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Sapa to Ha Giang by bus – Ha Giang is the headland of the country and this place attracts tourists with impressive limestone mountains, legendary Dong Van rock plateau, breathtaking mountain roads, picturesque terraced fields, quiet Vuong Family’s Palace, Dong Van old quarter, Khau Vai love market for unfinished love relationships.


Ha Giang is not only beautiful by the majestic mountain landscape, winding mountain roads but also beautiful by the cultural identity hidden in it.

Colorful upland markets from Quan Ba to Dong Van, Meo Vac are held weekly, especially Khau Vai is for couples’ love.

How far is it from Sapa to Ha Giang?

Sapa and Ha Giang are two famous tourist destinations in the Northwest mountainous region of our country. Every year, there are a large number of tourists coming here to sightsee and relax.

The distance from Sapa town to Dong Van town is about 385 km. If tourists set off from Sapa town- Sapa bus station to the city center of Ha Giang, it will take about 240 km. It is 196 km from Lao Cai bus station to Ha Giang bus station.

Guide from Sapa to Ha Giang

Ha Giang is 100 km from Sapa, you can choose some vehicles such as train, limousine to Ha Giang, coach, or bed coach to travel to Ha Giang.


I/ By Limousine to Ha Giang

Cuong Thinh limousine

Cuong Thinh is the main business unit in the field of passenger transport, specializing in the Ha Giang – Sapa route and the Sapa – Ha Giang route. Operating with a new generation 40 – seater luxury car and a high-class, comfortable Fuso Limousine line with a friendly Cuong Thing driver team, Cuong Thinh has become familiar with most customers traveling from Ha Giang to Sapa and Sa Pa to Ha Giang.

FUSO ROSA Dcar limousine line is manufactured to meet the high-end transportation needs of passenger transporting business units in the domestic market. Therefore, the quality of the car can be completely assured.

FUSO ROSA Dcar launch with an impressive appearance from exterior to interior. The exterior of the car is replaced by body paneling along the body of the car and strong roof headlining. Especially, the interior of the FUSO ROSA Dcar has been redesigned from 29 seats down to 19 seats to create a roomy and comfortable space for customers. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with much outstanding utility such as a 3G wifi system, DVD screen, separate reading lights for each passenger, refrigerators, and so on with decorative details using high-quality materials, exquisite installation, which make the car more luxurious and more comfortable.


II/ By bus to Ha Giang

Quang Tien bed coach

 Quang Tuyen becomes more familiar to many passengers wanting to go to Ha Giang from Sapa and Sapa to Ha Giang. Quang Tien provides customers with high-quality passenger transport services and ensures safety on every trip. Thus, Quang Tien received much positive feedback and this is the driving force to help the staff improve service quality in the future. By improving the quality of the car and cleaning it, which makes the car always new. The new bed coach provides a comfortable and luxurious interior. Wifi, modern air-conditioning, free drinking water, free cold towels, and especially the coach is designed with a spacious bed, with a blanket to help customers feel the most comfortable when they choose Quang Tien‘s service. The coach will provide whatever if customers order or request.

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III/ Check in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is also the home of 24 ethnic groups, creating cultural diversity and it becomes an ideal destination for tourists who are really into learning about the culture. Although the life of residents is extremely simple, rustic and the scenery is still primitive, it is also a tourist attraction, making people wanting to come back here.

 You can refer to some favorite places and consider adding to your schedule:

  1. Lung Cu Flag Tower

 This work is modeled after the Hanoi Flag Tower as proof of national pride, 54 ethnic groups are always united.

2. Dong Van Rock Plateau

          Dong Van rock plateau is compared with “ a gray paradise”, it lies at an altitude of 1500m above sea level. This rock plateau stretches over the areas of 4 districts of Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac. Because of its special tectonic features, this place is recognized as Dong Van Geopark.

          Dong Van rock plateau, which is viewed from above, is not only thorny but also poetic. Each house of ethnic people here is surrounded by a stone fence. The terraced fields are mixed with rock, and everything has a strong shape in front of the thorny nature.

          Tourists can also visit Dong Van Old Quarter, sit in a small cafe to enjoy the tranquil Northeast scenery, or try to spend half a day wandering in Pho Cao, Pho Bang Street when they come to Dong Van. All of them are enough for you to refresh after a hard time.

3. Sung La – Lung Cam Valley

          Sung La Valley ( Dong Van) – has Lung Cam cultural village – is known through the movie “ The Tale of Pao “ in recent years. This place always shows up with the peaceful, quiet scenery of the life of the people and the “ thorny” beauty of the stone houses of Trinh Tuong.

          Lung Cam Cultural Village in Sung La is always a recommended destination for tourists, with the destination of “ Pao’s house” or flower fields. This is also the place where pink peach blossoms, white plum blossoms, and yellow canola flowers captivate visitors, enchant them to stay.

4.  Ma Pi Leng Pass – Nho Que River – Tu San Alley

          The winding and meandering Ma Phi Leng Pass, whose length is about 20 km, is one of the “ four great mountain passes” of northern Vietnam and is known as “ the King of the highland pass”. Although it is the most dangerous road, this place has an important meaning, it is a vital traffic part of the “ happiness road” connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van, and Meo Vac town.

          Nho Que River comes from Yunnan, China, and then flows into Lung Cu, Ha Giang province. To Tu San alley, Nho Que River continues to flow through Ma Pi Leng mountain. To Meo Vac, Nho Quan River splits into two branches, flowing to Cao Bang, continuing the journey to join Gam river at Na Mat junction.

5. Vuong Family’s Palace

          The palace of the Vuong Family is also known as the palace of Meo King, which refers to the powerful residence of King Meo Vuong Duc Chinh, built in the 90s of the 19th century. The palace is located in a valley in Xa Phin, Dong Van. Tourists coming here can learn more about the heroic history and patriotic stories of this clan besides enjoying unique ancient architectural space.

6. Quan Ba twin mountain

          You will admire the creativity of mother nature when creating this majestic mountain when coming to Quan Ba. You can visit Quan Ba heaven gate for a panoramic view of the mountain here.


7. Hoang Su Phi

          Apart from Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, or Tuyen Quang, Hoang Su Phi is also one of the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam. There are two nice times, that is the pouring season ( around May, June) and the ripe rice season( around August, September). When the rice season is ripe, many people can imagine, referring to the terraced fields, they can immediately imagine the green fields reaching the horizon or brilliant yellow.

8. Xin Man ancient rock beach

          Not in the main tourist route of Ha Giang tour, but for those who are really into the old values or the mystery, they can visit the ancient Xin Man rock beach. This place has many large stones engraved with strange shapes like the “ code” that the ancients left.

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