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Ha noi to ha long bay bus – Ha Long, which is known as the famous place where Dragons appear, is one of the national and international landscapes ranked in 1962. Ha Long has 1,969 islands overhanging the sea. Some well – known islets are Lu Huong, Ga Choi, Canh Buom, Mam Xoi, Ngoc Vung, Ti Top, Tuan Chau, and so on. Ha Long is compared to a huge, majestic watercolor painting that deserves to be a symbol of Vietnam tourism.

How far is it from Hanoi to Ha Long?

About 170 km from the center of Hanoi capital.

How long does it take to go from Hanoi to Ha Long?

Visitors will take from 2 to 3 hours.continuously to go from Ha Long to Hanoi by bus.

How do visitors travel from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay?

There are many means of transport to get to Ha Long: by bus, limousine or taxi.

I/ By limousine to Ha Long

How long does it take from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay by Limousine?

Visitors will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Ha Long.

How much does fare cost from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay by Limousine?

The ticket price is from 180,000 VND to 240,000 VND / ticket depending on seat position.

Hanoi to Ha Long schedule ( Depart daily and have a look in the search box above)

List of VIP limousine line from Hanoi to Ha Long is the best rated in this route:

  1. Ninh Quynh Car Vip to Ha Long

All Limousines are covered with wood to make a warm and luxurious feeling for passengers. This car is designed with a classy 9 – seater leather compartment with spacious seats and modern equipment such as a Sony sound system ( 4 speakers), wifi, separate seat reading light for each seat combined with a green LED system around the seats. Those conveniences will provide passengers with a great experience when sitting in the car.

  1. Co To Ha Thanh Limousine to Ha Long

Limousine bus transfer from hanoi to ha long – With a hight quality of transportation service and the latest Dcar Limousine VIP is known “ Ha Thanh Limousine”, passengers will experience and enjoy the luxurious, classy and modern when sitting on the VIP limousine.

          Dcar VIP Limousine is meticulously designed from the interior and exterior, and it deserved to be called Business Class car on the airlines. The seats on the car are covered with premium leather, and this car has a relatively small number of seats ( only 10 seats instead of 16 seats as the original).

  1. Daily Limousine to Ha Long

          As Ninh Quynh Car Vip Limousine and Co To Ha Thanh Limousine, Daily Limousine has also 9 seats. Moreover,  Daily Limousine Line has an extremely wonderful staff who are always smiling, enthusiastic to support everyone as much as possible. Therefore, Daily Limousine Line had to select extremely strictly and thoroughly to seek suitable personnel to meet all of the above requirements. All personnel have to be excellent at their expertise and must have good morality. When passing the interview round, all of the staff will be trained problem–solving skills and other skills to meet the needs of passengers. Thus, passengers can see that they are very flexible when there is a problem occurring on the road.

The car is also integrated with amenities such as a high – quality sound system with 4 high – speed USB charging ports, one 220V power socket to charge phones or plugin laptops. Besides, the car has a high–speed wifi transmitter, cup holder, water bottle with a minus – 5 degrees in the refrigerator to serve better passengers during the journey. LED lighting system and reading lights bring a bright and extremely cozy space for passengers. The spacious luggage compartment designed is also a great strength of the Dcar Limousine line.

  1. Dream Transport Limousine to Ha Long

          It is undeniable that all the limousine lines invested in their cars and the Dream Transport Limousine line is not an exception. Like the majority of Limousine line, this line also upgrades and changes the number of seats, decrease by 7 seats to 9 seats.

          The view of this limousine line is: “ the customers is always right”. That is why all activities of limousine lines focus on the passenger’s satisfaction and consider it as the goal to enhance the quality of limousine lines. If you have the opportunity to experience the service of this line, you will find that the staff is extremely dedicated and thoughtful. All staff always try to listen to customers’ feedback as much as possible to improve their services better. If you want to contribute your suggestions, just tell directly the driver or the assistant driver.

  1. Hoang Phu Limousine to Ha Long

          Hoang Phu Limousine also chooses a 9 – seat limousine to increase value to customers. This line extremely concentrates on safety factors when it always asks its drivers not to drive fast and carelessly and not to pick up passengers along the road. This is a golden rule of this line because if this line does that, the passengers can still go to the destination at the right time and the guaranteed safety. Thus, you should not worry because the lines will inform the time that the coach departs and you will have an interesting experience.

 6. Ha Long Travel Limousine to Ha Long

          Ha Long Travel Limousine line with its classy 9 – seat limousines are willing to serve customers. You can see above that there is an extremely eye–catching, luxurious design style. This line focuses on safety, so the current coaches are checked and repaired regularly before every trip. The coach is also cleaned so it is very tidy because the line is aware of how the clean environment affects passengers. Furthermore, the coach is clean helps to minimize the health problems because you know, there are a lot of passengers traveling in the car.


  1. Ha Vy Limousine to Ha Long

          The motto of this line is to provide the safest, happiest, and most satisfying trips for passengers. Furthermore, the staff of Ha Vy Limousine line always try their best to improve the quality of service to meet the passenger’s demand.

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 II/ By bus to Ha Long

          The way that you can consider when you go from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay by bus.

          That you go to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi by bus is much cheaper than by plane. Buses is usually considered as the most effective mean to save money. During the route, the bus will stop at the station stop for customers to rest and eat some snack.

          You should keep in mind some vital things when you go to Ha Long by bus:

 You should choose a high quality coach, which have air conditioner, soft seat, wifi, toilet, and so on and you should book in advance to get the best seat

How long does it take from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay by bus?

The average time is 3 hour and 30 minutes.

Is it expensive to get from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay by bus?

Ticket price from: 150,000 VND – 170,000 VND / ticket.

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