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bus ho chi minh to can tho – Can Tho city is a rich and fertile land in the Western capital and there are many interesting things for tourists who want to explore and experience life in the Western  of Vietnam. When tourists come here, they tend to try to seat in the boat at the floating market to enjoy the sunrise and then they will go for a walk on the fruit garden. In addition, in the evening, tourists wander around the Hau river to watch Ninh Kieu Wharf hiding after the sparking light of the street in the city.

How far is it from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho?

About 170 km from Ho Chi Minh city.


How long does it take to go from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho ?

Visitors will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes continuously to go from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho by bus.


How do visitors travel from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho ?

There are many means of transport to get to Can Tho: sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.

Can Tho city welcomes tons of tourists to visit and enjoy many beautiful tourist destinations every year. Thus, Megabus is extremely delighted to provide more information for Limousine to Can Tho city and we hope that you will easily choose the prestige and high-quality bus companies according to some suggestions


I/ By Limousine from Ho Chi Minh city to Can Tho

Loc Phat Limousine to Can Tho

Loc Phat Limousine to Can Tho is a new bus company serving passengers in the Sai Gon – Can Tho route. Investing in a high – class 9 -seat limousine, Loc Phat promises to bring an optimak service to passengers. With the car line call “ Special aircraft on the ground”, you will experience VIP Limousine seats. Moreover, Loc Phat Limousine also pays attention to the service attitude of its emloyees. Loc Phat Limousine company always try it best to become a beloved brand.

With a small number of seats and high – quality service, if you book too close to the date of departure, there will be no desired position or out of ticket.

In addition, Loc Phat Limousine also supports seats which can recline. That the seats are with thick mattresses provides a comfortable feeling for the passengers. If passenger has a baby or travels with a family, our limousine has a 3 – person joint which is more spacious and more comfortable than the odd seats in the center of the car.

Loc Phat Limousine accept online tickets, you only need to give the ticket code to the staff or the driver to get on the bus. The staff in the bus company may contact the booking phone number to confirm before going, you should remember to keep the phone regularly for convenient contact.

Loc Phat Limousine is a Limousine line with a 9 -seat luxury design from a 16 – seat conventional car, creating a spacious space with a large seat size. The middle seats have armrests, which can be reclined from 10 to 45 degrees depending on the need. The Limousine is equipped with Wifi, USB charging port in each seat, a large 21 – inch LED screen and free cold towels and mineral water.

The seats are designed to recline with the adjustment buttons, which makes passengers more comfortable and more relaxed.

The service staff is always enthusiastic to help passengers in all situations, always puts the safety and comfort of passengers above all.

Tri Nhan Limousine to Can Tho

                   Tri Nhan Limousine from Sai Gon to Can Tho route and vice versa is a 22 – seat Limousine with a high – class massage system and a multimedia entertainment system such as television with large entertainment resources, headphone sound, wifi, free mineral water, lights and separate space will definitely give you a comfortable and wonderful feeling in order to enjoy the journey.

Nam A Chau Limousine to Can Tho

                   Nam A Chau Limousine bus company from Sai Gon to Can Tho route and vice versa has 2 types of a limousine. One type is a 9 – seat limousine line and the other is an 18 – seat luxury limousine with comfortable leather seats, spacious, clean and airy space, which gives passengers the best luxurious experience.

                   The staff of Nam A Chau Limousine, as well as the driver, has been well trained and they have a professional service attitude. Moreover, they always listen to the viewpoint of passengers to improve service and bring satisfaction to passengers.

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II/ Sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho

Van Lang sleeper bus to Can Tho

                    Van Lang  bus company serves passengers with the latest 40 – seat bus sleeper, equipped with modern amenities such as high – speed wifi, multimedia TV with huge media resources, modern headphones. In addition, this Limousine also provides passengers with free mineral water and blankets. With the motto: “ The customer is always right”, the service staff and the drivers in the car are always trained to bring satisfaction to the passengers. Therefore, this limousine bus company always receives a lot of good feedback and reviews from the passengers.

Duy Thao sleeper bus to Can Tho

                   Duy Thao sleeper bus is a high-quality bus company for reclining beds to Can Tho. With the spacious Tracomeco line, there are 40 beds arranged in 3 rows and 2 floors to make the bed spacious. Compared to the Limousine, the bed is not as luxurious as this of Limousine. However, this bus has a cheaper ticket price of 120,000 VND / ticket, you can lie comfortably during 4 – hour journey from Sai Gon to Can Tho.

Phuong Trang sleeper bus to Can Tho

                   Phuong Trang sleeper bus company was established in 2020, the bus company has been serving passengers by high – class 45 – seat bus with full amenities including wifi, comfortable seats, air conditioning system and big screen television for entertainment. The bus company has hundreds of large and small buses going many routes such as the Sai Gon – Can Tho route that you can refer to.

Thanh Buoi sleeper bus to Can Tho

                   Thanh Buoi sleeper bus company is one of the major bus companies providing fixed bus routes from Sai Gon to another city such as Sai Gon, Da Lat, Can Tho with high – quality and prestigious bus. The bus company has a thoughtful and professional team of drivers who specialize in long – distance road. With the motto of safe and professional service to satisfy every passenger, the bus company has received many positive reviews from passengers.

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