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Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien – Ha Tien is a border town of Kien Giang Province, located in the northwestern part of Kien Giang province and it is contiguous to Cambodia. You can go to Phu Quoc, as well as move to another famous destination in Kien Giang such as Rach Gia, Nam Du island from Ha Tien. When traveling to Ha Tien, you not only explore the scenery, but also find out special culture features of the river region associated with ups and downs and some historic events. These values make this land more beautiful and more attractive to tourists.

When should tourists go to Ha Tien to have the most interesting and meaningful trip?

Ha Tien is located in the region with the sub-equatorial monsoon tropical climate, so the annual average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius and the rainy season is from May to October. In general, the climate in Ha Tien is relatively cool and fresh, and it is suitable for sightseeing or swimming. You can travel to Ha Tien at any time of the year but you should avoid the rainy season ranging from May to October.


How far is it from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien ?

About 319 km from Ho Chi Minh city.


How long does it take to go from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien ?

Visitors will take about 7 hours continuously to go from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien by bus.


How do visitors travel from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien ?

There are many means of transport to get to Ha Tien:  sleeper bus, limousine or taxi.

Visitors can go to Ha Tien by bus, private car or motorbike. The distance between Ho Chi Minh and Ha Tien is about 319 km, it takes passengers about 7 to 8 hours to go to Ha Tien by passenger coach.

You can choose Hoang Minh bus company, Nhu Ngoc bus company or Phuong Trang bus company to move to Ha Tien. Megabus would like to introduce to you some of the high – quality passenger coaches to Ha Tien:


Hoang Minh bus company to Ha Tien

                   Hoang Minh bus company is the first bus company on our list. Currently, the bus company owns some sleeper buses with 40 beds.

                   Hoang Minh’s beds have a considerable charm because passengers will immediately feel extremely comfortable and relaxed when lying down. The tilt of the head of each bed can be adjusted up to 30 degrees and according to scientific research, this degree is extremely good for our health because it will help blood circulate well and lead to having a deeper and better sleep. Additionally, there are other amenities such as wifi, cold water, wet towels, air conditioning, and so on. The bus company has 2 timeframes namely 8 p.m and 10 p.m so you should arrange your jobs and consider choosing the suitable timeframe to get on the bus on time.


Nhu Ngoc bus company

                   The next bus company we want to share in our list is Nhu Ngoc bus company. This company uses a sleeper bus with 40 beds which are soft and spacious. Besides, passengers will have many amenities such as free mineral water, high – speed wifi, blanket and so on. Nhu Ngoc bus company has only timeframe at 9 p.m. Thus, you have to book ticket in advance to avoid out of ticket.


Phuong Nam bus company to Ha Tien

                   The final bus company on our list is Phuong Nam bus company, which is a big bus company in the southern transport industry in particular and the country in general. The bus company has large waiting rooms at the bus stations with cool air conditioning, high – speed wifi, which will help passengers immediately see the professionalism and popularity of this bus company. When you get on this bus, you will enjoy the most classy and professional services. This bus company has existed for more than 10 years and also runs on many routes from north to south so passengers can easily recognize Phuong Trang bus with an orange tone.

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