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Bus from Ha Noi to Mai Chau – Although there are not many tourist attractions like Moc Chau, Mai Chau Valley still attracts a variety of tourists and backpackers because it is so dreamy. Moreover, this valley has cool fresh air, diverse culture, and special culinary features.

When should tourists travel to Mai Chau?

Tourists can go to Mai Chau at any time of the year because it is a valley, the climate here is quite mild and summer is not too hot, winter is not too cold.

How far is it from Ha Noi to Mai Chau ?

About 147 km from Ha Noi city.

How long does it take to go from Ha Noi to Mai Chau ?

Visitors will take about 4 hours continuously to go from Ha Noi to Mai Chau by bus.

How do visitors travel from Ha Noi to Mai Chau ?

There are many means of transport to get to Mai Chau:  sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.

I/ By bus Ha Noi to Mai Chau

  1. Thu Bang bus company

Thu Bang bus company is currently using the bus line with 29 seats to serve passengers. This bus company currently has 4 timeframes for passengers to choose from 11:00, 13:30, 14:30, 15:10, you should go as soon as possible. Because if you go early, you will have time to check-in and rest before starting your trip. If you hurry, the trip will be unhappy so that we highly recommend that you should go early.

This bus company has a very reasonable price with only 80,000 VND, passengers can go to Mai Chau.

  1. Trung Nghia bus company

          Trung Nghia bus company has a bus with 29 seats to serve all passengers. The bus company also has a reasonable price that is only 80,000 VND per person. The bus company will depart at 10 a.m and return at 6 a.m in the next day so you can arrange your schedule to get on the bus on time.

  1. An Khanh bus company

          If you are planning to travel but you want to save as much money as possible, you can go by bus. Because as far as I know, the distance from Hanoi to Mai Chau is not too far, so we can still sit during the trip.

          On An Khanh bus, the seats are also covered with leather, so passengers still feel comfortable during the trip. Moreover, the bus has amenities such as air conditioning, wifi or mineral water, cold towels. With a ticket price of only 100,000 VND per ticket, passengers can consider this bus for the trip because this price is very reasonable.

  1. Moc Chau Travel bus company

          Moc Chau Travel bus company is the next bus company that I would like to introduce to you. You can see in the photo that the bus company is designed very simply and the main color is milky combined with brown. There will be basic amenities such as mineral water, cold towels, air conditioning or high – speed wifi on the bus. The current ticket price of this bus company is 100,000 VND per ticket. The departure time of this bus is 17:00, and it is expected to arrive at Moc Chau at 20:30.


II/ By Limousine Ha Noi to Mai Chau

  1. Anh Dung Limousine Ha Noi to Mai Chau

          Anh Dung Limousine is the first Limousine on this list with the Limousine line which has 9 seats. We are sure that the majority of passengers do not know this limousine so we would like to provide some details of this limousine for everyone.

          Limousine is a high – end car line; therefore, this limousine served only for the rich, tycoons, and celebrities because the cost of renting or buying this limousine is quite expensive. Limousine has many types from small cars to big cars, but one thing in common is that the interior is extremely luxurious, expensive, and classy.

          Understanding the needs of the tourists is that they always want to experience new and different things, so Vietnamese engineers together with the limousine company have made a Vietnamese version of the limousine. Therefore, passengers only pay a small amount of money to try the service of this limousine. The limousine bus company has two timeframes: 8:20 and 16:30, so you should consider arranging the time for the trip.

  1. Manh Kien Limousine Ha Noi to Mai Chau

          Manh Kien Limousine bus company is the second limousine bus company that I want to introduce in today’s article. This limousine has also 9 seats. Do you know why this limousine is called “ special aircraft on the ground”? Because when you get on the limousine, your sitting space will be similar to the luxury cabin of an airplane.

          Your chair will be bigger than a regular chair, and the seat is covered with leather, all of which provide a comfortable feeling to the passengers. Moreover, the chair is integrated with a massage function, so it is becoming more and more relaxed for passengers who experience this limousine. Along the body of this limousine has integrated buttons such as adjusting the tile of the seat up to 45 degrees, turning on the reading light, and a USB charging socket. The Limousine bus company will also provide passengers with mineral water, and cold towels during the journey. Like many limousines, Manh Kien Limousine has some amenities such as air conditioning, television, and sound system.

  1. Xuan Trang Limousine Ha Noi to Mai Chau

             Another Limousine which provides a 9 – seat line of limousine to serve passengers is Xuan Trang Limousine. This name of the limousine is quite familiar to those who usually travel, right? You can see that the Limousine bus company is extremely invested in this limousine from interior to exterior. There is a luxurious design style, the class of led lights coordinating is harmonious with each other, which makes passengers feel very excited when getting on this limousine.

             Currently, the Limousine bus company has many trips from 6 a.m to 19 p.m, so you can freely choose a time that is suitable for your schedule. Because you only spend approximately 3 hours traveling from Hanoi to Mai Chau, you should select the appropriate time and choose the way that keeps up with the outdoor activities. For example, if you get on the limousine at 13 p.m, you will arrive there at 16:30. At that time, you will have time to check-in, take a bath, and rest, and at night, you can start playing outdoor activities.


III/ How to move in Mai Chau

Mai Chau valley is quite small, the tourist attractions and villages are located close to each other, so the most convenient means of transport for you to explore Mai Chau is by bicycle. The motels and homestays here have rental services and visitors can rent a bicycle with 20,000 – 50,000 VND.

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