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hanoi to danang by busDa Nang is the only city in Vietnam that is listed in the Top 10 worth – living cities in the world in 2018 by Live and Invest Overseas, a Panamanian travel magazine. In fact it is also considered the most worth – ling city in Vietnam. When visiting Da Nang, tourists will meet local people who are warm – hearted, kind, hospitable, and friendly. Moreover, the cuisine of Da Nang is extremely various and the local specialities are very tasty and represent the unique culture of central Vietnam such as Quang Noodle or Hoi An baguette. Da Nang is not only clean but also has high artistic values and it has become a favorite place for the young to take a lot of beautiful photos.

Located 776 km from Hanoi and 961 km from Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang is adjacent to the ancient capital of Hue. Da Nang has a North – South traffic axis with road, rail and sea crossing. Da Nang is also a place that exchanges with other provinces in the Central Highlands. Moreover, it is the center surrounded by three famous world heritages such as Hue ancient capital, My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town. In addition, the waters in this city contain the Hoang Sa island. Therefore, Da Nang is a city with a prime location and extremely vital in terms of tourism, economic exchange, trade and military.

How far is it from Ha Noi to Da Nang ?

About 776 km from Ha Noi city.


How long does it take to go from Ha Noi to Da Nang ?

Visitors will take about 2 hours continuously to go from Ha Noi to Da Nang by bus.


How do visitors travel from Ha Noi to Da Nang ?

There are many means of transport to get to Da Nang:  plane, sleeper bus, limousine, train or taxi.

Some means of transport to go from Hanoi to Da Nang:


I/ By Plane

                   This is the most popular and time – saving means of transport to come to Da Nang. However, during the high season from June to September, the fare is usually quite high and quickly out of ticket. Therefore, if you have plan to travel Da Nang, you should book ticket early to get the most reasonable price. Some airlines such as Vietnam Airlines,Vietjet Air, Jetstar serve passengers on the Hanoi – Da Nang route.


II/ By Train

                   Da Nang has the North – South railway, so this is also the mean of transport chosen by many people when moving to Da Nang because the price is reasonable and passengers can watch the scenery outside during a long journey. The fare for a trip is quite cheap, with many levels depending on the type of ticket such as a bed or a chair. The fare ranges from 300,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND. One advantage is that when passengers get off Da Nang station, they are in the city center; thus, moving from this place to other cities is quite convenient.

Check and booking :


III/ By Sleeper bus

                   There are many bus routes from Hanoi to Da Nang with fares ranging from 250,000 VND to 400,000 VND for sleeper buses. If you want to travel faster and more comfortably, consider choosing VIP Limousine to go.


Tan Kim Chi sleeper bus from Ha Noi to Da Nang

                             Tan Kim Chi sleeper bus on the Hanoi – Da Nang route is a 40 – bed Thaco line with good quality, convenience, and comfort. This sleeper bus will pick up passengers at Nuoc Ngam bus station.

                             After booking, you can use the e-ticket code to get on the bus. Passengers have to arrive before departure time about 30 to 45 minutes. Passengers will give a message containing the ticket code to the staff and the staff will help you issue the ticket and guide you to get on the bus. The available position when passengers book the Tan Kim Chi bus will depend on the time that they contact and book the ticket. In fact, on weekends, the number of passengers travels more, you need to plan early and book a ticket in advance to have the desired seat.


Ngoc Anh sleeper bus to Da Nang

                             Ngoc Anh bus company has 40 beds to serve passengers. This bus may be too familiar to those going to work or go to school which is far from their home but those who rarely travel will not go, so we will introduce deeper about this bus.

                             The bed is soft and comfortable in this sleeper bus and it is covered with leather and is adjusted at an angle of 30 degrees; thus, passengers can lie down comfortably and they will be relaxed during the journey. This bus also provides passengers with many amenities such as a USB charging socket in each bed, high – speed wifi, a reading light, a smart TV with many sources to entertain, mineral water. Each utility has its own uses for you to use.


Queen Cafe sleeper bus to Da Nang

                             Queen Cafe bus company belonging to Queen Cafe Travel limited liability company is a high-quality Openbus bus company specializing in Ha Noi- Sapa route, Hanoi – Quang Binh – Phong Nha – Hue – Lang Co – Da Nang – Hoi An route. Queen Cafe bus company has just been established for 2 years, but with a new, modern car, reasonable ticket price and emphasizes the quality of service to serve passengers, Queen Cafe bus has been used and loved by many passengers.

                             Facilities: Thaco MobiHome luxury sleeper bus has 40 beds covered with leather. The ticket price includes mineral water, wifi,  especially free pick up and drop off passengers who live in the Hanoi Old Quarter area. The car is also equipped with a toilet which meets European – standards and is very clean.


Tin Nghia sleeper bus Ha Noi to Da Nang

                             Tin Nghia sleeper bus provides services with 40 beds, TV and free wifi, and free mineral water for passengers. In addition, blankets are also regularly cleaned, which bring the most comfort to passengers.

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