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Sapa to Ha Long bay – Both Sapa and Ha Long are extremely well – known tourist destinations in the North of our country. While Sapa is a wonderful landscape which is inclined the mountains, Ha Long is the place where the sea is populous and rich.

How far is it from Sapa to Ha Long?

Ha Long is about 449km from Sapa.

How long does it take to go from Sapa to Ha Long?

Visitors will take about 8 hours continuously to go from Ha Long to Sapa by bus.

What makes Sapa and Ha Long so attractive fo tourists?

           Sapa, which contains many interesting things such as natural beauty, cultural beauty and the life of the mountainous people. An upland area with romantic scenery, attractive mountainous dishes and the beauty of the cultural identity of the ethnic people in Sapa are the features that exert the attraction and make tourist have  unforgettable memories about the pristine and poetic Northwest mountainous area. Sapa is compared to a girl with various features such as gentle, mysterious, rustic, simple and pure in the mountains.

          Ha Long, which is a unique wonder consisting of many magical caves, is a scenic spot recognized as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Ha Long has Tuan Chau island, which is located in the Northwest of Halong Bay, 8 km of south-west of Ha Long city. Tuan Chau island, where Yen Tu mountain is located, has a variety of beautiful beaches like paradise and fresh seafood with rich sea flavor.

          How to get to Sapa and Ha Long in the same trip? Your self-catering Sapa tour will be indipensable to choose suitable means to go from Sapa to Ha Long. Motorbike is not a wise option because Sapa – Ha Long distance is quite long and it will not ensure safety and health for tourists. Currently, in Vietnam, there are no flights from Ha Long to Sapa. Therefore, the optimal choice for visitors is to book high quality coach tickets with low price from Sapa to Ha Long and from Ha Long to Sapa. You can travel to both Sapa and Ha Long locations without costly travel.


How do visitors go from Sapa to Ha Long?

1. Sleeper bus from Sapa to Ha Long bay

High quality Phuc Xuyen bed coach going from Sapa to Ha Long is the best option for travelers. Phuc Xuyen is the first bed coach line running the Quang Ninh – Ha Long – Sapa route. The goal of this coach line is to connect the Northest and Northwest regions, between the two most well – known tourist destinations in the North of our country namely Sapa ( Lao Cai ) and Ha Long ( Quang Ninh).

                   Phuc Xuyen coach is also the only coach line running from Sapa to Ha Long and Ha Long to Sapa, making extremely convenient journeys for passengers who want to go from Sapa to Ha Long without going through other transhipment terminal.

                   Phuc Xuyen coach from Sapa to Ha Long is a luxury 42 – seat bed with all necessary services and amenities such as air conditioning, blankets, LCD screen, wifi, free water, and cold towels. Phuc Xuyen coach line always ensures that this line will make visitors become more comfortable and relax during the journey.

                   Phuc Xuyen coach provides free water, towels and a snack in the morning for visitors during the journey. Curtain system imported from Europe is resistant to ultraviolet rays. Moreover, the carpet is soft and clean.

                   The door system is designed completely automatically when someone goes on and gets off. The luggage compartment is spacious and clean, and it will ensure that passengers can bring any necessary items if they want.

                   Phuc Xuyen is also equipped with danger alarm systems. Accident warning, dashcam and navigation device will ensure the highest safety for passengers during the trip.

2. How much does it cost to go from Sapa to Ha Long?

How to book bed coach tickets to Sapa- Ha Long route and Ha Long – Sapa route?

How many trips are there from Sapa to Ha Long per day?

Every day, Phuc Xuyen line has 4 trips from Sapa to Ha Long and from Ha Long to Sapa with the schedule and fares as follows:

  • Sapa -> Ha Long 370,000 VND/ ticket (400,000 đ/vé), 04 trips / day, departing at 8: 00, 11:00, 16:00, 18:30 from Sapa Bus Station – Sapa town.
  • Ha Long -> Sapa 370,000 VND / ticket (400,000 VND / ticket ), 04 trips / day, pick passengers up at 6:45, 11:00, 15:00,21:15 from Bai Chay Bus Station – Ha Long City.

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