Many travel insurance firms tend to concentrate on medical coverage. But you get the best of both worlds with IMGlobal. The company offers coverage beyond medical-related emergencies and there are up to sixteen different plans available. IMGlobal is also an all-inclusive travel insurance company, providing non-US residents with coverage.

What you get:

  • Coverage for medical assistance as well as trip cancelations, and delays
  • 16 different plans
  • Services targeted at ex-pats and long-term travelers

2. World Nomad

best travel insurance for Vietnam

World Nomads is an excellent recommendation if you plan on a trip to various countries. This travel insurance company offers coverage for several extreme sports, such as bungeeing and rock climbing, as well as a number of adventure activities, such as kayaking, canoeing and hiking.

What you get:

  • Medical transportation
  • Emergency medical and dental coverage
  • Emergency evacuation programs for both medical and non-medical emergencies, such as natural disasters, 
  • Coverage for cancellations of journeys, unexpected delays, and interruptions
  • Coverage of over 100 different adventure activities, including some extreme sports
  • Baggage defense
  • 24/7 customer support

3. Allianz Travel Insurance

best travel insurance for Vietnam

Allianz Travel Insurance is a division of Allianz that speaks to its credibility. Unfortunately, this company provides travel insurance policies only to legal U.S. residents and does not cover extreme sports. But there is a wide variety of threats that the company protects. And for your peace of mind, Allianz Travel Insurance travel plans are underwritten by insurers who enjoy AM Best ratings of A- to A+.

What you get:

  • Medical emergency coverage and cancelation of trips 
  • Options between single-trip and annual insurance plans
  • Multiple travel insurance schemes available

4. TrueTraveller

best travel insurance for Vietnam

TrueTraveller targets backpackers, especially those who travel without a plan. Their policy covers more than 90 activities with the opportunity to add extra adventure sports. You can initially purchase coverage for up to 18 months and then extend it if necessary. Various packages are available to suit different budgets and needs.

What you get:

  • Easily extend your policy and get a 10% discount
  • Claims process simple and quick
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