The best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

We are usually asked “When is the best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam?”, and sometimes the answer is complex. It depends on your preference: are you looking for the best time to get the best deal or looking for the best time to visit? The best time of one person can be the worst of another.

Halong Bay is an excellent example of the typical tropical climate. Throughout the year, the weather in Halong Bay continues to surprise every tourist with its beauty. So finding the best time to visit Halong Bay in Vietnam can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. Not to worry about here, we’ve got all the information you might need below.

Best time to visit in terms of weather

If the weather is your main concern, then the best time for the Halong Bay tour is in the spring and fall, to be more specific, in March, April, September, and October. In these months, the weather is often pleasant, the temperature is mild, the sky is clear and bright and the activity level is high.

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Best time to get the best deal

If you’re a budget traveler and want to get the best deal, the period from May to September can be the best time. The period is often considered to be the low season of Halong Bay. A lot of cruise ships offer great discounts. Prices may be 10-20 percent lower than in the high season (from October to April). However, the risk of bad weather is rising in summer due to frequent showers and unpredictable typhoons. You may first visit the other northern parts of Vietnam and then Halong Bay afterward because the bad weather doesn’t last long. Smart travelers will look for last-minute vacation deals while keeping an eye on the weather forecast at the same time.

best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

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When to travel to Halong Bay

While there is the best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam, not all of you likely have a time option. Let us say this to calm you down: for Halong Bay, it can be a good time to travel. Every month or season in Halong Bay has its advantage or disadvantage. To find out the best time to visit Halong Bay, you’ll need to know which season is the best time to go. Here is a rough guide to the weather in Halong Bay every month, read through and decide when to visit Halong Bay. 

January – February

The weather tends to be cold and foggy with low visibility. And Halong Bay sees Vietnam’s most colorful festivals, including the Tet Festival. 

Overall: average visit time, cold weather, plenty of festivals.


Halong Bay enjoys pleasant weather, clear and blue skies for two months. Some days of light rain. The volume of domestic tourism is low. 

Overall: the best time to visit, the pleasant weather, fewer domestic travelers, not many events and festivals.


May is early summer in northern Vietnam. The temperature is rising. Some days of light rain. The low season of Halong Bay begins, which means you can get a lot on a cruise. But avoid visiting on Liberation Day on April 30  and Labor Day on May 1. 

Overall: a good time to visit, good weather, good weather.


During this time, the weather can be sunny and clear, but extremely hot. There’s a high chance of showers and unpredictable typhoons. In general, August is the hottest and wettest time of the year. From June to early September, Vietnam sees a large number of domestic tourists (Summer holidays in Vietnam); tourist spots are packed with people, especially beaches. 

Overall: ordinary visit time, hot weather with short storms and typhoons, crowded beaches.

Pro tips: If you’re traveling to Halong Bay in these summer months, you’ll need to bring sunglasses, sun cream, insect repellent, a swimsuit and changing clothes, a baseball hat or a wide sun hat, flip-flops/waterproof sandals, and a light sweatshirt/sweater for chilly mornings and evenings. Please be aware that summer is the most active period of jellyfish, which may not cause too much trouble, but common symptoms such as hives and rashes. Ask your guide or captain for advice before you swim.


It’s the most beautiful weather in the year for Halong Bay. The temperature is moderate, so you can avoid the heat of summer. The sky is clear, the wind is gentle. The domestic tourist season has ended. 

Overall: the best time to visit, great weather, fewer domestic travelers


The weather is cold and dry and the weather is cloudy. But some lovely sunny, cloudless days can still be seen. If you come to Halong Bay during this period, you are advised to bring warm clothing and a waterproof jacket in case of rain. Alternatively, you can buy them at a low price in Vietnam. 

Overall: the usual time to visit, the cod weather.

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Some activities in Halong Bay

To visit Halong Bay, you must book a cruise, you can do as many activities on the cruise tour as you want, but swimming, climbing, kayaking, skiing, and visits to floating villages are the most popular things in Halong Bay. It’s also interesting to catch fish or squids, even the success rate is guaranteed. 

best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

If you choose a 3-day cruise that also includes the island of Cat Ba on the itinerary, you’ll enjoy even more activities, such as trekking to Cat Ba National Park or visiting the village of Viet Hai where you can ride a bike. 

So all in all, Halong can be visited all year round – every season Halong has a distinctive beauty worthy of your visit. It’s not tricky to visit Halong Bay!

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Public Holidays in Vietnam

If you’re looking for a less crowded time, you should avoid visiting Halong Bay on the next vacation when Vietnam sees a large number of domestic travelers.

Public Holiday Date
International New Year January 1
Lunar New Year (Tet Festival) January 1-3 in lunar calendar (February 12 – 14 in 2021)
Hung King Festival March 10 in lunar calendar (April 21 in 2021)
Liberation Day April 30
Labour Day May 1
National Day September 2
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What to bring

  • Robust shoes with slip-resistant soles to be worn on the boat deck 
  • Sunglasses to prevent the glare of water from your eyes 
  • Slight rain jacket 
  • A heavier coat for the cooler months 
  • Quick-dry clothing is best suited to the humid climate 
  • Locals wear sandals, and you’d be well advised to bring some of your own. 
  • Plastic bags or a low-cost rain poncho can be used to wrap used wet clothes or to protect dry valuables.

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