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Bac Lieu Province is a province of Vietnam. It is a coastal province, and it is situated in the Mekong Delta region of the southern part of the country.

There are many different ethnic groups living here such as Chinese, Khmer, and Cham. The people in Bac Lieu have a liberal lifestyle which is typical of the Southern region.

There was Prince Bac Lieu who was extremely rich and was a notorious player. In addition, this land is also associated with the name of musician Cao Van Lau and the well-known song “ Da co hoai lang” which set the foundation for the development of ancient southern music.

Salt making is very popular in Bac Lieu. Bac Lieu Salt has been famous for its quality due to its lack of bitterness, acerbity, and fewer impurities.

French planned to build the administrative center of the West in Bac Lieu. Meanwhile, Bac Lieu was invested a lot of money to build villas and offices and Bac Lieu was also the place where many Chinese live through the verse

How far is it from Ho Chi Minh to Bac Lieu ?

About 287 km from Ho Chi Minh city.


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How long does it take to go from Ho Chi Minh to Bac Lieu ?

Visitors will take about 6 hours continuously to go from Ho Chi Minh to Bac Lieu by bus.


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How should visitors travel to Bac Lieu?

Whether they should go by motorbike or passenger coach?

According to people who choose backpacking tourism, you have two options for the most convenient means of transportation: a private car or other means of transport.


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Going to Bac Lieu by motorbike

If you go by passenger coach, you will have asleep during the trip but if you choose to go by motorbike, what you get will be much more than going by passenger coach. A land is painted with many beautiful scenes, golden rice fields, fruit orchards, and bustling markets in the early morning. Thus, it will be the most wisdom option for passengers to enjoy this majestic land when they choose a motorbike which helps them pass through the promised lands and capture all moments about life and culture of Bac Lieu.


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Going to Bac Lieu by passenger coach

From Saigon, it is extremely easy to catch a passenger coach to travel to Ben Tre at the western bus station or the bus company running on the Saigon – Bac Lieu route. The majority of bus fares from Saigon to Bac Lieu range 160,000 to 170,000 VND with regular passenger coach, especially high – end limousine bus will be more expensive, from 230,000 to 280,000 per ticket. If you can’t stand the smell of a passenger coach or want the ultimate comfort, please book a limousine, which is a high-class car, so it will be much more comfortable than a regular sleeper bus.

  1. Ngoc Anh Limousine bus company Ho Chi Minh to Bac Lieu

The Saigon – Bac Lieu route is the main and longtime route of Ngoc Anh bus company. You must be familiar with Ngoc Anh bus company which provides three types of sleeper buses. One type is 22- bed limousine, other types are 32 – VIP seat Limousine and 40 – bed limousine. Each limousine equipped with an air conditioning system, TV, especially chairs or beds which are all the latest model will bring the most comfort to passengers. The equipment on the limousine is always checked carefully and regularly cleaned to ensure the limousine is always safe, clean, and new.

The available position when booking Ngoc Anh bus ticket will depend on each time when passengers contact Megabus. Usually, on weekends, the number of passengers travel much more so to have the desired position, you need to plan early and contact reservations before hand.

  1. Tri Nhan Limousine bus company Ho Chi Minh to Bac Lieu

The Tri Nhan bus company is the next bus company on our list. This bus company has a 22- bed limousine to serve all passengers.

          * Benefits:

                   – As a sleeper bus, passengers will be enjoyable as soon as passengers get on the limousine with luxurious, eye-catching, and airy interior design, soft multi-color LED lights, and curtain systems against UV rays. Moreover, the limousine is cleaned, the bus company also focuses on cleaning because the limousine is crowded, which brings the most comfort to the passengers.

                   – The seats have a suitable distance with bar, safety armrests, high – quality leather covered with pillows, and thin blankets to give passengers the most relaxing moments.

                   – The limousine is fully equipped with essential amenities such as mineral water, cold towels, a charging socket near each seat, wifi coverage throughout the limousine, air conditioning, which creates relaxation during the trip.

                   – A staff of Tri Nhan bus company works professionally, thoughtfully and the drivers are selected carefully to provide the safety for passengers.

          * Drawbacks:

                   Although Tri Nhan bus company is a sleeper bus with many beds, it quickly out of tickets on the weekend. Therefore, you should book early to ensure that you have the most suitable bed position.

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