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Bus from hanoi to ha giang – Ha Giang, a beautiful land, will leave on the visitor’s mind about the beauty of wonder and charm. If visitors are lucky to have a chance to set foot in the top land of Vietnam, they will easily recognize that Ha Giang is not only Ma Phi Leng Pass – one of the four great passes of Vietnam but also the “tunnel” of the species Triangular flowers. Ha Giang is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the famous Khau Vai love market.

As a province located in the North Pole of Vietnam, Ha Giang is a famous tourist destination and it is compared to Sapa and Ha Hoi. In Ha Giang, visitors can enjoy the captivating scenery but the beauty of people and culture along with emotions are what remained after the long trip.

How far is it from Hanoi to Ha Giang?

About 300 km from the center of Hanoi capital.


How long does it take to go from Ha Noi to Ha Giang ?

Visitors will take about 6 hours continuously to go from Ha Noi to Ha Giang by bus.


How do visitors travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang ?

There are many means of transport to get to Ha Giang: train, bus, limousine or taxi.


I/ By sleeper bus Ha Noi to Ha Giang

Bang Phan sleeper bus

ha giang hanoi bus – The next bus company that Megabus wants to introduce to you is the Bang Phan bus company. It is one of the high-quality bed car garages that many customers trust and support. This bus company specializes in providing passengers with high-quality beds car with full services and amenities as well as professional staff.

Khanh Hang sleeper bus

bus hanoi to ha giang – Although Khanh Hang is not a limousine line, its bus company is continuously upgrading, improving quality and service to meet the customer’s need and to bring passengers the most satisfying trip. The Khanh Hang bed car line makes passengers have an interesting experience. On a long journey of more than 6 hours, passengers always care about the carefulness of the driver.

Quang Nghi sleeper bus

bus from ha giang to hanoi – Referring to the prestigious bed bus company on the Hanoi – Ha Giang route and Ha Giang – Hanoi route, you must mention Quang Nghi bus company with a high quality 40 – seat bed car system serving passengers on the 6 -7 long journey hours moved.

The advantages of Quang Nghi bus company:

  • High quality 40 – seat bed car.
  • Soft, comfortable and leather bed.
  • Led system, curtain system, sturdy bed frame.
  • Free mineral water, free cold towels and blankets.
  • Professional staff and careful driver.

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II/ By Limousine Ha Noi to Ha Giang

Quang Nghi Limousine

Quang Nghi High-end Limousine bus company has from 14 – 16 – 25 VIP seats covered with high – grade leather. This Limousine has all modern amenities such as air conditioning, a sound speaker system, cold towels, and mineral water served free for passengers during their journey.

              Quang Nghi bus company has the latest high – end Limousines with limited seats, which makes an airy, spacious, and comfortable space for passengers. The car renovated all the facilities for passengers to have a convenient trip such as the seats fallen without discomfort for the people sitting in the back, free mineral water, cold towels, wifi and USB charging socket in each seat in the car.

Cau Me limousine

Cau Me Limousine is the Dcar Limousine line with luxurious design and it is selected by many people. The car has a roof and hood covered with luxurious suede, and it also has a classy sound system with an LED lighting system to help passengers read or work on the car and make the space on the car cozier.

Ha Giang Epic limousine

          Ha Giang Epic Limousine is a luxurious 13 – seat VIP limousine to Ha Giang, and this limousine will provide a free bottle of mineral water, blankets, cold towels, and high – speed free wifi for the passengers when they get on the car.

          In some cases, when moving near Ha Giang, passengers feel cold, they can ask the drivers to lend a thin blanket to feel warmer. That the open and friendly enthusiasm from the driver to the staff at the office is highly appreciated by the passengers who choose this bus company.

Ha Giang Express limousine

Ha Giang Express limousine is the first bus company to bring cabin cars into the Hanoi – Ha Giang route. With the Limousine cabin line of 22 VIP rooms, the trip will be luxurious and extremely comfortable. The car is equipped with closed rooms with curtains, adjustable beds. Moreover, the car has other services such as wifi, cold towels, free mineral water.

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