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Bus from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap – Dong Thap is a province in the Mekong Delta. Its many natural scenic spots and historical and cultural sites make Dong Thap Province an attractive tourist destination. Dong Thap has also been called the “ land of pick lotus”. The lotus has been a symbol of a Vietnamese spirit of peacefulness and simplity. Moreover, Dong Thap is also famous for rice fields and various local cuisines. If you want to go Dong Thap and do not know the prestigious bus companies, you can refer to some prestigous and high – quality limousine bus companies running on the Saigon – Dong Thap route that we introduce in the following article.

How far is it from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap ?

About 145 km from Ho Chi Minh city.


How long does it take to go from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap ?

Visitors will take about 3 hours continuously to go from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap by limousine.


How do visitors travel from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap ?

There are many means of transport to get to Dong Thap:  sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.


Trong Tin Limousine bus to Dong Thap

Trong Tin bus company is familiar with passengers who usually go from Saigon to 13 western provinces, including Dong Thap. Currently, the bus company is providing many routes during the day to serve passengers. Prestige, quality, and professionalism are the three main goals of this bus company. Therefore, this bus company has been constantly improving transport services to bring the safest trip with the best quality to satisfy every passenger.

          Each VIP Limousine of Trong Tin bus company is equipped with amenities such as large screen television, air conditioning, high – speed wifi, charging socket at each seat, and so on. Thus, Trong Tin bus company is very popular with every passenger despite the most demanding one.

          + Pros: the drivers are careful, enthusiastic, and well – trained. The ticket price is reasonable. This car does not pick up passengers when the seat is fulled.

          + Cons: the bus company usually runs out of tickets early on weekends and holidays. Therefore, you should plan and book tickets early to have the desired seat.


Hieu Trung limousine to Dong Thap

To meet the travel demands of passengers, Hieu Trung bus company has invested in high – end Dcar Limousines to serve passengers on the Saigon – Dong Thap route. Those Limousines are high – class cars that can reduce shock and reduce car sickness to bring a comfortable trip to passengers. Although it was just put into operation, the bus station has received the trust and complementation from many passengers. Some factors that create the success of Hieu Trung bus company are:

          + Building a strong bus company in both quantity and quality which can be competitive in the market.

          + Focusing on the human factor, training drivers and assistant drivers with the most professional service style.

          + Checking the driver’s health carefully before departing and especially, all drivers are committed to not drinking alcohol while driving to ensure to bring the most safety to passenger.

          + Full equipped with the interior of the car such as wifi, air conditioning, charging port, and so on to serve passengers during the trip.

          + Committing not to increase the bus fare and not picking up passengers when out of seats.

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Lien Hung bus company to Dong Thap

As being one of the prestigious and high – quality bus company providing passengers with transport services in almost the western provinces. Although the bus company does not run on the Sagon – Dong Thap route, the limousine buses to Can Tho or Ca Mau still pass through Dong Thap province. Therefore, you can completely choose this bus company for your trip.

          Lien Hung bus company has served thousands of passengers since it introduced the high – end limousines and it has been received various good reviews from passengers. The reasons why the bus company gains trust and confidence from passengers are:

          + The bus company always focuses on serving passengers as thoughtfully as possible. Besides, a team of drivers is selected and trained carefully.

          + Each limousine bus is equipped with amenities such as two – way air conditioning system, high – speed wifi, and large screen television, LED lighting system, and so on.

          + The bus company is always clean and each limousine is also sterilized and disinfected to ensure the health of passengers.

          + The bus company runs on time, on the right route, picks up and drops off passengers at the right places that they want, runs with the right number of seats, does not pick up passengers when the seats are out.

          Pros: prestigious bus company brings passengers with the safest trip and the attentive and thoughtful staff.

          Cons: there is no bus running to Dong Thap directly but only goes through this province. Therefore, it will be a bit inconvenient for passengers.

          Above is a list of prestigious and quality limousines running on the Saigon – Dong Thap route. You can refer to those information for your trip.

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