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Bus from Cao Bang to Hanoi – Cao Bang is famous for imposing mountain scenery, pristine nature with the most beautiful waterfall called Ban Gioc waterfall in Vietnam, Nguom Ngao Cave containing many natural stalactites. Cao Bang is also a province of revolutionary tradition with well – known historical relics such as Pac Bo cave, Kim Dong’s grave.

Futhermore, Cao Bang is also a place where the predecessor of the Vietnam People’s Army was founded.

Granted a wonderful beauty with majestic mountains and forests, Cao Bang tourism is becoming attractive for tourists because it contains many historical places. Thus, Cao Bang is the best option for those who want to know much more about Vietnam’s history.


How far is it from Hanoi to Cao Bang?

About 284 km from the center of Hanoi capital.


How long does it take to go from Ha Noi to Cao Bang ?

Visitors will take about 8 hours continuously to go from Ha Noi to Cao Bang by bus.


How do visitors travel from Hanoi to Cao Bang ?

There are many means of transport to get to Cao Bang: train, bus, limousine or taxi.


I/ By Bus Ha Noi to Cao Bang

List of the bus from Hanoi to Cao Bang is the best option for passengers to select:

  1. Thanh Ly bus

night bus from hanoi to cao bang – Thanh Ly bus: is a name that is very familiar to high- class passengers visiting regularly Cao Bang. The bus has many day trips with reasonable travel timeframes; thus, passengers can consider and arrange the jobs very well and choose a reasonal timeframe to enjoy the journey.

Bus from cao bang to hanoi – The garage has 42 types of cars to serve passengers. A bed car with 40 seats (with air conditioner, wifi, television), which is one of the garages that is trusted by passengers due to its principle. The garage always picks up passengers at the correct bus stops, according to the prescribed fare. It also starts on time, so passengers need to arrive at the bus station before 10 minutes to get the staff to arrange luggage before beginning the journey.

2. Khanh Hoan bus

sleepover bus from hanoi to cao bang – Khanh Hoan bed garage is the 5th name on our list, currently the garage has up to 14 trips per day from 18:30 to 22:30. The garage has many trips so I believe that this is a reliable garage because if this garage did not have good service, the passengers would never choose this garage a lot.

3. Vinh Dung bus

cao bang bus back to hanoi – Vinh Dung bed garage is also a prestigious garage. This garage has 10 trips per day from 14:30 to 21:30. The current garage concentrates on customer’s concerns, even the smallest problem to address in the most appropriate way for all passengers. When passengers get in the car, they will feel the professionalism in the drivers or the assistant drivers.

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II/ By limousine to Cao Bang

List of VIP limousine line from Hanoi to Cao Bang is the best rated in this route :

  1. Thuan An travel Limousine to Cao Bang

Thuan An travel Limousine line is currently a brand that is trusted by many passengers on the Hanoi to Cao Bang route and the Cao Bang to Hanoi route. With the motto “ the customers are above all”, Thuan An travel Limousine line continuously develops travel services with dedicatedly serving customers.

This is also the main feature to help this limousine line be a big brand and reliant brand in the mind of customers. All that Thuan An Travel Limousine to Cao Bang wants is to provide a trip with many memorable memories and joyful experiences for passengers.

2. Kim Dung Travel Limousine to Cao Bang

Kim Dung Travel Limousine has many experiences in the tourism and travel sectors. With a team of managers and staff are both professionally trained, Kim Dung Travel is one of the first limousine lines to operate Limousin reclining seats to serve passengers on the Hanoi – Cao Bang route.

Characteristics: Kim Dung Travel Limousine to Cao Bang with a new, luxurious car line with a reasonable price. The car also has many timeframes for passengers to choose from. The 9 – seater VIP Limousine with wifi, free air – conditioning, and many amenities such as spacious and comfortable seats, which ensures that this limousine line will bring comfort and satisfaction to all passengers.

3. Minh Quan Limousine to Cao Bang

Minh Quan Limousine is also using the 9 – seat limousine to serve passengers. The 9 – seat limousine is a car with a very special name called “ Special aircraft on the ground”, so do you know what this name means? Let’s find out more with me.

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