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How far is it from Ha Noi to Hue?

About 670 km from Ha Noi city.

How long does it take to go from Ha Noi to Hue ?

Visitors will take about 13 hours continuously to go from Ha Noi to Hue by bus.

How do visitors travel from Ha Noi to Hue ?

There are many means of transport to get to Hue : train, plain, sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.

bus from hanoi to hue – Both Hue and Hanoi are well – known tourist destinations in Vietnam that you had better come here once time. If you are in Hue and you want to visit Hanoi Temple the next time or vice versa but you do not know how to select what the bus company to meet the travel need, you can refer to the top list below of Megabus :

Thuy Ngan Limousine from Ha Noi to Hue

The first bus company on our list is Thuy Ngan Limousine company with VIP limousine sleeper bus with toilets. Thuy Ngan limousine company has been operating on this route for a long time, so you can properly trust the service of this limousine company.

The Thuy Ngan Limousine Line is a classy and luxurious car. The lines of the car with Limousine labels will always be the cars that bring an interesting feeling to those who use the service of a limousine. Moreover, the Thuy Ngan Limousine has a WC which is a simple factor, but for those who often go to the toilet, it is becoming a vital amenity.


Kim Chi 265 Limousine bus from Ha Noi to Hue

The second bus company on our list is the Kim Chi 265 bus company with its 24 – bed VIP Limousine sleeper bus. This is a modified model from a conventional sleeper bus.

In particular, you will still experience conveniences such as a comfortable and soft bed, high – speed wifi, mineral water , cold towels and so on. In addition, the upgraded utility includes a sharp TV with many interesting entertainment programs installed to provide more experience for passengers. The limousine company also provides a headphone. Do you find the limousine company wonderful? Finally, there will be a small locker in each bed so you can put your valuable items in it.


Minh Map sleeper bus from Ha Noi to Hue

Minh Map sleeper bus with 38 – bed is used to serve passengers. It is called a basic sleeper bus because this bus has basic amenities. Thus, the fare of this bus is very reasonable for many passengers’ budget.


Tan Kim Chi Limousine sleeper bus from Ha Noi to Hue

Tan Kim Chi is the fourth on our list today and this bus company is also the 34 – bed VIP Limousine sleeper bus. This limousine company focuses on the safety, so in addition to the selection of careful and senior drivers, the limousine company also installs a few types of advanced equipment such as GPS equipment, dashcam equipment, and remote warning device. With those devices, you can be assured that your trip is extremely safe!


When travelling to Hue, you will visit some beautiful destinations

Hue National School

Hue National School is one of the most beautiful schools in Vietnam, with wonderful architecture. With a life expectancy of 124 years, this is the 3rd oldest high school in Vietnam. The unique school with French- Vietnamese architecture with dark red color has made the pictures more sparkling. The school scenery is ventilated with many green trees. If you go from February to March, it is even better because you can see the “flower festival” in full bloom flower throughout the yard. If you come in August, you will be lost in the European sky with the glow of autumn yellow leaves. All of them are extremely romantic, gentle scenes that make people fall in love and have an unforgettable memory.

Hue Citadel

            Hue Citadel is famous for being the most intact royal relic in Vietnam. This is always a destination that catches a lot of attention from the backpacking tourism of Hue tourists.

            The citadel is located on the North bank of Huong Rivers (Perfume River), inside Hue city. It is a huge complex covering an area of more than 520 ha and comprising three circles of ramparts, Hue Capital Citadel, Royal Citadel, and Forbidden Citadel. Hue Citadel at night becomes more sparkling thanks to the colorful lights. Currently, Hue Citadel is one of the relics of Hue Citadel Complex recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage, capturing much of tourists’ attention.

Tu Duc Tomb

            It has a depressing scene in Hue. Known as one of the most beautiful works of the Nguyen Dynasty, the mausoleum of Tu Duc is the tomb of Tu Duc King ( 1848 – 1883). The mausoleum was also built according to the wish of Tu Duc King who was the most profoundly educated and romantic person before his death, so his mausoleum was also melancholy and charming. That also shows his mysterious life, his different personality.

Tomb of Khai Dinh – the most beautiful tomb of Hue.

            It is known as the mausoleum to worship the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty and is also considered to be the largest work. Although the area is smaller than the other mausoleums, it is not located in an affectionate location, Khai Dinh tomb is the most attractive destination because it also has modern and beautiful architecture.

            Among the three famous mausoleums in Hue, including Tu Duc tomb, Minh Mang tomb, and Khai Dinh Tomb, the most prominent is Khai Dinh. If the previous kings focused on the ancient architectural styles of Vietnam, Khai Dinh King tends to be “ foreign”, because the mausoleum is the combination of many different architectural features like Indian religion, Buddhism, and Roman architecture.

Huong River – a poetic Hue tourist destination

            It is a symbol of Hue City. It is often said that the Huong River is the ancient ancestor of Hue because it has been associated with the ancient capital for many generations. Therefore, the Huong River has wasted a lot of paper and ink of the poets thanks to the romance of Huong river. The Hue people consider the Huong River as their soul so that they always remember this poetic river. Stretching for 80 km, the Huong River meanderings through many famous places in Hue such as Hue Captial Citadel, Royal Citadel, and Forbidden Citadel.

Dong Ba Market – Hue Tourist destination for cuisine discovery.

            If you are looking for a tourist destination to eat, drink, shop, we will suggest a place known as the Dong Ba market. The market is not only for the purpose of selling essential goods but also attracting a lot of tourists to visit and purchase. Dong Ba market is also the oldest cultural market in Hue City, even though it is only a small market, you may spend half a day shopping around this market and eating all the yummy food and then buying some local food as gifts.

Thuy Xuan Incense Village – where thousands of photos are taken.

            Hue is a place that still keeps its unique culture, along with many traditional villages, Xuan Thuy Incense Village is one of them.  Anyone walking across the foothills of Vong Canh will see a beautiful village, lying at the foot of the hill where visitors flock to learn more about incense making every weekend or holiday.

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