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bus ha long to ninh binh – Both Ha Long and Ninh Binh are famous tourist destinations of Vietnam, so the travel demand of these provinces is always high. If you are wondering where to look for a car or do not know which car company is suitable, Megabus will introduce you to some of the best car companies.

How far is it from Ha Long to Ninh Binh?

About 208 km from Ninh Binh.


How long does it take to go from Ha Long to Ninh Binh ?

Visitors will take about 3 hours continuously to go from Ha Long to Ninh Binh by bus.


How do visitors travel from Ha Long to Ninh Binh ?

There are many means of transport to get to Ninh Binh : train, sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.


I. By bus Ha Long to Ninh Binh

Quang Muoi bus company:

    bus ninh binh to ha long bay – Quang Muoi bus company uses 16 – seat car to serve passengers. Currently, Quang Muoi bus company is running from Quang Ninh to Ninh Binh route and from Ninh Binh to Quang Ninh route. With the prestige and quality of the bus company, Quang Muoi is confident to bring the best service for passengers.

This bus has a new interior and exterior design, and it uses new engines as well as safety features, spacious seats. Moreover, the space among seats is roomy and the back of the chair can be adjusted so passengers will be more comfortable.

The Long Travel bus company:

ninh binh to ha long bus – The Long Travel bus company uses 37 – seat cars. In terms of the utilities of this bus are not many, only an air conditioner and charging socket. However, if you want to save money, this bus company will be a good option for you.


II/ By Limousine Ha Long to Ninh Binh

          The first limousine company is Ninh Binh Limousine company with 9 – seat limousine line. If you do not know about the Limousine line, we will explain it to you. Limousine is a line which specializes in only high – end cars and many outstanding utilities. Therefore, we ensure that you will be really into it if you experience a limousine line. The 9 – seat limousine will include leather seats that are a lot larger ( 1.5 or 2 times) than a regular seat. Moreover, this chair also has a massage device, and the tilt of this chair is 45 degrees. If you want to entertain, there will be wifi or television on the front of the limousine.

          Currently, the limousine company has 18 trips from 6:40 to 7:30, so passengers should not worry about out of tickets.

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III. By sleeper bus Ha Long to Ninh Binh

          Transport from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh – Hung Duc sleeper has 40 – seat to serve passengers who want to travel from Quang Ninh to Ninh Binh route. The sleeper bus will have conveniences such as soft and comfortable beds, the upper body is adjusted to a 30 degrees angle for passengers to be able to sleep better and deeper. Moreover, in this bus, there is a USB charging socket for passengers to charge their phones and a reading light for those who want to read a book or even work. Passengers can entertain by using their phones and then connecting to the wifi or they can watch the programs on TV with everyone around. This is also an interesting thing that not many bus companies have.

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